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Pinterest logoIt’s Saturday and with that estate sales are in full swing. Estate Sales News is continuing to add boards and pins to it’s Pinterest page from estate sales we cover or formerly participated it. Check it out, repin and create your dream board.


Estate sale for Navy WWII NCDU (SEAL) – Guns, Coins, 60 years of collecting

Estate Sales News traveled to southern Maryland to a town named La Plata to report on a living estate sale for William Dawson who served during WWII and was in the Naval Combat Demolution Unit (NCDU) class #001. NCDU was the original WWII designation (snorkels and K-bar knifes their only gear!) It morphed into UDT (underwater demolition teams) and President Kennedy in 1962 reconfigured and renamed them Sea Air Land teams (SEALS). Mr. Dawson is the last surviving member of this first class. Sue Ann Dunford and James Douglas O’Dell wrote a book “More Than Scuttlebutt – The U.S. Navy Domolition Men in WWII” about this class and group.

Mr. Dawson was a Fireman in Washington until his retirement and he collected newer firehouse and fireman related collectible.

There is a wide assortment of items at this sale, but one of the most interesting and involved items of this sale is the rifles, shotgun, hand guns and pistols.  These guns were not used when Mr. Dawson was in the Navy. They were used for hunting and target practice.

We asked Estate Escape to explain their procedure for the sale of these weapons. The rifles and shot gun are affixed to a wall with a tie and a zip tie around the hammer of each weapon to prevent them from being fired to protect the public and staff at the sale. They allow only one person at a time to exam the guns and only allow 4 people in the room with them. This sale also has ammunition for these guns. The ammunition can be sold immediately on site, while the guns may not. In regard to the hand guns following Maryland State Police instructions a buyer must fill out 3 forms to purchase a hand gun at the sale. The hand gun remains with the estate. Estate Escape arranges an appointment with the buyer to meet them at the Maryland State Police post where he or she presents the 3 forms filled out along with a valid drivers license and a carry permit. All of this paperwork is documented and sent to the Federal Firearms and Licensing Board for proper transfer which can take up to 60 days.  The gun does not transfer from Estate Escape until approximately 10 days after the process has been filed. The rifles and shot gun require 1 form to be filled out and can be released a couple of days after the sale and is done by appointment with Estate Escape.

This sale also includes an original document signed by President Calvin Coolidge, Navy memorabilia, a nice collection of silver dollars and other coins, a parachute, knives of various sizes, buckle collection, mid century and vintage furniture, art, vintage clothing, holiday items, lots of tools, costume jewelry, celebrity photo collection, lots of general household and the list goes on. To see the entire sale from Estate Escape on CLICK HERE.




Gold and Silver – The rise and fall – How it affects your estate sale.

goldIn October of 2012 gold was selling at $1792.52 a troy oz. Today it is selling at $1244.29. A big change. Estate Sales companies need to stay up to date with gold and silver. There are many websites and phone numbers they can call when pricing your gold and silver for an estate sale. Of course, if you are talking about gold from Tiffany, Harry Winston or some other designer manufacturer that will influence the value greatly.

It is very important when choosing an estate sale company that you inquire if they can weigh your gold or silver, how or where they research value and design and if they can test unmarked gold for 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt. If it is European gold it could even be 7kt. gold. A professional estate liquidator should be knowledgeable in all these areas and if not should have an expert to assist. Remember asking is your responsibility and it should be up to them to respond. If in doubt perhaps you should interview another company. It is your financial bottom line.

Questions are always welcomed at It may take a day or so to answer, but we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Estate sale of multiple collections continues in Bryans Road, MD

antique roll top desk & serverTuesday Estate Sales News went to Bryans Road to interview Kayleen Edwards of Estate Escape and we published several videos of this huge sale at 5660 Fenwick Road, in Bryans Road, MD. Some of what is for sale is beautiful antique furniture, an old Indian rug collection (the family traded with Indians when they first settled a almost 2 centuries ago, vintge fishing and lures, vintage Christmas, old pin-up calendars, military items from the Civil War to WWII, vintage purses and clothes, many old Maryland license plates, china, books, old photos, Indian carved trinkets and so much more. Below are some photos.

Indian BlanketsVintage fishingantique vanity




35 star flaglight collectionvintage jewelry




vintage pursesmilitary Civil War to WWII








Photos for estate sale in Falls Church VA by Bethesda Estate Service

We have some photos from the upcoming estate sale we visited in Falls Church VA. Hundreds of vintage pieces. Sale is being conducted by Bethesda Estate Sale Service June 20-23, 2013.

vintage dressesstatuary









Vintage vintage purses






turqoisecopper jug

Estate Sales News has traveled 10,000 miles to cover estate sales

Baccarat & Swarovski crystal chandelierIjewelryn the last 6 weeks Estate Sales News has traveled over 10,000 miles to cover estates in Detroit, MI, Los Angeles, CA, N. Augusta SC as well as Florida.

We hope that as we end this week you will be able to attend or at least look at the sales in California and South Carolina. Each one is different, run a little differently and yet offers a vast array of merchandise for sale. Knowledge can be gained in many ways and we hope our interviews, videos, and photos will be informative for you.




Gordon Farmer Sale

Again L.A. Estate Services estate sale – jewelry, gemstones, everywhere


Estate Sales News visited Dan Jordan and Danna McCallum of Again L.A Estate Services in Los Angeles to report on their upcoming sale for a woman named Belle whose husband was a jeweler/gemologist for over 50 years. In my 25 plus years in the estate liquidation business I have never seen anything the likes of this. Because of the massiveness of the sale and it is spread over 2 levels of the home we split the video.

Dan told me he had been in the business about 15 years and the estate sales business was an off shoot of his antique shop in Silver Lake. He started doing more estate sales and did not have time to buy antiques for his shop along with a troubled economy it pushed him into doing estate sales. Danna had been working with another man named Al who retired and having known each other for some years and occasionally working together they became partners. Danna has over 20 years of experience working estate sales.

Dan said “we do not target dealers and haven’t since day one of our partnership. Our market is the collector, young people furnishing their homes and the general public. Our obligation is to get the most for our client. We try to make sure the homes are empty so our sales run over a multi day period. We start with day one at full price and have a set discount structure that we follow, 20%, 30%, 50% and sometimes in large homes or estates the last day is 75%. We want to clear out the house and maximize.” Dan said “we price every single thing in the house, something Danna brought to the partnership and I have embraced. This way no surprises at check out. Everyone knows what to expect”. We have an extensive email list by invitation only so good behavior counts.

49 Ct. Amythest Here is a 49 Ct. pillow cut amethyst.


Estate Sales News reporting on another Los Angeles news worthy estate sale.


Here is the link to the sale site which can be found on

Estate Sale of Jeweler/Gemologist 50+ years by Again L.A. Estate Services

rocks and mineralsEstate Sales News is in the air as you read this flying to California to report on another upcoming estate sale this week in Los Angeles for a former jeweler/gemologist.



jewelryThis sale will feature jewelry, jewelry findings, rocks, minerals, gemstones numbering in the hundreds and in some cases the thousands. The home is overflowing and we can hardly wait to meet with Dan from Again L.A. Estate Services and see all of this plus furniture and all the other household items for sale. We will be posting video of this sale which starts on Thursday, June 6 ahead of the sale. Here are a few of Dan’s photos taken early on.