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A Holiday Week – What Happens With Estate Sales

Tonight starts Passover, Friday is Good Friday for and Sunday is Easter. This is truly a week of religious holidays and observance and with their importance comes the question of holding estate sales.

Many companies observe these holidays and as the result do not hold estate sales during this week.

Others do not and some feel that it can present them an opportunity to conduct an estate sale with those that are not observant.

The decision is a spiritual and economic one depending on the company and area.

Today would be a good time to check out the estate sale listing sites if you wish to attend sales this weekend to see if any will be in your area.

Take at look at



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Advertising Estate Sales On Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

facebook-logotwitter logoPinterest logoSocial Media has become a big part of advertising estate sales. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, have become sources for buyers to go to. Whether they are looking for an estate liquidation or tag sale, buyers like to network with estate sales companies, other estate sale buyers, how an estate liquidator handles sales, what merchandise is being sold, how a company prices, what kind of payment a personal property liquidation company accepts etc.

A Facebook page for an estate sale company can provide information about an estate sale to hundreds or thousands of people that are using Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page

Twitter will allow the estate sales company to tweet (short sentences if you aren’t a Twitter person) from anywhere with a laptop or smart phone with anyone that is a Tweeter. Live tweets from the estate sale as they are conducted. Follow on Twitter.

Pinterest will let companies create pinboards for buyers that are members with images and videos of objects and hobby interests. You’ll find Estate Sales News there.

For estate sales companies that use these social media it is cost effective because a buyer can be a member of anyone of them for free.

Today having an internet presence that includes social media is beneficial to your financial bottom line as an estate sale client.

Keep up with the latest news in the world of estate sales.


When Reality Hits, Estate Sale Companies Can Help


Estate Sales News thanks Julie Hall, The American Society of Estate Liquidators for this article.



She hadn’t been to her dad’s house since he passed. She dreaded walking into the empty house, knowing it contained a flood of memories and a ton of personal property. As she put her hey in the door to the house she grew up in, the lump in her throat grew. When the door opened and she stepped into the house, emotion gave way to panic: “What are we going to do with all this stuff?”

This typical daughter’s response is the “deer in the headlights” look, and you see it hundreds of times as you help people settle their parents’ affairs. The sadness of losing the last surviving parent quickly turns to dread, frustration, even anger, as a lifetime of accumulation hits like a brick. Some families struggle for months to try and figure out where to begin and how to sell their parents’ residential contents. By following a few simple steps, you can clear your mind and get prepared for the right kind of help: Estate Sale Companies.

Why use an Estate Sale Company?

  • Family may find it emotionally painful to sort through all the items.
  • It is very time-consuming and they may not have time flexibility to devote to pulling out everything that has not been disturbed in years, proper sorting, organizing, setting up, displaying, coordinating, moving, arranging, researching, marketing, hosting — all which can be physically and emotionally demanding.
  • An estate sale professional possesses specialized knowledge in the industry that will maximize proceeds, understand the local market, and assess what it will sell for in that region.
  • It is a specialized niche that requires tremendous skill to conduct a successful, lucrative sale. Some clients prefer that a professional handle the estate for them, alleviating the pressure and massive undertaking from the family and/or executor.
  • Geographically remote heirs need to rely on local resources, lest they keep taking time off work and fly back and forth, causing personal and professional strife.
  • If the real estate has sold quickly, often people will seek out estate sale companies to liquidate the home contents in a timely manner. If they did it themselves, they could take weeks or months to get ready for the sale.
  • To avoid any hard feelings within the family, an estate sale company can minimize tension because it’s in the hands of a professional, objective third party.

Estate Sale To Feature Coronation Crowns – West Hills CA

Estate Sales News visited a news worthy estate sale in West Hills, CA being conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales this week April 4-6, 2014. Included in this packed sale featuring many different collections are two coronation crowns from Princess Victoria Patricia, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Also included in this sale are collections of Indian jewelry and native American items, art, brilliant cut glass, sterling silver tea service and collection of sterling spoons, orientalia, huge Christopher Radko ornament collection (from when Mr. Radko owned the company), antiques, and many other collections.

Here is a video taken at the home while the staging of the sale was still in progress.

Our appreciation to the Munyons for allowing us to video this upcoming sale.

Click here for a link to the sale on EstateSales.NET

Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments – West Hills, Ca Estate Sale

Munyon and Sons Estate Sales will be having an estate sale next week, April 4-6 from 9am-pm in West Hills, CA. We visited Will and Michelle last week on our California trip to see this amazing collection of 1000+ Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments as well as the two Coronation Crowns from the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Today we are featuring the video of only the Christmas room in this West Hills home. Monday Estate Sales News will feature a video of the Crowns and much more included in this packed estate sale.

This news worthy sale is just part of the resources you will find here on

Innovative Advertising For Estate Sale Companies

Estate Sales News had an opportunity last week to speak with Jackie Wise, co-owner of Crown City City Estate Sales that works in Los Angeles and southern CA. Your editor first met and interviewed Jackie at an estate sale in Reseda, CA in June 2013 where she was selling off the contents in a home of a man who had owned a lighting store on La Brea.  The video of the sale can be viewed in Estate Sales News archives for June 2013.

Jackie’s front page of her website is innovative, informative and friendly to perspective sellers. Along with company information and services, she has updated written testimonials including a photo of a handwritten one and a new twist that only some companies have used – a video interview with a past seller. It literally speaks to someone looking for information and an opinion about the job done by Crown City Estate Sales.

With Jackie’s permission we are featuring below as an example the current video on her front page from one of her sellers.

Many estate sale companies across the country are utilizing innovative ways to get their message out perspective clients in their communities. If you are an estate sale company and are using new and innovative ideas please let Estate Sales News know. We would like to hear from you and perhaps arrange to visit and interview you. You can contact us at


TV Shows – Estate Sale Finds – Prop Warehouse Warner Bros.

Last week Estate Sales News was in southern California.

In June we visited the prop warehouse at Universal Studios. On Monday last week we visited the prop warehouse of Warner Bros. Studios. We put together a slide show of our photograph many where they store props used on various television shows and some purchased through estate sales. Television shows do not necessarily have to use what may be in the prop warehouse where they are shooting the TV show. The studios in Hollywood rent out their sound stages to almost anyone so you could be filming a CBS show at a studio not necessarily affiliated with CBS.

Today many sitcoms are featuring retro looks, i.e. lighting, furniture, appliances, etc. and if one prop warehouse at a studio doesn’t have it another one might.

The next time you are in an estate sale or tag sale take a good look around. You never know where you may see some of those treasures next.

Spring Has Arrived – Estate Sales Are Blooming Everywhere

Bouganvilla treeSpring arrived yesterday and estate sales are popping up everywhere.

Just take a look at southern California, central Florida, Chicago, northern New Jersey, Dallas TX metro, Michigan, and so many other places. These are just a few with many estate liquidators working 7 days a week and many having two sales a weekend booked into late April and some even early May.

This is your opportunity to refurbish, add, save, or just give yourself some welcome relief from the  winter blues.

Check out these estate sale listing websites.


To name just a few. Many not all estate sale companies may be listed on all of these sites.

So if it’s Friday – IT MUST BE ESTATE SALES!

The Businesses Of Estate Sales – Estate Sale Networks, Books, And Videos

Estate Sales News continually looks at how the estate sale business is becoming a multi faceted and booming industry.

Books are being written and published about how to start an estate sale business, how to run your own estate sale, the money you can make from the items you buy at estate sales and resell online or at flea markets or antique malls.

We recently found videos that are now being done by individuals showcasing various websites for estate sales, tag sales, and even yard and garage sales.

As the number of estate sale companies continues to grow the number of listing sites for estate sale companies is also growing.

It is fascinating that in the last 10 years such a small industry has mushroomed and now off shoots of the industry are springing up. continues to report on this fast paced ever changing industry and provide a resource for your estate liquidation questions.