Importance Of Liability Insurance For Estate Sales

The importance of liability insurance for estate sales has become a necessary cost for estate sale companies.

With thousands of estate sales, thousands of estate sale companies and baby boomers moving or downsizing at an increased pace, estate sale companies need to protect their businesses.

The world has become a litigious place. Estate sale companies take care when staging an estate sale, but with hundreds of people moving through the occasional incident can happen. The estate liquidator works diligently to keep the estate sale a safe environment.

One company that works with a large majority of estate sale companies providing estate sales insurance is the ACNA  (Antiques and Collectibles National Association),

The homeowner should also have insurance. One of the questions estate sale companies will ask you is do you have a homeowner policy in effect. If not they should advise you to get one that will be in effect when the estate sale is started.

Stairs, porches, slippery floors, are just some of the concerns of the estate liquidator.

It should be noted that experienced estate sale companies will have insurance to protect themselves and the public. New liquidators may not. A hot topic question for the seller to ask during the interview.

Staffing the estate sale will also help prevent unnecessary accidents. Many pairs of eyes keeping watch for security and potential accidents is another necessity of the estate sale company.

Liability insurance is a necessary expense today and cost for the estate liquidator. Another reason why hiring a professional estate sale company can improve the results of your sale and help keep you protected, but remember, as a seller you also need homeowner insurance.

If you are working with an estate seek the advice of your attorney and purchase a homeowner policy.

Liability insurance can affect your financial bottom line.