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Estate Sales And House Tear Downs – Good Source For Materials

Our thanks to diginColorado for sharing this video. If you are currently looking to remodel or retro your home you may want to check out the 4 sales on EstateSales.Net. You might also want to look at, or

Tear Downs occur all across the country and it can be an excellent source for doors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and many other things.

When Estate Sales News visited EstateSales.Net I had the opportunity to see the building dating from the 1800’s that Dan and Dot McQuade have renovated and restored. An article on that will be upcoming, however, it should be noted that Dan visited estate sales in several states over several years salvaging doors, cabinets, an old refrigerator and even a enamel 1920’s stove. There is no telling what you can do with some sweat equity and imagination.

Michael Jackson, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor – Estate Sale For Their Dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein

Michael JacksonEstate Sales News is heading to Los Angeles, Hancock Park to be exact on Nov. 4th to report on the upcoming sale being conducted by Munyon & Sons Estate Liquidators. They are selling the contents of the 12,000 sq. ft. home of Dr. Arnold Klein, Dermatologist to Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher and many of Hollywood’s celebrities.

The sale itself will begin on November 13th – 16th.  According to Will Munyon the sale will includes hundreds of painting, carvings, sculptures in marble/metal and bronze, water colors, gouaches, photographs, mixed media wood blocks, silkscreens and more. Artists he said include David La Chapelle, Andy Warhol, John Baldessari, Hilo Chen, Charles Arnoldi and many more. We include more in are coverage.

This sale according to Will Munyon has a large Star Wars collection, signed glass including Baccarat and Stueben, 5 incredible chandeliers, AND items relating to Michael Jackson, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Lady Gaga, Carrie Fisher, Dolly Parton, and many others.

We will be reporting more with video next week.

Estate Sales Los Angeles Hoarder Estate Sale – Unique collections

Estate Sales News interviewed Sanford Cohen of Estate Sales Los Angeles. They will be conducting the final phase of a multi-phase estate sale from the home of a gentleman who was a hoarder in Torrance, CA.

Mr. Cohen was featured on Fox Business News (please see the video in our archives) interviewed by CNN Money, and interviewed by the Los Angeles Times.

The first sale was the contents found in the home. The gentleman that lived in this property collected so much that he had 6 storage units. It took two large trucks to bring the contents of the storage units to the house and be staged for this weekends sale.

Among the many collections are cameras, model trains, microscopes, world globes, matchbox cars and the list goes on.

Here is a link to the sale this weekend on EstateSales.Net in Torrance, CA, Sat. & Sun. Oct. 19th & 20 starting at 8am.

When Times Get Tough – Estate Sales Can Be A Solution

New Jersey Life articleWith the roller coaster ride the economy has been on the one steady course that has actually seen and increase in business is estate sales.

Although some areas have seen the value of some items decrease somewhat, (not all by any means) more and more people are using an estate sale (whether for a living person or deceased) to sell their personal property. The number of estate sale companies across the country has tripled in the last 3 years.

Estate sales offer opportunities to buy at reasonable prices, many times without sales tax (depending on the state), and items from A-Z.

The estate liquidation business has also provided income for unemployed people and offered some folks that always wanted to be their own boss the opportunity to do so.

The term estate sale has become a rubber stamp for moving sale, tag sale, house sale as well as selling the property of a deceased person. In any case this once cottage industry has become a booming industry in almost every state.

In Los Angeles there are over 19,00 subscribers, in Chicago over 28,500 and in northern New Jersey over 22,000. Those are only 3 areas among thousands.




5 1/2 Acres of Art, Statuary, 7 Macaws And More – Estate Sale In Lemont, IL



Estate Sales News had originally intended to cover this sale, however, it had to be postponed and we were unable to be there this week. This is a most unusual sale so here is the link to the sale in Lemont, IL.

This very unique sale is being conducted Naperville Traders and starts Sat. October 19th.


Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling selling items from his home at estate sale this weekend

Curt Schilling 2007Estate Sales News has learned from WBZ in Boston that former Red Sox pitching ace Curt Schilling is selling items from his home in Medfield, MA through ConsignWorks this weekend.

Furniture and many household items will be for sale, but one of the special items included in the sale is a “Bambini” backyard ice resurfacer, a Hummer golf cart, a Studio 38 drafting table, and a baseball glove chair.

According to the WBZ and Curt Schilling will not be selling any of his baseball memorabilia. In the early part of this year he sold his 2004 famous bloody sock at auction for $90,000. Mr. Schilling says he lost most of his money from his playing career in a failed company.

His home has been for sale since 2008 and is reduced to $2.8 million.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE SALE ON has two additional features -YouTube & Google+

As of today Estate Sales News has added YouTube and Google+.

We invite our audience to join us and follow us.

We will be back in the air in the coming weeks covering news worthy estate sales.

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EstateSales.Net – new website release, responsive, new features, improved capabilities

responsivedesignLast evening at 10pm CT the offices of EstateSales.Net were burning the mid-night oil so to speak as the programmers put out the biggest release of their website since it’s inception. The entire company was in to make the transition to this new exciting technology. Change isn’t always easy for some, but Dan and Micky McQuade co-founders of EstateSales.Net have said they will do everything possible to make the transition as easy and seamless as possible. Their Customer Support staff are there as well as their progammers and the entire McQuade family. Your Estate Sales News Editor quickly learned on her visit to their offices that the term “being there for you” is every person’s mantra at EstateSales.Net.

Some of the many changes you will see today are:

  • The website appearance has changed (the map is still there).
  • It is now a responsive website so it can be used on an IPhone, tablet, laptop, Galaxy, desktop, any device really.
  • Geolocation capabilities, you can access other estate sales in your area based on your current location.
  • Treasure Tracker and Search – improvements are now on one page.
  • Sale Wizard – estate sale companies can now upload all sales data & photos on a mobile device and so can subscribers have full access on any device.
  • Email Notifications – easier for subscribers, companies with sales will automatically be listed within a 100 mile radius.
  • Sale listing improvements – dates and times will be in bold & when photos are loaded a preview photo will appear.
  • A better way to view sale – the ability to filter results.

Estate Sales News would like to hear from you on these improvements. Please email

The  new website is up and working here is the link.


Estate Sales from Coast to Coast Today

It’s Friday, October 4th and there are estate sales, tag sales and moving sales from coast to coast. There are some states, however that do not have any on-line advertised estate sales. Some of these are Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. To check to see what sales are in your area EstateSales.Net, Estatesales,org, and

Another news item from EstateSales.Net. They are holding their second estate sale conference in Memphis, TN in 2014. This conference will present valuable information and assistance to estate liquidators.

Don’t forget about the new, exciting release from EstateSales.Net. Sunday late evening. More on Monday.



Latest News On EstateSales.Net Release – Estate Sale Companies This Is Big!

responsivemobileEstate Sales News is following the pre-release news from EstateSales.Net. Katie Britt released what may be considered by many the biggest and most important part of this website release.

Estate Sale companies will now be able to list their entire sale, information, photos, dates, etc. right from a mobile device.

This will give you capabilities not available before.

Remember this release is set for Sunday evening, October 6th, 10pm CT. The website will be down for a short time according to EstateSales.Net, but I can tell you from my recent visit that every person that works at there will be on site to over see the smooth transition. Customer Support will be there as well.

Link to Katie Britt’s Blog