Estate Liquidators Wear Many Hats With Expertise

Estate liquidators wears many hats with expertise in a variety of fields associated with the liquidation of personal property.

Personal property liquidators are individuals earning a living as entrepreneurs. They do not work a five day a week job from 9-5. Estate liquidators require time management ability, motivation, dedication, knowledge, marketing skills, and more. They must determine their schedule, time, and requirements for each estate sale.

An estate sale liquidator must know and understand what the estate sale process is. Liquidators need knowledge in selling personal property. Estate sale company owners will work endless long hours and weekends. Often with no days off for weeks at a time.

Estate liquidators need to be a business person, salesperson, and negotiator. Liquidators have to be able to handle any situations that arise during the sale.

An estate liquidator will need to have a good business sense.They must assess all their costs before determining what they will charge to conduct estate sales. Considerations include staffing, size of the sale, location and what is being sold.

A liquidator must have knowledge about what an estate sale contract should include, what type of insurance and coverage is needed, and how to find honest and knowledgeable staff. Hiring staff requires interviews and often times background checks through the estate sale community or internet research. Honesty and integrity is a fundamental need for staff along with personal property knowledge.

An estate sale liquidator needs knowledge of the value of personal property selling in their area. Every area of the country is different. When they come across items that they are unfamiliar with they need to know where to seek advice. Networking with their fellow estate liquidators is very beneficial.

Estate liquidators need to know where to market and advertise their sales. What advertising websites will best reach their target audience. How to use social media to broaden that reach is important in this instant information world. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram to name a few.

Estate sale liquidators require knowledge of local laws. Knowing about any permits that will be required, signage limitations or parking restrictions.

An estate liquidator should be well versed in crowd control, security requirements, and the amount of staff needed. They make decisions on the entrance and exit to the property. How the check out process is handled. This includes what forms of payments they will accept on behalf of the seller. Will purses or children be allowed in, are there any areas of the property deemed unsafe, and how any theft  issue will be handled is their concern.

The estate liquidator is most likely to handle or have someone to handle the clean out process after the sale and provide any charitable recommendations.

Today’s estate liquidator isn’t just a small group of ladies that prices and sells contents anymore. They are professionals and when interviewing prospective estate sale companies look for these qualities and knowledge. They can’t control weather or market conditions, but as a seller you can control who you hire.

Empowered with knowledge about the many hats of estate liquidators, you can hire the right estate sale company for you.