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Estate Sale Companies are your looking for staff? Contact Estate Sale News

Estate Sales News is heading to Los Angeles today to cover the Dr. Arnold Klein sale.  As we packed we recalled that Will Munyon informed us that including he and his wife his the Hancock Park sale would be staffed by 30 people. It will also have security on the premises.

Knowledgeable, honest, competent staff are important for every estate sale.

Estate Sales News would like to hear from Estate Sale Companies that are looking for staff to work for them. We will be happy to put together a page of estate liquidators and phone numbers and post it here on the Front Page in approximately 3 weeks. Please email us at to let us know if you are looking for staff, your phone number and your city and state.

We will be in Los Angeles tomorrow and Wednesday at the Hancock Park sale. The Hollywood Reporter  will also be at the sale sometime on Wednesday. Updates on Facebook and tweets to come from LA.


It’s Estate Sale Friday – How to find you’re looking for at an estate sale

fri0102Estate Sales News has been asked how do I find what I’m looking for at a heavily attended estate sale where you can’t get a clear visual on the item.

First decide how much you want what you have seen advertised or read about. If possible contact the estate sale company in advance, either by email or phone (which ever they prefer) and ask them if they are utilizing a number or list system for entrance to the sale. Then you’ll have to make the ultimate decision how strong is your desire or passion for the object or items of interest. It may require you to sleep over if you want to be among the first in the door (providing the municipality where the sale is being held will allow cars or vans on the street overnight) particularly if what you want is popular and will have others with the same interest. If possible when you contact the estate liquidator ask what room or floor the object is in or on. It is always easier to know at least what room to look in. They may even give you more specifics, but the decision to give you any information is theirs and should be respected.

Once you have made your decision stick to your game plan and remember to stay courteous and patient. Estate Sales can become hostile places if tempers flare and that spoils it for all parties. Please refer back to to our April 2013 Buyers etiquette article.

2014 Estate Sales Conference in Memphis TN – sponsored by


The second annual Estate Sale Conference sponsored by will be held in Memphis, TN February 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2014 at the Peabody Hotel.

This conference is to educate and provide a broad spectrum of information to improve the estate sale industry.

It is not open to the public, only to estate sale companies, but it will benefit the public in so many ways.

Estate Sales News will be participating and covering this conference. We will be speaking in a session on the afternoon of the first day of the conference and the topic is estate sale contracts.

Estate Sales News will be posting live tweets and facebook updates from Dr. Arnold Klein’s Sale in LA

MarilynEstate Sales News will be in Los Angeles at the Hancock Park home of Dr. Arnold Klein, Dermatologist to the stars next week with live Tweets and Facebook updates on Wed. November 20th, the opening day of the sale being conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales.

Dr. Klein a Dermatologist worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Michael Jackson, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Carrie Fisher, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga and many others.

The US Court ordered bankruptcy sale contains a large volume of star signed memorabilia and art given to Dr. Klein including a large Star Wars collection with original light sabers, a Jaba the Hutt prototype, African Art, Disney collection, hats worn owned by Michael Jackson, masks worn by his children, Baccarat, Steuben, Lalique, and Daum glass, art by David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol, John Baldessari, Hilo Chen, Charles Arnoldi, Peter Alexander, Rembrandt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Michael Duke Pavoni, James Gucwa, et al.

Will and Michelle Munyon, the owners of Munyon and Sons Estate Sales allowed unfettered access to video many of the items included in this sale and the video will be posted tomorrow.

 designer chairs



Estate Architectural Salvage Sale – Los Angeles, CA- 4 Old Panel Vanss

Estate Sales by Sam and Pam will be conducting this architectural estate salvage sale in Los Angeles, CA Friday, Nov. 15- Sunday, Nov. 17.

Sam and Pam started by trying to help with a silent auction with their children in first grade. That was 20 years ago. They learned about the estate sale business through a friend who was in estate liquidations and with their love of helping people at their wits ends with parents downsizing or passing away their business began. They obtain their sales through referrals.

This building was originally a carpet store on the ground floor with three apartments on the second floor that were abandoned 40 years ago. The carpet store started in business in 1921. The owner grew up and lived in the upstairs apartments and kept acquiring furniture, fixtures, dishes and more until he abandoned the building for lack of room in the early 1970’s. A true hoarder. The owner of the store passed leaving a building filled with carpeting and rugs along with 4 Chevy panel vans dating from 1955 – 1966 in need of much restoration and the new owner is going to rehab the building creating retail space again with apartments on the second floor.

If you are creative or like to repurpose this sale is for you. Everything must be sold, a lot of dust and dirt so Sam and Pam advise you to wear gloves, also a very reasonably priced sale. Claw foot bath tubs, old lighting fixtures, cupboards, dishes to murphy beds, early 1900’s furniture to 1970. A architectural diggers delight.  Here is a link to this sale on EstateSales.Net

Estate Sales News Will Be Taking Part In The 2014 Estate Sale Conference

Estate Sales News will be speaking at a breakout session at the second annual 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis TN sponsored by EstateSales.Net. Our topic “Contracts“. What you need to include in your contract for your protection and to prevent misunderstandings. Contracts can provide simplicity and clarity for a successful relationship between estate sale company and seller.


US Bankruptcy Court Ordered Sale of Dr. Arnold Klein Postponed 1 Week

Michael JacksonMunyon and Sons have announced the sale for the US Bankruptcy Court of the personal property of Dr. Arnold Klein, Dermatologist to the stars has been delayed 1 week to comply with Bankruptcy Court ordered requirements.

The new sale dates are Nov. 20, 21, 22, and 23.

People will be flying in from across the country for this sale along with the Paparazzi, Hollywood Reporter and others.

Estate Sales News will be there Nov. 19 and 20 to cover the day before and the opening day of this history making sale.

Our video of the sale shot at Dr. Klein’s Hancock Park home this past week will be up shortly for you to preview what will be there.

EstateSalesNews. com Keeping you informed about Estate Sales News across the United States.


What Is A Garage Sale – Estate Sales News Information

Garage SaleToday’s Estate Sales News what is series continues with what is a garage sale or yard sale. It is not a traditional estate liquidation process, though some do it yourself people use this to liquidate the leftover contents of an estate after the family or heirs have removed what they were left or wanted.

Garage Sales started out originally as just that. You conducted a sale within the confines of your garage. Usually it was odds and ends and items for the outdoors or no longer needed. People would set up card tables or saw horses with a sheet of plywood on the top. They would spread their items out on display. Occasionally they would have too much for just the garage so they would spread things out down the driveway as well. Many people have expanded this idea to spread their belongings out on the yard, hence the term yard sale.

Most people make up homemade signs on old cardboard or tag board and nail them up on telephone poles in the general vicinity. Today, however, you need to check with your local township as many towns now require permits for a garage sale. Some even limit the number of garage sales you can have. and some will not allow any signs except for one in front of the property.

Garage sales are for the most part conducted by the owners of the property. They do not usually involve professional liquidators, although there some companies and people that will stage and price your garage sale for a fee or hourly rate. They do not conduct the sale. If you look hard enough you might find one that will, however, today there are websites such as,,, and just to name a few that now will list your garage sale/yard sale online. These are the sites we found with a brief search. They also offer tips and most list your garage/yard sale for free. Of course, many people still like to use newspapers, local or community to get the word out.

The prices achieved a garage sale are usually significantly lower than those achieved at an estate sale.


Charles Passy, Wall Street Journal, arts, antiques and other rarities may be an investment for you.

Charles Passy of the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch wrote this informative article. Here is a video clip. His article was entitled So You Think You Want To Invest … Stocks? Bonds? Commodities? How about putting your money into something a bit more fun. Mr. Passy discusses art, antiques and other rarities.

Estate Sales News  appreciates the ability to share this informative video with you. It has been shared with our Facebook and Twitter audience also.

Vintage Estate Sale in Torrance CA – Estate Sales News Spoke to Tres Chix Estates

Estate Sales News spoke with Tres Chix Estates today about their upcoming sale in Torrance, CA where vintage, antiques and collectibles are everywhere. This sale begins Thurs., Nov. 7th and continues Nov. 8th and 9th from 8am-2pm.

We wanted to share with you some of the great vintage items at this sale and we have included a link to their sale on EstateSales.Net

vintage stovevintage typewritervintage dress