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A New Concept And Company – Lofty.Com – Can Assist Estate Liquidators

At the 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis there was a room devoted to vendors that could assist estate liquidators and one of them was They offer a unique service that can be used by estate sale companies and others. Estate Sales News is featuring this guest article on this new concept and company as an item of interest.

The article below was written by John Maher an Evaluations Expert of a new online resource, provides a free virtual evaluation service and sales venue that can assist estate liquidators.

Founded in 2012 by Harvard Business School graduate Mark Lurie, Lofty is an expert-reviewed marketplace for Fine and Decorative Art, Antiques and Collectibles that provides free evaluations based on digital photos. Every item on the site has been identified and virtually evaluated by a member of Lofty’s Expert Network, which includes auction house specialists, qualified appraisers, and experienced dealers. 

Mark was inspired to develop Lofty when a friend asked for help selling a few prints and some 19th century silver she’d inherited, and he realized how difficult it was to sell potentially valuable items online with confidence and ease. eBay was the obvious option, but he didn’t know how to accurately describe the items or where to set prices. The pieces in question weren’t valuable enough to take to a large auction house, as the cost and effort involved in shipping and preparing them for sale likely would not have been worth the prices they would have realized. Prompted by this apparent gap in the art market, Mark set out to create a site which would allow anyone with access to the internet to confidently sell their art and antiques online.

Lofty does not sell the entire contents of an estate, but it can serve as a useful tool for estate liquidators looking to sell one or several objects that might perform better if exposed to a broader market. Chinese ceramics, for example, may only realize their full potential when offered to the Asian market, and paintings by well known artists may achieve much higher prices when offered on a global scale to eager collectors made aware of the sale online at

Estate liquidators have a highly complex job on their hands each time they sign a new client, but grossing the maximum possible profit is always one of the business owner’s primary responsibilities to the estate owner. While years of experience can give estate liquidators a good knowledge of an item’s worth, having a trusted expert provide additional insight and giving your item more extensive publicity may result in a higher price obtained and a better result for the seller

You can visit their website,

Estate Sale Friday – Ready, Set, Go – Tips To Help

It’s the end of the first week of March, spring is coming and the estate sale calendar is filled.

Just take at look at the various estate sale listing sites and they are filled with liquidation sales across the country.

Many of you are all ready on the road in the east this morning heading to your first estate sale stop.

Hopefully you have a print out of the sales your going to, a GPS with you (hopefully you input your target addresses before leaving your home), boxes and packing materials for the purchases you carry back, and of course, cash, check or credit cards and make sure you have some ID with you if they accept a check.

The estate sale companies have been hard at work getting ready for you so today go out and find those treasures, bargains, and estate sale finds.

Estate Sales News Celebrate Our 1st Anniversary With A Look Back

1st candleToday we are excited to celebrate our first anniversary with the launching of this site March 6, 2013.

Since then we have traveled over 45,000 miles covering estate sales coast to coast, discussing a host of topics including what is an estate sale, finding estate sale companies, estate sale company listing sites, the process of the estate sale, estate sale contracts, insurance, photographs, payouts, reviews, vintage, jewelry, national news that circulates on video and blogs, the use of social media, estate sale costs, bonding and insurance, estate sale etiquette, after the sale, videos of news worthy estate sales, and the list goes on.

Our goal when we started last year and as we enter our second year is to provide a free online resource for perspective estate sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. We have said we welcome your questions and continue to do so


Marvin Gaye’s Passport Included In Estate Sale Reported By ABC News

ABC News reported that on a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow a man that attended an estate sale in Detroit, bought an album by Mr. Gaye and discovered when he got it home tucked inside was Mr. Gaye’s passport. Marvin Gaye was shot and killed in 1984.

The gentleman took it to the Roadshow when it was in Detroit and when it was shown to Memorabilia pro Laura Woolley she advised the new owner to insure the expired passport for $20,000. A rare find.

This is not the first time an exceptional find has been the result of a purchase at an estate sale. Estate Sales News reported in 2013 the purchase by a couple a few years ago at a tag sale of a Chinese bowl for $3.00 that turned out to be over 1,000 years old and it sold at auction for $2.2 million.

You never know what you will find (many times by accident) at an estate sale.

Estate Sales News reminds our audience that if you are being affected by winter storm PAX monitor the sales in your area and remember that more than likely they will be extended or rescheduled and your safety is very important.

Video Discussion About Estate Sale Contract Session At Conference

This video chat is about the session we will moderate about estate sale contracts at the 2014 Memphis Estate Sale Conference starting in two weeks sponsored by EstateSales.Net. The video was done in a hotel lobby so please accept my apologies for the sun glare.

2014 Estate Sale Conference 3 Weeks Away

conference2014Estate Sales News spoke to the sponsor of the 2014 Memphis Estate Sale Conference EstateSales.Net and there are a few open spots for those estate liquidation companies still desiring to attend will be at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN February 25th-27th.

This conference will inform you, educate you, transform you in some ways, and when you leave if you take with you all three days of information should help you become the leader in estate sales in your community.

From social media, to IRS audits, to the art of merchandising, making your website shine, ethics, working with an auction house, insurance, to identifying the real from fake, and of course estate sale contracts this conference has something for every estate sale company out there no matter whether you are new or have been in business 40 years. Learning is always an on going process and this is an opportunity. Whether you are starting out or trying to catch up on what’s happening, take the time or better yet make the time to attend this conference to offer perspective sellers and the public the best you can be.

Estate Sales And Theft Prevention

Estate Sales News Thursday discussion.

Estate Sale, Mid-Century Modern – Voiceover Actor Of Robot In Lost In Space, Studio City, CA


Mid-century sofaEstate Sales News had a telephone interview yesterday with Alla, owner of Paragon Estate Sales who is conducting the estate sale for Richard Norton “Dick” Tufeld an actor, announcer, narrator and voice actor whose career started in the 1940’s and who in the 1960’s was the voice of the robot in TV’s Lost In Space “warning, warning” with June Lockhart and Guy Williams. He spent three decades as the voice of ABC daytime programming and Disney television shows including Zorro and The Julie Andrews Show. He also did the narration voiceover for Irwin Allen productions including Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

In 1952 he commissioned architect Gregory Ain to design his Studio City home. It was built, furnished, and decorated in mid-century modern.

Here is a link to this distinctive mid-century sale starting January 11th-12th in Studio City.

Breaking News – Michigan Estate Sale Starts Today 1928 Model A Ford Fire Engine – Video of Sale

1928 Model Ford Model AEstate Sales News interviewed Scott and Pamela Redman of “R” Estate Services yesterday of Holland, Michigan who have been in the estate sale business about 35 years and who are conducting the estate sale starting tomorrow of J.D. Anderson, founder of Anderson Archery who was the worlds largest distributor of archery equipment for three decades.

This news worthy estate sale starts Jan. 9th at 9am – Jan. 12th. in Petoskey MI on Walloon Lake. The entire contents of collections, boats, car, fire truck, slot machine etc. plus doors, lighting fixtures and more is for sale (the house is scheduled to be demolished).

Just a few of the interesting items Scott and Pam mentioned for sale include a 1928 Model A antique fire truck, a slot machine, a Racine boat with cyprus hull (all original) and original engine (according to Scott’s research the oldest known Racine boat in existence), a Regina coin operated music box with 35 discs 1875-1880 (#10 out of only 70 made), a rare Dept. 56 snow village collection one of the largest in the world and more than we can expand on here.

Here is a video done by Nathan Edwards that the Redman’s have kindly shared with Click here for a link to the sale on EstateSales.Net. A sale not to be missed.

Estate Sale in Cape Girardeau MO. Slot Machine, Firefighting, Railroadiana By Donnaland Estate Sales

Jennings Indian Slot Machineantique 2 wheel firehose cartantique firefighting equipment





Estate Sales News recently interviewed Donna Knott owner of Donnaland Estate Sales. Donna will be conducting a very unusual and packed sale in Cape Girardeau, MO starting January 9th – 12th, 2014.

Donna told Estate Sales News in that the gentleman who owned the home was a firefighting teacher in St. Louis, MO for 40 plus years. During this time he collected nozzles, extinguishers, firefighting bombs ( filled glass that you throw at a fire to help extinguish it), a variety of firefighting equipment, instruction manuals, antique books and ephemera. Donna also said that included was a Jennings Indian  5 cent slot machine from the Dunes Hotel, lanterns, 1000’s of photographs, firefighting related clothing, and recently added to the sale by the family an old two wheel hose cart. The owners father collected railroadiana including FRISCO RR collectibles. She also told us the home has more than 20 pieces of furniture from the 1800’s even a late 1800 pool table.

Donna informed Estate Sales News that she has been in business since 1982 and at one point had the worlds largest wholesale deadstock business (new stock that went unsold by stores) that included vintage clothing, jewelry, and novelties. She had a showroom for more than 20 years in Tokyo as well as Missouri. She was a major supplier to Hollywood and Oliver Stone was a major client.  In the 1990’s she was featured in People Magazine  for her vintage clothing used in the first Brady Bunch movie. She sold her company Hullabaloo 8 years ago and started Donnaland with her focus on the estate sale business. She still travels across the country shopping for Donnaland and does a show in Tokyo – Super Junk Show. She is the only American participating in the show.

Here is a link to her sale in Cape Girardeau starting on the 9th on EstateSales.Net