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Great Shopping At A Bronx New York Estate Sale – Video

Paul Dunn held an estate sale last in November 2013 in the Bronx, New York. Here is his video with our thanks that demonstrates the varied great finds at estate sales. Are you shopping at one today? It’s not too late to do your Christmas shopping.

Buying At Estate Sales – What To Be Aware Of

ShoppingEstate Sales News encourages the public to buy at estate sales and if the liquidator offers delivery or shipping they usually follow through without incident. We have done this many times and been extremely satisfied.

However Estate Sales News made a purchase recently and this has not worked out as planned.  An item was purchased, paid for with a credit card, was to be shipped, and now three weeks later the item has not arrived. Text messages to the estate sale company have been sent several times with no response and two phone calls were made that were answered, however, the item has yet to arrive and neither has the shipping info as well.  Most estate sale companies deal in good faith with their customers.

When you put your trust in an estate sale company you should follow up and be sure to post positive feedback for good customer service. Estate sale companies care about their reputation. Buyers just like sellers can always search reviews on the internet, however, there isn’t always time and if negative feedback is posted it let’s future sellers know about the companies practices and ethics.

As a buyer or seller posting feedback on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other sites is valuable information for future sellers and buyers. Your reviews should be truthful, explain the service rendered to you, and not done with bias.

Why Choose Estate Sales News For Your Estate Sale Information?

information iconEstate Sales have become prolific across the United States. Just look at the number of estate sale listing sites. Over 5,000 estate sale companies are now listed with over 6 websites for estate sale companies to list on.

Estate Sales News is the online estate sale news magazine covering the estate liquidation business, providing estate liquidation information and reporting on newsworthy estate sales. . We are not affiliated with an estate sale company. We aren’t looking to list your estate sale. We provide free, unbiased information to help you become an informed consumer either as a seller or buyer. Knowledge is empowerment and helps you make successful decisions.

Our articles are also geared at assisting estate sale companies as well. With such growth in what was once a very small industry estate sale companies need help to be the number one choice in their area.

Estate Sales News goal is to help an industry that has little to no regulation.  A business where some may take advantage of those who are not knowledgeable and new upcoming estate sale companies and even those who have experience may not utilize all the current marketing tools available. We want to help you be a successful company and provide successful results for your client and achieve good reviews from sellers and buyers for you.

We do not conduct estate sales so our agenda is about helping you.  With 25 plus years experience as an estate liquidator we are here to assist with advice in picking an estate sale company, buying at an estate sale with knowledge and etiquette and providing useful information to estate sale companies about how to get their sales the most public attention possible through various marketing methods.

Here on Estate Sales News you’ll learn about the ethics an estate sale company should have, how the process works, interviewing and choosing an estate sale company, what should be in an estate sale contract, staging a liquidation sale, how the sale can be advertised, handling crowds before and during the estate sale and the list goes on.

Please email your questions or comments to

Carol Madden,


Vintage Christmas Ornament Collection Video

Estate Sales News is always looking to focus on what’s for sale at estate sales and right now is a great time to shop for vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations. Here is a wonderful video from Dallas Street on ornaments from the 1940’s – present. A serious collector with many in their original boxes.

If you are looking for vintage Christmas ornaments or decorations check out the following links to estate sale listing sites.


Shop Estate Sales On Black Friday – Avoid Lines And Save $$

presentAs people line up way before dawn to enter the large retailers for their Christmas shopping don’t forget some of the great buys you can get today and this weekend at estate sales. Everything you can think of is for sale from flat screen tv’s clothing, dishes, toys, childrens clothing, candle holders, designer purses, jewelry (gold, sterling and costume) wallets, scarves. Just too much to list. Frequently you will find new items that have never been worn or used and may even have their price tag on. All you need to do is find a gift box or bag (which you would have to do anyway even with a new item. 

Avoiding lines, finding that unusual gift, saving money, perhaps a collectible vintage item and that knowledge that your family member or friend will have that you took such care and time to shop for something special for them. It’s a win win for you and your giftee. 

Here is a list of places to look for estate sales in you areas and feature photos and descriptions.

Click on these links to go directly to these websites.


Estate Sales On Black Friday And Thanksgiving Weekend – Advertising Is Key

ShoppingEstate Sales News is publishing today, Sunday, because with Thanksgiving Thursday this week it is very important if you are running an estate sale on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and the weekend that you have good marketing in place to compete with the big stores, Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, JC Penny, etc. It would appear that there will be 1000 plus estate sales starting on Friday, November 29th.

The big retailers have been sending out flyers in the mail and advertising on television and radio for weeks. Most estate sale companies cannot compete with that, however, there are ways to attract buyers.

If you are on Pinterest, have you created a board about your sale this week? Featured some items that will be better buys than what the retailers will offer. Have you been posting and updating your Facebook business page (and if you don’t have one you should). Today social media is the place where estate sale liquidators can get ahead of their competition. Sending out tweets on Twitter on a regular basis about some of the good buys and great items you have that would make wonderful gifts. This is a great time to encourage people attending your sales to follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook as well.

It’s also a great time to be advertising that if you are not required to collect sales tax that buying gifts at your sale is “tax free”.

If you happen to do videos and have YouTube on your website a short video might also be a good way to get the word out.

Any way you look at it although you have competition on Thanksgiving weekend, by using your marketing skills and knowledge you can make it a win win for you and your seller.

Estate Sale Basics – What Should Be Posted Visibly At The Sale

When an estate sale company prepares the property the day before the sale or very early the day of the sale information should be posted that can be seen by anyone coming into the sale and throughout the property.

Here are some examples of signs that should be clearly visible.

  • All items sold as is.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • No large bags or purses allowed in the house (some areas of the country do not do this).
  • The type of payment you accept. i.e. cash, check, charge card.
  • Shoplifters will be prosecuted. No exceptions.
  • If you do not have staff to assist in moving heavy items, furniture etc. that should be stated clearly.
  • Let the buyers know where to check out.
  • If you have someone checking customers as they exit let them know.
  • Give a deadline for picking up items purchased at the sale.
  • If you have security cameras on site, let the public know by signs that they are being watched.

Following these simple basic principles can help prevent arguments and unpleasantries.

Our video from the opening day of yesterday’s Dr. Arnold Klein Sale is also posted below this article.


It’s Estate Sale Friday – How to find you’re looking for at an estate sale

fri0102Estate Sales News has been asked how do I find what I’m looking for at a heavily attended estate sale where you can’t get a clear visual on the item.

First decide how much you want what you have seen advertised or read about. If possible contact the estate sale company in advance, either by email or phone (which ever they prefer) and ask them if they are utilizing a number or list system for entrance to the sale. Then you’ll have to make the ultimate decision how strong is your desire or passion for the object or items of interest. It may require you to sleep over if you want to be among the first in the door (providing the municipality where the sale is being held will allow cars or vans on the street overnight) particularly if what you want is popular and will have others with the same interest. If possible when you contact the estate liquidator ask what room or floor the object is in or on. It is always easier to know at least what room to look in. They may even give you more specifics, but the decision to give you any information is theirs and should be respected.

Once you have made your decision stick to your game plan and remember to stay courteous and patient. Estate Sales can become hostile places if tempers flare and that spoils it for all parties. Please refer back to to our April 2013 Buyers etiquette article.

Estate Architectural Salvage Sale – Los Angeles, CA- 4 Old Panel Vanss

Estate Sales by Sam and Pam will be conducting this architectural estate salvage sale in Los Angeles, CA Friday, Nov. 15- Sunday, Nov. 17.

Sam and Pam started by trying to help with a silent auction with their children in first grade. That was 20 years ago. They learned about the estate sale business through a friend who was in estate liquidations and with their love of helping people at their wits ends with parents downsizing or passing away their business began. They obtain their sales through referrals.

This building was originally a carpet store on the ground floor with three apartments on the second floor that were abandoned 40 years ago. The carpet store started in business in 1921. The owner grew up and lived in the upstairs apartments and kept acquiring furniture, fixtures, dishes and more until he abandoned the building for lack of room in the early 1970’s. A true hoarder. The owner of the store passed leaving a building filled with carpeting and rugs along with 4 Chevy panel vans dating from 1955 – 1966 in need of much restoration and the new owner is going to rehab the building creating retail space again with apartments on the second floor.

If you are creative or like to repurpose this sale is for you. Everything must be sold, a lot of dust and dirt so Sam and Pam advise you to wear gloves, also a very reasonably priced sale. Claw foot bath tubs, old lighting fixtures, cupboards, dishes to murphy beds, early 1900’s furniture to 1970. A architectural diggers delight.  Here is a link to this sale on EstateSales.Net

Vintage Estate Sale in Torrance CA – Estate Sales News Spoke to Tres Chix Estates

Estate Sales News spoke with Tres Chix Estates today about their upcoming sale in Torrance, CA where vintage, antiques and collectibles are everywhere. This sale begins Thurs., Nov. 7th and continues Nov. 8th and 9th from 8am-2pm.

We wanted to share with you some of the great vintage items at this sale and we have included a link to their sale on EstateSales.Net

vintage stovevintage typewritervintage dress