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Halloween is 1 Week From Today – Estate Sales Can Be Great Sources For Costumes

zombie wedding dressEstate Sales can be more than just a place to collect Halloween decorations and collectibles. They can also be a great place to find everything from hats, shoes, clothes, and accessories to turn into costumes.

Funky to scary with some imagination you can turn anything into a costume. My daughter Tracey Cooper, bought a long white dress and with some paint and tears it now looks like a zombie wedding dress. She did the same thing with a dress white shirt for a man, pants,  and took an old tie and turned that into freaky looking been in the ground accessory. The pictures here are what she created with imagination at a low cost.

zombie shirtzombie pantsmans zombie outfit

Estate Sales And House Tear Downs – Good Source For Materials

Our thanks to diginColorado for sharing this video. If you are currently looking to remodel or retro your home you may want to check out the 4 sales on EstateSales.Net. You might also want to look at, or

Tear Downs occur all across the country and it can be an excellent source for doors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and many other things.

When Estate Sales News visited EstateSales.Net I had the opportunity to see the building dating from the 1800’s that Dan and Dot McQuade have renovated and restored. An article on that will be upcoming, however, it should be noted that Dan visited estate sales in several states over several years salvaging doors, cabinets, an old refrigerator and even a enamel 1920’s stove. There is no telling what you can do with some sweat equity and imagination.

Collecting Vintage and Antique Teddy Bears – Videos

Estate Sales News hopes that you will enjoy these short videos on antique and vintage teddy bears. Teddy bears bring joy not only to girls and boys, but adults as well.

Estate Sales are good sources for antique and vintage teddy bears.

Estate Sale Company Response Time and Trust- Important Issues

costomer trustEstate Sales News contacts estate sale companies across the country every week. We’re asking for information to assist you and them.

One of the challenges we have encountered and you probably have encountered is estate liquidators that don’t return your calls or emails or send you an automated email response with no follow up. It should be a red flag for potential sellers if a liquidator does not return your call or email with a reasonable time. The questions that arise are how important are you to them and how are they going to respond to reasonable questions from buyers.

Another issue to be discussed is an over the phone sale. Most estate sale companies are reputable, however, some companies do come into question. Be sure to look at reviews. One case we are aware of a check was sent to an estate sale company for a purchase, however, the items purchased were never sent. The check wasn’t cashed, but ethical companies honor purchases made in person or by phone. Estate Sales News wants to hear from you if you experience a serious issue and we also want to hear from estate sale companies that have had serious problems with buyers. We can all keep each other informed. Estate Sales News will not disclose names of companies or buyers.


Retro or Vintage Kitchens and Equipment is a Hot Trend – Shop for at Estate Sales

Vintage and retro kitchens are hot trends right now. We wanted to share with you this short informative and fun video on retro kitchens. As you read in this video estate sales are great ways to find vintage kitchen appliances and cabinets. What’s old is again new.

Our thanks to TheRetroKitchen for this video.

Estate Sales When Times Get Tough – Government Sequestration, Shut Down

esate sales Estate Sales have weathered a lot in the last several years during a time of recession followed by sequestration and now federal government shut down. Through it all most professional estate liquidators have come through and buyers have saved thousands of dollars. Buyers, sellers, and estate sale companies are all effected.

When buyers are not cash fluent purchasing at estate sales becomes a viable alternative for things needed. It can even prove to be a mental or emotional boost for just a small impulse purchase.

At many estate sales you can find everything from sheets, towels, blankets, clothing and shoes to cleaning supplies (partial or in full) appliances (small and large i.e. blenders, mixers, washers, dryers) to sewing kits, patterns, materials, hobby supplies, office supplies, something as simple as pads of paper and pens.

When money is tight an estate sale can be the perfect place for shopping. Sometimes you will even find canned goods (expiration dates still good) and dry food stuffs (pastas, rice, etc.).

Estate Sales can be a one stop shop in good and not so good times. Just remember to use estate sale etiquette with the liquidator and chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised and save many $$$$.

Many areas have estate sales starting tomorrow through the weekend. Check out EstateSales.Net,, or for sales in your area.

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1930’s Vintage Shoes – Shop Estate Sales to Find Great Footwear

Whenever Estate Sales News is getting ready to travel shoes are always important. Looking thru my vintage shoes as well as newer ones we thought about Glamourdaze and their great short film featuring shoes from the mid 1930’s. What’s interesting is to compare to what you are seeing today in the shoe stores. Very similar styles. The best is when you can find vintage shoes and with a little TLC put them back on the street on your feet. Check out search or Treasure Tracker on EstateSales.Net or search or to find sales with vintage shoes near you.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Selling Cars and Trucks at Estate Sales – For Buyers, Sellers and Estate Sale Companies

1951 buickRecently this has been a hot topic button from estate sale companies, sellers, and buyers. Estate Sales News provides this information as a resource.

When selling any type of car or truck be sure you have the title at the sale (in a safe place).

Many times vehicles are sold on Saturdays or Sundays when you cannot register with your local or state license department. It is advisable to take a sizeable deposit for the vehicle and as an estate liquidator meet the buyer on the Monday following the sale (the deposit should at least cover your commission and then some). The buyer should sign a paper stating that they are aware this deposit is not refundable and this will ensure some compensation to the seller and estate sale company should the buyer back out. If the buyer does not pay in full on the day of the sale, the estate sale company, seller, attorney, heir or whoever is seeing the completion of the sale and title transfer should meet on Monday to complete the transaction. The deposit is best if cash, bank check (if acceptable to the seller or estate sale company) or charge card (however, that can have a problem if a dispute arises).

Estate sales can save you money, sofas, tvs, tables, lamps, cars etc

Mercedes Benz for saleBuying at an estate sale to refurbish or repurpose can leave you with extra dollars in your wallet. Looking for a TV – right now on there are 5 pages of estate sales companies advertising TV’s. Use their search feature to find what your looking for.

Need a sofa, table and chairs, linens, lamps, even a car. It’s amazing what you will find. Just inserting the word car into the search engine will bring up 7 pages. Some sales will have car parts such as a stereo. Right now there is at least one estate sale with a Mercedes Benz.

So before you buy new, check out what you can buy and save.

designer chairdesigner sectional

Walt Disney created the diamond chandeliers & paintings for $7million dollhouse

dollhouseCurrently on Display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL is a $7million dollhouse built by silent movie star Colleen Moore with diamond chandeliers and paintings by Walt Disney. Here is a link CLICK HERE to photos and the article reported by The Daily Mail Reporter a UK newspaper that reported on this magnificent dollhouse.

Vintage, new, and even some antique dollhouses, accessories and assorted miniatures can be found at many estate sales across the country. Estate sales are a good source for these dollhouse furniture and accessories. I conducted a living estate sale 4 years ago with two entire rooms dedicated to this hobby and I also had the opportunity to acquire for resale at an estate sale an extremely large diarama which I sold at the Triple Pier Antique Show in 2002 produced by Irene Stella.

Here are some photos of dollhouse items currently listed with for upcoming sales. If you’re interested use their search function to find out if these sales are near you.


dollhouse accessoriesdollhouse pramHalloween for dollhouse