Estate Sales Summertime Review What’s Hot And Behavior

It is time for an estate sales summertime review of what’s hot and behavior.

Let us start with what’s hot in estate sales.

Recurring themes are fishing and hunting items, Pyrex (seems to be selling everywhere), military items and linens. Tools, mid-century decorative items, wood working items. Pyrex appears to be one of the hottest sellers.

Other hot sellers include good gold jewelry, great costume jewelry, purses, perfumes and inexpensive holiday decor.

The area of the country also helps determine what are hot sellers.

Behavior at summer estate sales is also hot.

Many estate sale buyers appear to have forgotten the rules of the behavior at estate sales.

Here is a brief review of estate sales etiquette.

If you have questions concerning an estate sale you want to attend call during normal business hours of the estate sale company. Leave a message and your phone number if no one answers.

You can also email the estate sale company. Be sure you read the terms and conditions of the estate sale before you call or email. They may have a policy of not answering any questions or not giving out prices. That is their prerogative.

Do not go over to the sale days ahead banging on the door. Estate sale liquidators need every moment of their time to prepare for the sale and do not want to be interrupted. It is also unfair to other potential buyers.

Be kind and thoughtful when waiting in line to enter. The temperature may be hot, but your temper should be cool.

When you enter follow any directions given by the estate sale company.

Do not offer them a price! An on site estate sale is not an auction or a garage sale. Treat the estate sale company and their staff with respect.

If you think you might slip an item out, be prepared to be met by security or arrested. It is a criminal offense.

Please and thank you go along way. You can ask if they discount and if so when and how much, but do not say “I’ll give you”! That is one of the biggest mistakes estate sale buyers make and usually will cost them the item if not an escort to the exit.

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