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Surveillance Cameras For Estate Sales – An Expert’s Perspective

Estate Sales News has been traveling the country visiting estate sales. Theft prevention at estate sales has become paramount and many of the estate sales we have visited are now using surveillance cameras.

This in article is an in depth look at video surveillance systems for estate sales was written by an expert in the field, P.D. Kaltenbach, Senior Television Broadcast Engineer.

These are several things that need to be considered when reviewing the purchase of a camera monitoring system, especially as they relate to estate sales:

  • Camera count vs. system cost.
  • Pre-configured systems vs. the DIY approach.
  • Wired or wireless cameras, it’s all about ease of set-up.
  • Camera and Display resolution – If you can’t see the details what is the point?

Let’s take a look at he issues in order of importance.

Item A.) The first thing to consider is how many cameras you will need.  If you haven’t worked with these systems before take a little time to look around the next time you are at home or at an estate sale. Ask yourself how many places would you have to stand while looking straight ahead in order to see the things you consider important. That’s a good first cut at establishing camera counts, and while it sounds simplistic you will be surprised at how quickly the numbers rise. As a rough estimate of system cost you can expect to pay $160 to $250 times the number of cameras in a system depending upon technical features that are provided.

There is an alternate approach that allows you to ease into the project in a less costly yet well informed manner; start with a few cameras but make sure the overall system allows room for expansion simply by adding more cameras. Not all systems will have this capability, so look closely before purchase.

Item B.) Looking around the web you will find a number of cameras and software applications that fall into the Do-It-Yourself category. While they make for a great way to watch the front door or the dog sleeping they really are not a good choice when you need more that a few cameras. Prominent among the downsides is that they are not cost competitive as the number of cameras rise while at the same time the system you end up with lacks the features of a real surveillance system. Even more important is that you yourself have to work out system configuration and integration. Do you really want to sit down working out IP addresses in order to get the cameras working or do you want to concentrate on your real business?

Good Friday And Easter Weekend The Effect On Estate Sales

With millions of people across the country observing Good Friday today and Easter on Sunday, many estate sale companies are not conducting any sales this weekend.

Monday we’ll be reporting on a newsworthy sale that will be taking place in Englewood, Fl. next weekend.

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Estate Sales News wishes our readers a weekend of joy and family.


Estate Sale Websites – What You Need To Succeed

typewriter logoEstate Sales News reviews websites for estate sale companies from all over the country. There are some excellent ones and some that are quite poor. For a an estate sale seller the website of the estate liquidator you hire is very important.

An uncluttered website is paramount. Information should be easy to see and read. The front page of the website should be attractive without being distracting from the information featured. It should also let sellers and buyers know what type of sales you conduct. If you deal strictly in high end liquidations let that be the focus of the graphics or photos used. If you work with a variety of sales in different price ranges be sure that is visible. Not everyone reads word for word on a website.

Try to keep your wording focused and to the point. Too many words can have clients and customers give up because of the time required to read. Remember that what is said on your front page is often what the search engines continually review. Google looks for keywords. Be sure your website keeps that theme.

If you have links appearing on your front page make sure they really link to something.

A website speaks about an estate sale company before any phone calls are placed. Remember to look for the basics. You can refer back to our archives for estate sale basics.

Some very successful estate liquidation companies have informative websites without a lot of frills. Whatever they have on their main page should either motivate you to read on or cause you to look elsewhere.

The estate liquidator website will be visited by sellers, buyers, search engines, and used as a prime source of advertising. Pay close attention to the websites you review to make wise decisions. As always it’s your financial bottom line that will be involved as a seller.


The Businesses Of Estate Sales – Estate Sale Networks, Books, And Videos

Estate Sales News continually looks at how the estate sale business is becoming a multi faceted and booming industry.

Books are being written and published about how to start an estate sale business, how to run your own estate sale, the money you can make from the items you buy at estate sales and resell online or at flea markets or antique malls.

We recently found videos that are now being done by individuals showcasing various websites for estate sales, tag sales, and even yard and garage sales.

As the number of estate sale companies continues to grow the number of listing sites for estate sale companies is also growing.

It is fascinating that in the last 10 years such a small industry has mushroomed and now off shoots of the industry are springing up. continues to report on this fast paced ever changing industry and provide a resource for your estate liquidation questions.



Estate Sales – What’s Happening?

Estate Sale signAs we begin this Monday estate sale liquidators across the country are busy with consultations, staging, pricing, and getting ready for another weekend of sales.

Some are also wrapping up the loose ends at this past weekends estate sales.

One of the vendors at the Estate Sale Conference was selling shrink wrap equipment for use at estate liquidations. The gentleman was kept busy all three days of the conference so whether you are in the east, mid-west, south, or west don’t be surprised to see shrink wrap being applied. A safe way to protect and in some cases show case valuable items.

In southern California and in Florida the tents are up in the driveways to facilitate check out and provide extra space in the property. This requires extra help to make sure all items are accounted for, but it certainly does speed the process and help with the congestion that can occur as you pay for your merchandise.

Buyers take note that more and more estate liquidators will not allow purses or bags on the initial walk thru of the property. Your editor has left her bag in the car locked on several occasions. Don’t approach a sale in a confrontational state of mind.

A buyers tip for attending sales going back to our article on buying etiquette several months ago stay focused on what you are looking for and don’t get concerned with what has sold. Don’t miss your opportunity to find a treasure wasting time with another person’s purchase. Stay focused so you don’t miss anything.




Estate Sales News Celebrate Our 1st Anniversary With A Look Back

1st candleToday we are excited to celebrate our first anniversary with the launching of this site March 6, 2013.

Since then we have traveled over 45,000 miles covering estate sales coast to coast, discussing a host of topics including what is an estate sale, finding estate sale companies, estate sale company listing sites, the process of the estate sale, estate sale contracts, insurance, photographs, payouts, reviews, vintage, jewelry, national news that circulates on video and blogs, the use of social media, estate sale costs, bonding and insurance, estate sale etiquette, after the sale, videos of news worthy estate sales, and the list goes on.

Our goal when we started last year and as we enter our second year is to provide a free online resource for perspective estate sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. We have said we welcome your questions and continue to do so


Photographs for estate sales

Have you looked for estate sales on a site like or Most estate sales companies take photos to encourage buyers to come to their sales. The question is do the photographs compliment the items for sale? The number of sales that can now be uploaded on many sites has gone up drastically. One recent estate sale had over 2,000 photos.

Photos should bring interest, but too many photos may cause buyers to lose interest. Like when you Google something the majority of people using the internet never get past page 1 although there may be thousands of pages on the subject.

Many times an estate liquidator will take some early photos to post on the internet to start gathering momentum for the estate sale, however, if the photos appear blurred, in multiples of the same object or of a group of cluttered items rather than a staged set-up it may not be garnishing the interest that was hoped for.

Photographs of merchandise for sale should be clear, distinguishable and not in multiples of the same object unless to show marks or condition.

dining room photoStaging your estate sale





If you are considering having a liquidation sale you might ask the estate sales companies you are interviewing to see a sample of some of their photographs or check the companies photos out on,, or

Estate Sales And Theft Prevention

Estate Sales News Thursday discussion.

Estate Sales Bonds – But What Kind And What Does It Do

typewriter logoIn the last five to eight years many estate sale companies across the country have become “bonded and insured”, but what exactly does bonding do and what kind is it?

There are many types of bonds, but most estate sale companies either have a surety bond – a guarantee to perform or ensures contract completion in the event of a contractor default, or a fidelity bond – this type of bond covers many types of fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee alone or in collusion with others.

There are many sub categories, however, the question a seller should ask is what kind of bond does the estate liquidator have? Unfortunately many companies become bonded and insured without knowing what they have bought.

It is important for both the public and the estate liquidator to be informed about what they have and how it can affect them.

What Really Counts For Estate Sales? Volume Of Sales Or Seller Satisfaction

successWith 5,000+ estate sale companies currently active in the United States every company operates under their own definition of success. Which raises the question what really is success?

Last year at the 2013 Estate Sales Conference in St. Louis Estate Sales News met two women from the Midwest who only run 5 or 6 sales a year and that was their choice, but they felt successful because they and their sellers were happy.

There are other companies that run a liquidation sale every week and a few that run up to five estate sales every weekend when possible, so what defines success?

Estate Sales News would suggest that success is a combination of attributes. Keeping the seller satisfied with performance and financial results, not having poor or bad reviews posted on the internet by sellers or buyers (at least without responses that rectify the complaint) and financial success for the estate sale company and resulting testimonial or referral from a seller.

Success cannot or should not be judge solely by the number of sales conducted. 200+ sales a year with complaints or dissatisfied sellers is not an accomplishment, but merely a way of earning a lot of money for the estate liquidator. It is business and finances do count, but without a sellers best interest and results as a primary consideration, success is of little consequence.

Just like commission the number of sales conducted by an estate sale company is not nearly as important as the satisfaction of past sellers.