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Interview With Crown City Estate Sales In Los Angeles, CA

We flew out last week to sit down with Jackie Wise of Crown City Estate Sales. Estate Sales News first visited Crown City last June for an extraordinary lighting sale in Reseda, CA. Jackie has many years of experience in the estate liquidation business. Our thanks to Jackie and her husband Frank for taking time out of an estate sale set-up to do this interview.

Hearing in person about the estate sale industry in different states across the country can benefit all perspective estate sale sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies.


Learn About Estate Sales – What Sources Are You Using?

learn about estate salesEstate Sales News searches the internet daily for anything new in the estate sale business and we are finding more and more sources offering advice about estate sales, from how an estate sale works, how to choose an estate sale company, estate sale contracts, pricing, staging, clean outs etc.

It is vital for perspective estate sellers to find their information from sources that have had experience in the estate liquidation business or were at some time estate liquidators. Books have been written about how to hold your own estate sale by book authors and estate sale liquidators. Why an estate sale liquidator would want to tell you how to hold your own estate sale would appear to be a means of making money selling books and persuading you that you need to hire an professional estate liquidator (perhaps them).

Hiring a professional estate sale company is like hiring a Realtor to sell your property or an attorney to draw up a will or prepare and read through legal documents. You hire them because of their expertise, experience and knowledge in their specific field. The same applies to hiring an estate sale company.

To learn about estate sales begin by talking to anyone you know who has had one. Use the internet to find articles written by estate liquidators and others in the estate sale business. Follow up by looking at estate sale listing sites and associations. They can offer further information. You will also be able to find estate sale companies in your area and then you can begin the process of looking at their liquidators current estate sales or events and any internet reviews. Keep in mind that some buyers and sellers may post an unfavorable review and it may be wise if only one or two to call the estate liquidator and speak by telephone with them about these reviews.

Many articles are appearing on the internet written by authors who write on a variety of subjects that their assistants research for them and they then publish. This may be a newsy article, but nothing replaces first hand professional experience and knowledge of the process in this very complex industry.

An example would be what is happening with the sale of ivory and taxidermied endangered species including foul, fish, and other wildlife. These are state issues and may also be federal issues depending upon the items.

However you learn about estate sales, make sure to thoroughly review not only the information provided, but the sources that the information comes from. works weekly to provide up to date information and we hope you will continue to use us as one of your primary resources to learn about estate sales.


Estate Sales News Is On It’s Way to Los Angeles

crown-city-ad-260x260We are flying today to meet with Crown City Estate Sales today. They have many years of experience in the estate liquidation business and we are going to interview them about their success over the years.


It’s hump day for many people so happy Wednesday, we will be flying back east tomorrow.

** If are an estate sale company and would like to have your estate sale featured here on the Front Page of we are looking for two that have sales between June 15 and July 31. Email us particulars at and we’ll get in touch with you.


Selling Fine Jewelry At An Estate Sale

goldMany estate sale companies have taken the precaution of not showing pictures of fine jewelry that they will be selling at an estate sale, however, their advertising on various estate sale listing sites include descriptions and the karat of the gold. Most do not show photos of the jewelry until the day before or day of to protect the property and contents.

However, including the description of the jewelry to be sold without any photos can loose some buyers.

A suggestion would be to feature photos of the jewelry for sale, however, be sure to include in your listing site description that the jewelry will not be at the property until the day of the sale. This allows buyers to decide if they are interested and still protects the jewelry and other contents of the home prior to the start of the estate sale or event.

This can also hold true of any high value items in an estate sale. Nothing frustrates buyers more than to search for specific items on a listing site and then not find any photos.

The estate sale company has a fiduciary relationship with the seller(s) so they are protective of what has been entrusted in their care, but not showing any photos is not beneficial to bringing buyers. Especially if there are several other estate sales in the area that they can choose to attend.

Protection of all items for sale is paramount, however, if concerned about specific pieces in a sale remove them from the property to a secure location until the sale is ready to begin and do not release the specific address of the sale more than a day or two ahead.

Memorial Day Weekend – Getting To Estate Sales Safely

waving-flagEstate Sales News is taking a very long weekend off to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend.

We will be back late next week so please use our archives from day 1 to help you with your estate sale needs and information.

We would like to remind you all that because it is a holiday weekend starting with people traveling today to their vacation spots there will be extra auto traffic. If at all possible please use some type of vocal navigator to get you to the estate sales or events you have chosen to attend. It can be dangerous trying to use a map in a high volume of traffic. Please keep your patience and drive defensively. Arrive safe.

Estate Sales wants all of our audience to have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend and please remember to take a moment on Monday to think of all those men and women who have served our country and died. Their families and friends will appreciate it and it is the true reason for this holiday.

Estate Sales News is heading west and of course that also means working for you.

Happy Memorial Day.

Estate Sale Companies Are Increasing – So Are Issues With Growth

Estate Sales News reported last week on the continuously increasing number of estate sale listing sites and the off shoot businesses associated with this growing industry. All of these businesses encourage creative and innovative individuals to establish new estate sale companies. As with any exploding growth industry come growing pains. This also applies to the estate sale industry.

Encouraging entrepreneurship is what has made this country great, however, it brings with it the issues associated with an ever enlarging industry.

For example in 2007 there were 7 estate sale companies listed on the only estate sale listing network site in the country in northern New Jersey. Today the number of estate liquidators  exceeds 100 companies. With such rapid growth come expansion problems and these affect sellers, buyers, established estate liquidators, and new estate sale companies.

Some estate sale start up businesses see the estate liquidation business as non-complex, but in fact it is the exact opposite. Estate Sale Companies require those owning and operating an estate sale business to have experience and knowledge of personal property, crowd control, pricing, staging, coping with difficult situations (buyers and sellers), the ability to sell, marketing and social media skills,  estate sale contracts that protect all parties, clean outs, and theft protection to name some of the more important skills. It also requires a commitment of time and plenty of energy.

Estate Sales News has recently been contacted by several start up companies asking questions from advertising to what to charge as a commission on various items.

If you are going to start an estate sale business it is best to have apprenticed with a reputable estate liquidator first to learn the basics including much of the above. You can educate yourself through an association with the American Society of Estate Liquidators.

Dealing with difficult and/or complicated sellers and buyers requires finesse, but it also requires confidence that your actions and decisions are correct and that is gained through experience.

There are great new estate sale companies across the country, but be sure if you are interviewing any estate liquidation company, you ask about their training and/or apprenticeship, experience, and how long they have been involved with the estate sale business.


Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL – Why Search Engines Are Important For Estate Sales

Logo_Google_2013_Official.svgMost of the world knows about the biggest search engine on the Internet, Google. Other large search engines include Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Why are they important to estate sale liquidators and estate sale sellers?

Whatever topic a seller or buyer wants to look for they are typing it into one of those search engines.

Each of these search engines can list 100’s or 1000’s of pages for the researched topic. The problem is that very few people go past page one of any of these search engine results which is why your estate sale or estate sale company needs to be found on page one.

Without getting to technical unless you have paid any of these search engines to be at the top of the page or listed along the right side your estate sale company needs someone with SEO (search engine optimization) experience. They will know what key words (search terms) and meta tags or headspace (words and descriptions used in searching depending on the website platform being used) to use, however, as an estate liquidator you should know how your competition is found and inform your internet tech so they can make sure you are competitive. A suggestion would be to type into Google your competition’s name or names and see what shows up.

Sellers, you’re asking why is this important to me? Well for a several reasons, not the least is that if your estate sale company is not found you are relying on the estate sale listing site to promote your sale, however, buyers are also finding any other sales in your area (your competition). If your estate sale company shows up on the front page of a search engine that represents an opportunity for your sale to stand apart from all the others. Your estate sale should be on both an estate listing site and an estate sale liquidator website along with all the social media we have previously mentioned.

When you find an estate sale company who relies solely on an estate sale listing site your not only among the multitude of sales listed, but utilizing any social media connections they have without any direct connections to your estate sale company’s website and that sends buyers and sellers back to the listing site rather than to an estate liquidator company’s website.

Google is the largest search engine. utilizes Google to advertise us, but so do all the top estate sale listing websites, EstateSales.NET,, to mention a few. Bing, Yahoo, and AOL also have paid advertising available.

If your company can’t afford to pay for these search engine ads, then having a knowledgeable internet tech to provide your website with social media links and space for your sale to stand alone is a key to your success.

Estate Sales News is here to provide needed information and resources for perspective estate sale sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies.

Any questions you can email us at


May Estate Sales – Holidays, Special Events – What Sellers Need To Know

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May is in full bloom with estate sales dotting the landscape across the United States.

It is also a month filled with more special events than most think of. First Communion, Mother’s Day, college graduations, high school graduations and last, but not least Memorial Day weekend.

Perspective estate sale sellers should be aware of this and should be asking the estate sale companies they are interviewing how they plan to advertise their sale if they are hired.

This isn’t just about putting a sale on an estate sale listing site or in a newspaper, this concerns grabbing the attention of a public that is focused on a variety of events, gets their attention and holds that sale in their minds until the estate sale or event takes place.

Estate sale listing sites require you to go to the site and then once you are their you have many sales to look at. Bringing the focus to your particular sale requires a lot of social media marketing. Tweeting about your progress staging the sale and what you find on a twice weekly basis (minimum), show casing special items of interest on the companies business Facebook page and if they don’t have one ask them why – it is seen by millions, create a Pinterest board for the sale. The company should have a link on their website to each of these pages – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They should also have a professional LinkedIn page and don’t forget Google+ and reddit and one other very important advertising function – a company blog.

Estate Sales News has been consulting with some estate sale companies to provide ideas and advertising suggestions.

June is a busy month as well, but that doesn’t mean that sales will fail, only that estate sale companies have to work harder with their advertising to achieve financial success for you and them.

We would encourage perspective sellers to ask the estate sale companies they are working with about SEO work. That term stands for search engine optimization. It’s how they are found on the internet using Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others. We’ll be discussing this further in an upcoming article.


Estate Sale Companies – High End, Middle Of The Road, A-Z 1 day to 3

chandelierDSCN0606As the estate sale industry continues to enlarge by leaps and bounds estate liquidators are choosing to what types of sales they want to handle. This applies from the east coast to the west coast and from the north to the south.

Some estate liquidators prefer to handle only high value estates (designer furniture, gold and silver jewelry, listed art and glass etc.). It means they handle fewer sales, but they expect greater financial returns for the seller and their commissions. Many other estate sale companies work with the average house contents (furniture, kitchenware, lawn and garden, clothing etc.) They may hold more sales, but they too provide a much needed service. Then there are companies that will work from a 1 day sale (usually a partial contents) to a 3 or 4 day sale including a hoarders house.

Whatever company you choose, ask how they obtained their experience and knowledge.

Remember that retail prices do not apply to estate sales. It’s like buying a car, once it leaves the lot the price declines. Unless it is a one of a kind, extremely unique or a rare antique, it will not bring the price you purchased it for.

How your items are priced will determine how successful your sale is (that is not to suggest anything be given away in price), but it is important to price right. That also does not mean that eBay is the only source for prices. There is a host of available data on the internet to assist with pricing not the least of which are professionally trained certified personal property appraisers.

If you have just a general contents home or property find the estate sale company that will be competent, knowledgeable, and excited to bring you financial success.

Remember it isn’t what a company sells, it is how well they succeed at what they are selling.

Estate Sale Company Choice is So Important – A Google Alert

Estate Sales NewsOn May 1st, 2014 News 4 WYFF Greenville County S.C. reported about an estate sale company that did not pay for the proceeds of a sale until they began to investigate. Here is the LINK.

This article was distributed across the internet as a Google Alert.  It was written by Gabrielle Komorowski. Although the estate sale owner has promised the seller to make good, having such an experience is stressful and unnecessary.

This article reminds readers to check out the company they are choosing thoroughly.  They suggest the BBB (Better Business Bureau), however, the editor would point out that BBB’s can differ from area to area and state to state, so speaking with former clients is still one of the most important ways to determine the reliability and honesty of a company.

When you speak with former sellers ask about the entire process and how long it to receive their proceeds. Knowledge is empowerment.

The majority of estate sale companies working across the country are honest, reliable companies that provide a valuable service. Unfortunately there are a few that are not as reliable or as forthcoming.

When you are choosing an estate sale company, check out these website as well for reviews; Yellow pages, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Merchant Circle, and others.