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Happy New Year 2014 From Estate Sales News

We wish all our audience a happy, healthy, and successful New Year.

New Year

Don’t miss our first new Front Page of 2014.

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Christmas stockingsIt’s Dec. 24th and Estate Sales News would like to take this opportunity to say how much we appreciate you, our audience. Since we launched this website March 6th, 2013 you have supported us. Referring us to family and friends and telling your fellow estate salers you have given us the opportunity to provide you with estate sale information, news and estate liquidation tips.

This site was developed for you, the perspective seller, buyer, and estate sale company to help you all succeed with knowledge, confidence, resources, and we hope a few words of wisdom from our 25 plus years in the business.

2014 is going to bring new and “exciting” additions to Estate Sales News and we hope you will be viewing the site on January 2nd, 2014 when we return.

We are going to take the next week plus to enjoy our family and friends and recharge to bring you the best source of estate sale information on the Internet.

We thank you all for your encouragement and as always everything we have written since March 6th is available right here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although we won’t be publishing we’ll still be checking email so if you have a question please email

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2014.

See you January 2, 2014 right here on

Carol Madden

Editor, Estate Sales News

Industry Experts Speaking At The Memphis 2014 Estate Sale Conference

conference2014logoIf you’re an estate sale company and you haven’t made a reservation for the Memphis 2014 Estate Sale Conference sponsored by EstateSales.Net here is a preview of some of the industry leaders currently on the agenda.

Micky McMcQuade, Ron Marks, Val Merkel, Julie Hall, Gary Newton, Mark Sherrill, Barbara Stevens Jersey, Mark Prendergast, James and Michael Fry, Angie Becker, Katie Britt, Jerry Huskey, Harry Rinker, Dan McQuade, Julie McClure, and your Editor Carol Madden.

The list of topics to be covered is wide ranged and there is something for everyone from a brand new estate sale company to a company that has been in business 30 years.

It is also a great marketing tool. Sellers appreciate it when you tell them you are taking the time to be better informed and educated in your profession. Importantly you will network with others, share their successes and perhaps non-success, pick up tips on how to make your business the professional power house you want it to be, and find the edge that will set you above your competition.



It’s Friday That Means Estate Sales – 2 Weekends Left For 2013

What a thought. Only two weekends left for 2013 estate sales. Many estate sale companies have taken the next two weekends off to spend time with families and friends. However, some have not and are servicing clients. Estate Sales News applauds you all.

This has been a long year. A lot of news covered coast to coast, some good, some not, but here at Estate Sales News we hope we have provided you coverage, information, help, and a place you can use as an unbiased resource.

In 2014 we will be traveling again across the United States, reporting on what’s happening at estate sales and to the estate liquidation business. There are more social media websites springing up such as Reddit and more sites that want you to list your estate sale on.

We would like to take this our last Friday to publish in 2013 to thank our advertisers who make this free resource for you available. We will publish Dec. 23rd and 24th before we take our family time returning with new articles and news Jan. 2, 2014.

EstateSales.Net (The American Society of Estate Liquidators)


A special thank you to my wonderful website tech J. Webster who keeps this website up and running smoothly. 

Have a great weekend shopping at estate sales where you get more for your dollar, you keep us green, and you support local business right here in the United States.

Carol Madden

Editor, Estate Sales News







Leaving Reviews For An Estate Sale – Good For Sellers and Buyers

writing a reviewEstate Sales News recently made a purchase at an estate sale and we posted a positive review on the purchase shortly thereafter. When a purchase is made by your Editor the feedback comes from me personally.

In today’s fast paced Internet world providing information whether it is about a sale (you were the seller or acted on their behalf) or a buyer it is very important to leave your review on the transaction. It helps the public and the estate sale company.

Your remarks should not, however, be in the form of a rant. If you feel you had good service say so, if you feel you didn’t state your case clearly and concisely and remember that most sites will or should allow the the estate sale company to respond. Sometimes misunderstandings or hurt feelings can lead to negative remarks that may not be the entire story. When you like an estate liquidator it is beneficial to sellers and buyers to know that and why you liked them i.e. customer service, prices, staff, sale layout etc.

Some of the sites where you can leave feedback include Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle and there are others. Wherever you choose to leave your review it will be on public display so keep that in mind.

Good feedback is the best form of advertising. Negative feedback can prevent future problems. The choice is yours, but let your voice be heard.


News Media Reports Christmas Shopping Is Down – Not At Estate Sales

presentFrom CBS News to USA Today the media is reporting about lackluster Christmas shopping at major retailers. Reports state although prices have risen in the last year wages for most middle class have not. Most of the reports conclude that shoppers are either cutting back or in some cases cutting down on the amount they are spending.

This is where the estate sale shopper is ahead. Most estate sales have not seen price increases or very little over the last year. With the exception of high end antiques, designer pieces, and rare or unique items prices at estate sales are in most areas very stable.

Estate salers also know when they shop at estate liquidation sales, most (not all sales) will have a last day reduction ranging from 20%-75% depending on the company, sale requirements, and location.

From all the reports Estate Sales News has received shopping is brisk at estate sales. Good value for your dollars and there is still one weekend of estate sales left before Christmas.

We have received reports that many sales in the northeast and midwest had to cancel or close early this past weekend because of the winter storm, but in most cases they are scheduled this weekend.

Be sure to check out EstateSales.Net,, and to see what’s happening in your community this weekend.

Welcome Our New Advertiser – The American Society of Estate Liquidators

260x260-ASELEstate Sales News is pleased to welcome our new advertiser The American Society of Estate Liquidators® owned by Julie Hall, The Estate Lady. She will be speaking at the 2014 Estate Sales Conference in Memphis, TN sponsored by EstateSales.Net and she spoke at the first conference in March 2013 in St. Louis, MO. Ms. Hall has a long list of credentials and accomplishments and she is the author of three books, one of the 2012 Top 25 Women in Business, Business Journal, Charlotte, NC and is director of The American Society of Estate Liquidators® to mention some. Ms. Hall provided the information below for Estate Sales News.

2014 Estate Sales Conference Is 10 Weeks Away In Memphis – Let’s Talk

conference2014logoThe 2014 Estate Sales Conference sponsored by EstateSales.Net starts in just over 10 weeks in Memphis, TN where some 400+ estate sale companies will spend three days immersed in all areas pertaining to estate sales. From Contracts, to ethics, marketing, insurance, appraisals and authentication and so much more.

This conference is for estate sale companies, owners, and their staff, but Estate Sales News would like to hear from perspective sellers and buyers about your concerns to bring to the conference.

Estate Sales News will be discussing contracts, but we will also be covering the conference just as we did last year in St. Louis.

Now is your opportunity to share your questions and concerns.

Email us at and use 2014 Conference in the subject line.


Buying At Estate Sales – What To Be Aware Of

ShoppingEstate Sales News encourages the public to buy at estate sales and if the liquidator offers delivery or shipping they usually follow through without incident. We have done this many times and been extremely satisfied.

However Estate Sales News made a purchase recently and this has not worked out as planned.  An item was purchased, paid for with a credit card, was to be shipped, and now three weeks later the item has not arrived. Text messages to the estate sale company have been sent several times with no response and two phone calls were made that were answered, however, the item has yet to arrive and neither has the shipping info as well.  Most estate sale companies deal in good faith with their customers.

When you put your trust in an estate sale company you should follow up and be sure to post positive feedback for good customer service. Estate sale companies care about their reputation. Buyers just like sellers can always search reviews on the internet, however, there isn’t always time and if negative feedback is posted it let’s future sellers know about the companies practices and ethics.

As a buyer or seller posting feedback on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other sites is valuable information for future sellers and buyers. Your reviews should be truthful, explain the service rendered to you, and not done with bias.

Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Connect With Success

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Estate Sales News utilizes all of these various social media networks, however, we want to bring to your attention that with the weather conditions currently effecting most of the country these can also help you get the word out about your estate sale this weekend.

We have been looking a many estate sales that are being postponed for either a day or until another weekend. Keeping your staff and buyers safe is very important.

If you use newspaper advertising it is nearly impossible to get the word out this morning unless you did it yesterday, but social media is immediate.

For those that are not familiar with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) it allows you to offer your clients frequently updated blog or article information. Estate Sales News offers this for anyone at no cost. If you are an estate sale company we will also provide you with a typewriter logo for your audience to click on. Several estate liquidators currently subscribe to our RSS feed.

It is estate sale Friday, however, unless you are in an area where weather is not a hazard check with the estate sale company and more importantly check on the local road conditions and stay safe.