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Cleaning Out After The Estate Sale – What To Do?

clean out truckEstate sale companies do everything they can to completely sell your contents out, but that doesn’t always happen. Unable to control weather conditions, market conditions, and property location an estate liquidator may not be able to sell all the contents of a property.

What happens when there are leftovers?

Many estate sale companies offer clean outs. Some have even started an additional phase of their business just to perform clean outs.  They may include it in their commission or it may be an additional charge. This is a discussion that should take place when reviewing the estate sale contract with the estate liquidator.  Other  estate liquidators hire a company that will perform the clean out for you. The fee the company will charge should be divulged before signing the estate sale contract. In this case you may be paying the company directly or it may be deducted from the net proceeds of the sale.  Some estate sale companies may take more valuable items on consignment if they have a shop or sell online if they do not sell at the sale.

If your estate liquidation company does not do clean outs there are companies you can call. One nation wide name is 1-800-Got-Junk. (This is not an endorsement, simply an example).

Leaving a property broom clean is very important in many cases when the property has been sold or is going up for sale.

Ask your estate sale company if they have a list of charities also.

Estate Sales News would like to hear from companies that specialize in clean outs. You can email us at carol@estatesalesnews.

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Understanding The Stresses of Moving Or Downsizing In Estate Sales

In today’s hustle and bustle world the stresses of moving or downsizing can be overlooked.

The estate sale company may have estate liquidations booked week after week, but it is important that they focus on each client and sale as they occur. Speaking with your chosen estate sale professional about any concerns you have early in the process can help eliminate your stress as the seller and any tensions that could arise later.

Sellers whether they are moving, downsizing or going to an assisted living residence require patient understanding from the estate liquidator. If you have concerns about the removal of the items you may be keeping prior to the estate sale company beginning their work be sure to share your concerns with them. The professional estate liquidator can often offer suggestions based on experience. Although they may have a full schedule, listening to your concerns is helpful to them, but keep in mind they have other clients to listen to as well.

If you are new to the estate liquidation business taking courses through an organization like CRTS (Certified Relocation Transition Specialists) can help you better understand and work with the needs of your clients.

Estate sale companies also have their own stresses to deal with. If you are conducting weekly estate sales and responsible for the clean out after the sale, you will need to have a crew working on the staging of the upcoming sale and a cleanout crew. If you don’t have a separate cleanout crew then you will require a reliable cleanout service to leave the property broom cleaned.

Communication between clients and estate sale companies is paramount for success for both sides.

Have Questions About Estate Sales? Email Us – Front Page Topics

questions and answersWhether you are a seller, estate sale company or buyer there seems to be no limits on the concerns and questions to be asked about estate sales.

After 25 years in the estate liquidation business and with the continually changing laws and needs of clients we want to hear from you so we can discuss these issues here on the Front Page of

From what to do when you need or want to have an estate sale, finding a liquidation company, interviewing and hiring an estate sale company, what is the process (how and why it works), what to expect before, during, and after and what if something goes wrong, we want you to email us.

When everyone involved understands what is expected and on the same page the process can be less stressful and more successful. is your resource for estate sales information, help, and news.

Estate Sale Companies Working With Realtors

NegotiationIn times past when you wanted to sell your home you hired a real estate agent, dusted and vacuumed your property and you were ready.

In most places that is no longer the case. Realtors are looking to minimalize personal objects (family photos) etc. as well as decluter and stage the property. More and more estate sale companies are assisting with this. Many have their own experts in staging. They can help pack up some items to leave a visually more appealing minimal effect.

Staging an estate sale for success has led to a side business for many estate sale companies helping real estate companies ready properties for sale. It has also become a good lead for estate liquidators to acquire estates that have full contents and in order to prepare the property for sale have to be sold out and then painted etc. before hitting the real estate market.

Some estate sale companies have a real estate agent as part of their staff or in some instances the owner of the estate sale company is a Realtor.

Either way getting in touch with your local real estate company or someone you know who is a Realtor to inquire about an estate sale company is a good way to find a referral.