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Some Estate Sales Require A Unique Approach & Presentation

A most unique estate sale in Oviedo, Florida. Five generations of Pennsylvanian historical families. It started with VIP galas 5pm-8pm August 17 and August 18 and opens to the public without appointments on Thursday August, 20th at 9am conducted by Cece’s Closet, LLC. What is unique is the idea of having appointment only VIP galas with what was called “superior purchases of $100” in certain areas of the sale. We have not spoken with Cece, however, with a short video and over 500 photos we thought this sale news worthy for several reasons. Here is a link to her website. To view more information and the photos click here.

This sale features everything from a Coco Chanel dog coat, Mercedes Benz, Civil War memorabilia, gold jewelry and more.

Estate Sale With Classic Cars, Vintage Toy Trains & A Vintage 1941 Airplane

1From Sweet & Harding this weekend in Newfane, New  York starting August 14, for three days a unique estate sale with trains, plane & automobiles and that’s just the beginning.  Here is a video done by Ian Harding for this most unusual sale. So many antiques, tools, a partially assembled 1941 Piper Cub airplane. We have put a few still photos below. This estate sale is very large with tools, motors, etc. abound along with the interior home contents.

This video tour runs about 10 minutes and is well worth viewing before attending this truly unique estate sale. A great guide to help you see what’s there and where.





Click here for a link to this wonderfully unique sale.

Estate Sale Lang Family 2 Iconic Hollywood Directors

Again LA Estate Sales is conducting a magnificent large estate sale for the Lang family for four days starting Thursday, August 13th.

Walter Lang and his son Richard Lang were directors of some of Hollywood’s most memorable movies and television shows. Walter Lang directed Can Can, The King and I, and There is No Business Like Show Business to name a few and his son Richard directed Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, Julia, Charlie’s Angels, and others. Richard’s mother Fieldsie was a silent film actress and was a sidekick of Carol Lombard as well as one of her best friends.

This home is filled with items accumulated by Richard and Carole Lang and his father and mother. An unbelievable eclectic assortment of sterling, china, male oriented collectibles, and furnishings. Copeland Spode Herring Hunt Red Border china (discontinued in 1940). Fantastic assortment of camera equipment including Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon, and others. Lots of vintage clothing and a fantastic collection of 1930s-1940s AAA edition of 250 – signed Thomas Hart Benton prints and many other known artists. This sale has taken weeks to prepare it has so many items.

Here is a brief slide show of some of the items in this great estate sale.

Many more photos have been added to this extraordinary sale. Here are a few.










To learn more about this fabulous estate sale Click Here.

Shopping For Estate Sales – What Do You Look For?

MC900433835This week across America there are many outstanding estate sales. What attracts you to specific sales?

Today estate sale companies post hundreds to thousands of photos of the items that will be for sale at their liquidation events. Do you look through every photo? Do you read through the descriptions? Some of them offer a list of items and others give you the story of the estate as well as the items that are in the sales.

Do you subscribe to an estate sale listing websites to see what sales are taking place in your area? Many estate sale shoppers go from one listing site to another to see what may be posted as not all estate companies use every listing site available.

There are estate liquidators that have chosen to put up videos of their estate sales along with photos enabling you to take a virtual tour of the sale ahead of time. Do you take advantage of these video tours?

Each estate sale attendee shops differently and with that in mind estate sale companies have changed the way they market their sales. So have the estate sale listing websites. They now offer the liquidation companies that list their sales on them the ease of posting them to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media outlets.

With so many outstanding sales this week with from the estate of a Hollywood producer to beautiful antiques and other great items we will look at the many ways to advertise and attract the attention of buyers and even perspective future sellers.

Estate Sales Offer Unique Finds

Some of the interesting items for sale this week and at upcoming estate sales and it’s ThrowBack Thursday.

A wooden hat form compliments of Crown City Estate Sales – Los Angeles & southern, California. Click here for link to their website.







At Brian Mays Estate & Moving Sales starting 8/7/14 in Hopkins, MN from the Cream of Wheat family estate antiques featured here an 1850s melodeon. Click here for link.








Two classic Ford cars at and estate sale in Chicago, IL starting 8/7/15 by Sassies Estate Sales, Inc. Here is the 1959. Click here for the link.




What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Weekend?

In Davis, CA starting today, conducted by Jennie Krausse Estate Liquidation, the estate of Lani Ball, a theatrical stage manager on Broadway, for touring companies and international. The sale includes textiles, artwork, furnishing, jewelry and everything she owned. Jennie called her an endless romantic. The sale is packed. Here is a link to her sale and site.





Platinum Estate Sales LLC will be conducting a walk back in time sale starting August 1st in Crystal Lake, IL with toys, vintage, retro, tools, diggers, pickers,  and a 1999 Cadillac and more. Click here for a link to this sale that has unique, retro items, and a pickers delight.






These are only two of 1000’s of estate sales across the country. The estate liquidators have been working hard from days to weeks preparing these liquidations. To view sales in your area click on one of the links below in your area.


Please let the estate sale companies you visit know you read and follow the #1 source for estate sales news and information. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or on Google+.

White Star Line Plate – Rare 2nd Class Plate From RMS Olympic

IMG_2478I wanted to share with you one of my most treasured possessions. I have been interested in RMS Titanic and steamships for most of my life and about 25 years ago I happened across this plate for sale. A White Star Line 2nd class plate with a special heritage.

The plate is not from RMS Titanic, but I was told it was taken from her sister ship RMS Olympic which was in service from 1911 until 1935 by a family who traveled aboard her to the United States. She was slightly smaller than Titanic, but enjoyed a long life on the sea.

RMS Olympic was identical to Titanic except for her slightly smaller size and celebrities and the wealthy were eager to travel on her despite the unfortunate sinking of RMS Titanic.

She served the British during WWI and returned to ocean crossings at the end of the war. When White Star Lines and Cunard merged in 1934 she was eventually retired to make way for newer ships like the RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth. She was sold and the demolition of her super structure helped to provide employment in the depressed region of Southampton. She also had a grand staircase like Titanic. Her other sister ship RMS Britannic sank in 1916 after an explosion in the Agean Sea.

Ships in the early 1900’s featured three classes, first, second, and steerage. This plate is a second class plate.

At the time that RMS Olympic was demolished she had completed 257 round trips of the Atlantic, carrying 430,000 passengers on commercial voyages having traveled 1.8 million miles.




What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Week – Collections

There are a variety of collections for sale at estate sales both public and online.

All About Estate Sales is selling off a large collection of copper and brass. Click here for a link to their company.






In Kirkwood MO this weekend, Paint and Patina Services LLC has a sale with many collections one of which is china shoes. Click here for a link.






In Bradenton, FL starting today Palma Sola Appraisals and Services is conducting a sale including a large collection of Llardos. Click here for a link to the sale.


Minimalists, Millenials – How They Affect Estate Sales

Baby Boomers are retiring and downsizing and that has encouraged and helped to enlarge the number of estate sale companies. Most boomers came from depression era families that had very little. There is a small majority of boomers whose parents were affluent and acquired an abundance of items.

Today’s current generation – the millenials who are individuals born between the early 1980s and early 2000 grew up in the homes of many baby boomers. They are now in the process of making their lives more simplistic – less is more!

Josh Sanburn of Time wrote an article March 12, 2015 entitled Minimalist Living: When A Lot Less Is More. It addresses some of the reasons to declutter. Click here for a link to his article.

As Baby Boomers, many of us have a vast array of collections, some good, some not so good. Our parents kept and collected what they could as so many went without during the great depression in the late 1920s and into the mid 1930s.

Millenials are also following furnishing trends from magazines to television shows. Shows such as Love or List It, Property Brothers, and others not only renovate properties, but also provide “new” furnishings to most properties eliminating the idea or need of second hand or used furnishings. They project a slim line, well coordinated look. Table tops are free of everything including family photos, and anything that might be construed as clutter.

Generally speaking Victorian and Edwardian furnishings and antiques (except the very rare or odd) have lost value because they have lost their market in many places across the country. A marble top Eastlake piece that might have sold for $800-$1000 5-10 years ago may only bring $300-$400 if that in most major metropolitan markets.

What is referred to as brown furniture that was made in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s is now seen as simply “brown”. Finding dealers that repurpose older pieces (whatever they may be) is helpful, but the prices will not be what they once were.

Looking at sales on eBay and other online sites provide good examples of what is taking place in the current market place. Mid Century Modern has replaced most of the above furnishings and greatly affected prices.

When you meet with an estate sale company and they give you their professional informed opinion about value, it isn’t personal. It’s about the world changing and the generation that is buying today.

Speak with estate liquidators about what is selling in your area. Estate sale companies want to get you the highest possible price for your items to satisfy you and achieve financial success for both of you. Don’t take it personally.

Here are a few pieces that have become more difficult to sell. You’re not alone. Let the professional estate sale company do their job. They are your local market specialists.


Estate Sale Staging Or Set Up Stimulates Sale Results

Staging an estate sale or setting up can dramatically affect the results of the sale once buyers enter the property. Of course excellent marketing, pricing, and sale management is also important.

This past weekend in Arcadia, CA, Howe Estate Sales (owned by Parker Howe) held a two day sale that successfully liquidated the contents of a 5,000 square foot estate. To view the sale visit Howe Estate Sales by clicking here. Staging an estate that was packed with many collections and items and required over 30 plus tables for display helped to enable buyers to see and choose their purchases easily and quickly.

We present some of the photos of this very well staged sale.




















So many of the estate liquidators across the country stage well and we hope when you are choosing a liquidator you take this into consideration. The difficulty does come in when you have a hoarder house, but although it may not look like this it still can be managed.