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Estate Sales News has traveled 10,000 miles to cover estate sales

Baccarat & Swarovski crystal chandelierIjewelryn the last 6 weeks Estate Sales News has traveled over 10,000 miles to cover estates in Detroit, MI, Los Angeles, CA, N. Augusta SC as well as Florida.

We hope that as we end this week you will be able to attend or at least look at the sales in California and South Carolina. Each one is different, run a little differently and yet offers a vast array of merchandise for sale. Knowledge can be gained in many ways and we hope our interviews, videos, and photos will be informative for you.




Gordon Farmer Sale

Estate Sale of Jeweler/Gemologist 50+ years by Again L.A. Estate Services

rocks and mineralsEstate Sales News is in the air as you read this flying to California to report on another upcoming estate sale this week in Los Angeles for a former jeweler/gemologist.



jewelryThis sale will feature jewelry, jewelry findings, rocks, minerals, gemstones numbering in the hundreds and in some cases the thousands. The home is overflowing and we can hardly wait to meet with Dan from Again L.A. Estate Services and see all of this plus furniture and all the other household items for sale. We will be posting video of this sale which starts on Thursday, June 6 ahead of the sale. Here are a few of Dan’s photos taken early on.


Crown City Estate Sale in Reseda, CA. crystal chandeliers and more

Estate Sales News is going to Los Angeles, CA. Monday to report an upcoming estate sale by Crown City of a gentleman who owned a lighting business on La Brea for 40 years and will have over 135 chandeliers along with a massive amount of prisms including Baccarat, Moreno, Venetian, Chezck and more.

In preparation we found this video which was done with Connecticut Lighting that gives good tips and information about crystal chandeliers. Estate Sales News will be posting our video from the Reseda location next week.

What’s old is new – at least in shoes – estate sale shopping

Thought we would end this week with vintage shoes and new shoes. This glamourdaze video is a great clip on 1940’s shoes. Note the wedges, straps, and overall shapes. When shopping at an estate sale keep a look out for good condition vintage shoes.

vintage shoes



Here is a pair of vintage shoes that I purchased at an estate sale a few years ago. Toes are rounded with a nice 3 inch solid black heel. The label says Very Volatile.



Take a look in your closet and compare what you see to the styles on the video. Surprise! What’s old is new.

Negotiating at an estate sale – etiquette goes along way

NegotiationMost estate sales companies will negotiate on goods at an estate sale, but rarely if ever on the first day of the sale and each company has it’s own policies.

If you are attending an estate sale and see an item of interest that you would like to purchase if the price was lower, ask the estate liquidator in charge if there is room to negotiate. If the answer is we don’t discount on the first day inquire what their policy is. Do they discount on the 2nd or 3rd day, except bids etc.

Repurposing from estate sale finds – mid century becomes new

Cabinet cabinet finishWhen you go to an estate sale or tag sale looking for furnishings, sometimes thinking of how repurposing an item can save you dollars. If you watch HGTV’s Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer this show focuses on how to take something you might pass up because it wasn’t what you were looking for and with some creativity and elbow grease create that special piece and hopefully at a significant discount.


interior cabinetMid century furniture (1950-1970 approximately) are often golden opportunities to repurpose. Recently my daughter and son-in-law were looking for a display cabinet. These photos are the before and after of the cabinet they found and transformed from a 1960’s so so china cabinet into a 2013 modern lighted display cabinet. The cabinet cost $50 + paint and supplies and new lighting.


Find something special & affordable for Mom at an estate sale

Sumother's daynday is Mother’s day and this a great time to find something old or new at an estate sale to give that special Mom or woman in your life.

Here is a link to find great ideas or items for Mother’s day from from across the country.

You can find something special or unique, valuable, affordable or just keeping it green.

Happy Mother’s day.

Get ready to shop estate sales – a how to video

Buying and treasure hunting at an estate can be interesting, exciting and challenging. This video by Lela aka TrashFindRedsigned may provide some helpful hints if you’re heading out to go estate sale shopping.

Lela also works with and is featured by Cindy Price Communications Manager.

Estate Sales a great way to go green and celebrate Earth Day

vintage sinkOld doorsEarth Day was Monday, April 22. Estate sales, however, enable sellers and buyers to celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year.

Whether you are selling furniture, lighting, clothing, dishes, general household, or toys, reselling these items keeps them from the landfill a little longer and helps keep the earth green.

If you are planning on remodeling look at selling windows, doors, garage doors, sinks, bath tubs and even appliances (as long as these items are in good and working condition). There are several stores across the country from California to New England that acquire these items and have them available for resale. Old doors and sinks can add character. It is also possible in many cases to have an old sink or tub resurfaced. Here is a link to a site that offers architectural  salvage shops across the country

Vintage clothing stores are popular across the country featuring accessories and even costume jewelry.

Whatever you’re looking for consider an estate sale to go green and sellers, DON’T THROW ANYTHING OUT until you have had a professional estate liquidator evaluate what you have.


Estate Sales can save dollars for the younger generation

When you are just starting out buying furniture, pots and pans, linens, and many general household items can really take a chunk out of your budget.

Try doing your shopping at estate sales. Most are held on Fridays and Saturdays or Saturdays and Sundays so hopefully the timing is right for you. Because most household items at the sale unless truly vintage or antique are priced to sell you can pick up some wonderful bargains. Most times you will find items at 30%-50% below full retail. Those savings add up. Plus if you attend the sale on day two most estate sales companies will discount what did not sell on day one. You can always leave a bid as well.