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Showcasing Estate Sales With Videos – For Buyers, Sellers, & Estate Sale Companies

We are already starting week three of February 2015 and estate sale companies are busier than ever.

With the competition for buyers and sellers increasing daily hundreds of estate sale companies are now using videos to attract the attention of buyers and sellers. This is truly a great form of advertising. It is important, however, to keep them within two to five minutes, showcase interesting items at the sale, and include either commentary or music that complements what will be available for purchase.

Let’s take a look at some recent videos from estate sale companies using this form of advertising. Here we show three videos from various estate sale companies showcasing their sales, a video testimonial from a seller, and a video from an estate sale company explaining to buyers how to attend their estate sales.

This video was from an estate sale conducted Four Sales Ltd., Daniel Sanders, Alexandria, VA.

Here is another video from McNeil Liquidations for a sale in early February in Mustang, OK

From Xcntric Estate Sales in Chicago here is another video for a late January, 2015 estate sale.

Here is a good way to showcase the work you do for sellers. A video from Crown City Estate Sales in southern California.

From Blue Moon Estate Sales in the Triad of North Carolina a video for buyers (less than 2 minutes) how to attend one of their estate sales.

New Advertising Ideas For Estate Sales In 2015 – Facebook

facebook-logo2015 has begun with many places experiencing stormy weather and the addition of many new companies.

Now is a great time to start implementing new or different advertising.

We have talked about social media, however, in 2015 getting your message out to a large audience is vital and Facebook may well be the newest and best way to advertise without breaking your budget. If you don’t have a Facebook business page you should and be posting about your upcoming estate sales and company. Consider boosting your Facebook page posts. You can boost your post for as little as $5.00/day and keep your promote your website with or without a targeted audience for $10.00/day or more. Affordable with a wide audience.

Craig Robinson of Guerrilla Marketing wrote an article back in September of 2012 “Facebook vs Google”.

To quote Mr. Robinson from his article “With Google, you’re attempting to drive people to a destination. That destination isn’t on “Google” per se; it’s just your site. On Facebook, you’re driving within the network and can drive outside of it. Thus you can narrow the focus tremendously. Your fan page or business page can pick up a head of stream through likes and sharing and unique content within the social context of the Facebook framework. You have many different filters that can be applied to help you keep this focus as narrow or as broad as you wish. It’s much easier to reach the right audience, and the word-of-mouth factor is exponentially increased on a social network when compared to the Internet at large.”

In a January 15th, 2014 article in the New York Times by Eilene Zimmerman wrote about Facebook revamping their ads to compete with Google click here for link to article .

Putting it simply Facebook likes can do more for your estate sales attendance and website than Google and your audience is broad and can grow.

Twitter also offers advertising although some question it’s effectiveness, however, keeping your Twitter audience connected to Facebook with #(hashtags) and mentions can be of great assistance.

With the growing number of estate sale companies, keeping a step ahead of your competition is not only important to you, but to your sellers.

When interviewing and conducting your presentations with perspective sellers either with the use of tablets, laptops, or print media showcase your Facebook business page. Let the world know you are there and what your selling.

Christmas 2 Weeks From Today – Estate Sale or Not? ThrowBack Thursday

Vintage ChristmasThis is the last weekend before Hannukah and two weekends before Christmas.  The decision whether to run estate sales at this holiday time is a tough one for estate sale companies.

The area you are located in, the retail shopping available to the community is a consideration. Another concern is how does your staff feel about working so close to the holidays. Each company must make their own decision, but a word of advice to estate liquidators, especially newer ones in the industry, ask them. A cheerful smile and a happy tone in their voice helps create sales. If they are tired or feeling remorse about not being able to share in pre-holiday family events can add frowns to faces and even make some people cranky. This time of year can be stressful for many and hopefully you have give consideration to this before accepting sales. You also want to consider the results your clients may expect.

Again it depends on what part of the country you’re in and the community as well.

Be sure to check out our new additions to our Christmas and Estate Sales Pinterest Board.

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Advertising Estate Sales At The Holidays!

MP900430684With the two biggest holidays of the year rapidly approaching and involving family and friends if you are an estate sale company and conducting estate sales or events during this period, it is very important to have your advertising thought out and ready.

If you are conducting an estate sale starting on what retail calls Black Friday, you should have started advertising already. Tweeting daily about your upcoming Black Friday sale. Provide them with interesting snippets about the sale and what will be in it. Break it down to tweet out 4 or or 5 days every week. Also use Facebook to start showing items that would make good gifts. Especially if it is a designer or vintage item.

Google+ (if you have a gmail account) is another great place to start letting the public know about your sale.

Now is the time to create your Pinterest Board for Black Friday. In fact you may want to title it Black Friday Estate Sale (with your company name or sale location) included.

Keep your website updated. If you don’t keep your website updated it is usually interpreted as a laissez-faire attitude and that can reflect about your business in general. Some estate sale companies have said “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time”. If you don’t have the ability to invest your time in your business consider revamping your business plan, hire someone to help you, ask a staff member to assist or think about a business that requires less of your time. Owning an estate liquidation company is not a Monday to Friday job and doesn’t work on a 9 to 5 clock. It is a dedication as an entrepreneur to probably working 6 days a week starting very early in the morning until as late in the evening. The early and late times are your computer and social media time leaving normal business hours for answering and returning telephone calls.  It is all about the work that goes on behind each sale and keeping your company in the forefront that takes place other than at the estate sale location.

Advertising should also be ready and thought out for Christmas. Lead in time in advertising is the key to success. Be creative too. Look at things included in your sale and talk about some creative suggestions to your audience.

Estate Sales News has started a Pinterest Board for estate sales that will be working on Black Friday and will continue.

Advertising Estate Sales and Estate Sale Companies – Social Media, Websites, Success

BlogThe internet has become the worldwide method of communicating and that is especially true for advertising.

There are so ways and places to advertise.

If you are advertising estate sales there are many estate sale listing websites out there to list your sales on. They offer packages for advertising and some may even be free. They may even offer social media connections.

Estate sale companies can also advertise on Facebook (free unless you boost your post or promote your website or page), Twitter (where you can tweet several times a day up to 140 characters including during an estate sale), Google+ (you will need a gmail account) where you can post everything from videos to photos and descriptions, reddit (descriptions etc.), LinkedIn where you can showcase your business and personal history and make connections with others in a variety of fields, YouTube for videos, Pinterest for showcasing your individual estate sales or items you have had for sale, and you could also offer an RSS feed (allowing others to follow all your posts). You can also consider writing a blog. Keeping people engaged is the key to success for media marketing.

Sellers when you are considering estate sale companies ask them to show you their advertising and provide you with where and how they advertise. In rural areas and some metro areas some estate liquidators continue with print media as well for those that may not be internet connected.

There are also several organizations out there as well that you can join including the American Society of Estate Liquidators (they will educate you as estate liquidators and help you in learning to promote your company) The Antiques  & Collectible National Association also welcome membership.

There are so many websites available for estate sale companies and liquidations and many liquidators have dedicated internet techs and bloggers.

Advertising is a staple for good business. If you have questions email us at and we’ll offer suggestions where possible.

On Facebook It’s Throw Back Thursday – Find Them At Estate Sales

1397071_3564225841684_318000253_oToday is TBF on many social media sites. Estate Sales News contributes this for Throw Back Thursday. This belonged to my grandmother and is over 90 years old. We used it again last autumn to make English Plum Pudding. Do you know what this is or have you used one?

Estate Sales start today in many parts of the country today. Happy shopping and remember that oldies are often times goodies.

Looking For Answers – Estate Sale Companies Keeping Ahead

mahogany secretarymahogany dining rm setThe experienced estate sale company is always looking to increase their knowledge of products, marketing, and what’s selling.

One estate sale company we have visited in California sent us an article from the July Wall Street Journal about why “heirloom” furniture isn’t selling. It is true that what is termed “brown furniture” isn’t selling in many areas. The 1930’s, 1940’s mahogany, Victorian, and Victorian styled furniture is a hard sell. So are many upholstered pieces. as well. It certainly in most cases isn’t bringing in the dollars it did a few years ago, but the estate sale company that is proficient in marketing has a leg up on those that are not using all the marketing tools at their disposal.

In today’s estate sale boom just listing an estate sale, event, or tag sale on estate sale listing sites are not enough. Yes they showcase your photos and send out emails about your upcoming sale to thousands, but your sale isn’t the only one being distributed. There are only so many buyers and there is only so much money that can be spent. Along with the marketing these websites do for you, the estate sale company of today needs to be proactive and have a marketing plan working independently. Using their own Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages is crucial. Here they can standout and really address why and what can be done with items that are not in vogue.

The learned estate sale company isn’t just researching the internet for values, but keeping updated on trends and how to sell the items in their sales.

Show’s like Flea Market Flip can offer ways for the public to buy vintage or second hand items at estate sales and repurpose them. It isn’t  just something to be bought at Flea Markets. Many times their prices can be higher than an estate sale.

More and more estate sale companies have also opened consignment shops to work with furnishings having been at an estate sale that require more time to sell.

Staying informed about the ever changing estate sale market is part of the professional estate liquidators occupation.

Here is the link to the WSJ article.

Is Your Estate Sale Staged, Organized And Marketed?

With the Labor Day holiday weekend approaching and the next season of estate sales is ready to begin.

A few considerations you to be concerned with after you have chosen your estate liquidator (using your due diligence to find a reputable and qualified estate sale company).

Is your estate sale company organizing and staging your sale? Organizing is different than staging. Getting organized is separating out the different items throughout the house such as towels, sheets, plates, glasses, stemware etc.

Staging is setting up the different groups to be appealing by creating depth, height, color, the way light is reflected etc.

Both of these require finesse and experience and many estate liquidators seek out specialized training for staging to maximize the appearance of items in your sale.

The other important consideration is marketing. Does your liquidator have their own website?Do they utilize social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). Do they have an email list and you may want to ask them if it is theirs or an estate sale listing list. Do they use print media (not always necessary, it depends on the area)? Are they taking photos early to start generating interest? How many estate sale listing websites do they list your sale on and how soon will they list it?

With the autumn estate sale season about to burst forth, be sure you are prepared for hiring your estate liquidator. You can learn about estate sales and put your check list together right here at Please use our search for the information you need to be a well informed, knowledgeable consumer.


What Estate Sales News Offers And Why It’s Important To You

Estate Sales NewsMonitoring our social media websites it is interesting to watch how people come and go.

Many estate sale sites and estate sale listing websites also use social media. does not have an email list,  however,  we do offer our audience the opportunity to register for our articles as they are published direct to your in box. usually produces an informative article four to five days a week. We do have weeks when this is not necessarily the case.

We provide a free resource to learn about estate sales.  The how, why, what is required, process, what’s selling and what’s not, and much more. We are not an estate liquidation company or an estate sale listing website. You won’t find estate sales here, just news and informations. EstateSalesNews exists for you. We aren’t looking to book an estate sale, or list your estate sale here. We want to help you with what can be a confusing, stressful process. We won’t recommend an estate sale company, however, we will advise you on what you should do to find the best company for your needs and how to find companies who have good references. For instance how to interview perspective estate sale companies. We also talk about estate sale etiquette for buyers and what sellers should or shouldn’t expect from the liquidator they hire.

Our advertisers provide our ability to have our presence here on the internet.  Many of our advertisers offer us as a resource on their websites either externally or internally and we appreciate that opportunity. As we speak with some of our advertisers we exchange thoughts about the estate sale business and we are pleased that they have incorporated some of that information exchanged into their websites and newsletters. Trying to provide knowledge for all.

Our goal is to be a resource for estate sale sellers, estate sale companies, and estate sale buyers.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, along with other sites we present news, information, how to, the good, bad, and the ugly. As you follow us on one or all of these websites our focus is to help you become a more knowledgeable consumer.

We hope you to take this Wednesday to inform your circle of friends and tell your family,  and neighbors, and ask them to join our following about us and help us keep the information and news about the ever enlarging estate sale industry growing.

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Where You Advertise Estate Sales Is Very Important -Here’s Why

Estate Sales NewsThere are many websites on the internet specifically for advertising estate sales on. As you will read below when you start putting them on Craigs List and yard and garage sale sites, it can create a real problem with some buyers and bring you unwanted publicity. Before placing your ads ask yourself what is that doing to your estate sale and professionalism.

Every company wants to bring in the most buyers possible, but be careful what you ask for. A Google Alert from a site called Bubblews said ” Estate Sale Was A Bust”. The buyer found an estate sale listing on Craigs List. According to the buyer the ad said 50 years of stuff among them crafts and glassware. She went on to say that when she got to the sale at 10AM she didn’t see any of the crafts or glassware and nothing antique, maybe collectible. She continued on that she really liked some of the china, however, the company would not separate the large collection. She also said that some of the dishes were “way too expensive for a garage sale” costing the full retail price and some there were “Walmart” quality pictures they wanted $35 for.

If you advertise an estate sale on sites like these remember who your buyers may be. This woman called it an estate sale, then a garage sale and compared it to Walmart.

Advertising your estate sales on the right websites is important. Bargain hunters are looking for bargains. An estate sale is not a garage or yard sale.

Avoiding repercussions like this can help you and the estate sale industry. Choose your advertising sites and media wisely and keep it professional for your sellers and your estate sale company.