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Pinterest logotwitter logofacebook-logoIn todays’ world of social media Estate Sales News wants to be there for you. You will now find us on Pinterest as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Provenance – what and why it helps finanical gain in an estate sale

To quote Wikipedia Provenance, from the French provenir, “to come from”, refers to the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object.

Whenever you have almost any kind of antique or even in somestances vintage items and you know the history or ownership of the item this will almost always increase it’s value. Art, jewelry, glass, rugs, furniture evening some lighting can have valuable provenance.

Estate Sales New will be reporting on an upcoming sale in North Augusta, SC, the estate of Gordon Farmer who was featured in an American Pickers epidsode, Gordon’s gold mine in June 2010 and Mr. Farmer had provenance on many items in his collections. This is what helped make it good for television.

Any written information you may have on an item, letter, newspaper clipping etc. is good provenance and should be kept securely with the item.

History is valuable in so many ways.

Estate Sales News attending Small Business Expo in NYC

small-business-expoEstate Sales News is going to New York today to attend the Small Business Expo. We will be networking with a variety of businesses from across the US and the world attending this event. Estate Sales News is a great place to advertise your business at very reasonable monthly rates.


DSCN0779Pictured here is your editor at work last weekend in Henderson NV.

 I’m traveling across the country and speaking to estate liquidators nationwide to provide you with the news and information you can use to make informed choices and understand the personal property liquidation business and process. is a FREE estate sale resource for information

Estate Sales NewsDuring my many flights reporting on various estate sales I have met some wonderful people and the most frequent question I’m asked it was do you do.

I respond that I am the editor of an online news/magazine about estate sales and the personal property liquidation business. It amazes me that almost every time that person will say I know someone that needs an estate sale or they have a friend downsizing. 

I explained to her that if they had questions was a website devoted to providing information on what to look for when choosing an estate liquidator. This website is a free public resource from the beginning of the process when you realize you need to start eliminating items to the conclusion of the sale where it is time for a clean out, charitable donations or a final buy out.

On a recent trip from Florida I met an accountant who lives on the east coast of Florida near a retirement community with a great many retired military people. Many of them are getting to the point in their lives where they need to downsize and transition into a simpler lifestyle. This accountant spoke of the need for many of these individuals to find reputable companies that will have their best interest and not attempt to cherry pick them. I gave her my card and suggested she review this news/magazine and pass it on to her clients and friends.

Estate Sales News does not conduct estate sales. We welcome your questions.

Estate Sales contracts

We have published a page on what to look for in an estate sale contract and we have heard from readers that this has been helpful when interviewing estate sale companies.

The estate sale contract is so important. It is what determines everything from the date of the sale, time, location, costs, and how you receive your net proceeds.

It also addresses the obligation of the estate liquidator and your obligation as the seller, granting access to the premises, not removing items once the sale process is underway unless there is a clear written understanding.

It should also include who is paying for advertising, credit card fees (if used) and what the estate sale company will or will not do at the end of the sale.

To review what to look for and expect for everyone’s protection click here.

USA TODAY reports on businesses specializing in helping seniors

The Monday, April 29th issue of USA TODAY featured an article written by Janice Lloyd about another industry that is coming on strong – businesses that are packers, movers, decorators and counselors for helping seniors who are in transition either downsizing or no longer able to care for themselves. published an article written by Erin Kurimay of Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS) on April 11th addressing this subject. Here is the link

The recent estate sale conducted in Winter Park, Florida that we reported on by Creating Divine Order is an example of this trend.

 Here is a link to the article in USA TODAY.

With so many baby boomers coming of age this is a growing industry.


Personal Property Appraisers – several different associations

research booksThere are several appraisal societies and each one has certain criteria that members must meet. Some estate sales companies offer appraisal services, however, that does not make them appraisers. They may be experienced and knowledgeable, but belonging to one of these associations includes a code of ethics as well as specific appraisal education.

Here is a list of  many, but not all Appraisal Societies and their websites:

International Society of Appraisers –

American Society of Estate Liquidators –

Certified Appraisers Guild of America –

American Society of Appraisers –

Appraisers Association of America –

If you believe you may have a need for a certified appraiser check out any of these associations and find an appraiser in your area.


What to do with items of great value are part of an estate

esate sales The number of estate sales has quintupled over the last few years. They are no longer just a means of disposing of a deceased persons’ estate. Today, people with very high end art, jewelry, art pottery, bronzes, antique furnishings, glass, and other very expensive items are looking to liquidate these items as well.

More and more estate sales companies, especially those where someone in the company is a certified appraiser or other highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable individual are acting as brokers to sell these high value items at the appropriate auction house. These items usually exceed $25,000 in value and require a broad (sometimes world wide) audience to achieve their top value. There are many auction houses with world wide reach and specialties to sell these items.

Even though the estate sale company may not sell the item themselves at the sale, they will still be paid a commission for placing the items at the appropriate auction.

Bob and Dolores Hopes items to go on sale Sat. May 4 for benefit

NBC and the Hope’s daughter Linda have announced that items from their Toluca Lake home will be on sale this Sat., May 4th from 9am-4pm and possibly May 5th at St. Charles Borremeo Holy Family Service Center, 10834 Moorpark Street and will benefit the center. Bob Hope passed away in 2003 and his wife Dolores passed in 2011. Their daughter Linda will oversee the sale

Included in the sale will be furniture, silver, books, luggage, lamps, china, glassware and more. They are expecting Hollywood memorabilia collectors to be out in force. The sale is cash only.


Estate Sales – What effects them the most

money moversEstate Sales across the country can be effected by several things, but the most common are location, weather, and who is running the sale.

You can choose who runs your estate liquidation, but you cannot control the location (most of the time) and certainly not the weather.

Recently there have been some very nice estate sales that appeared to be well advertised and the weather was ok, however, the properties were located in areas where unemployment has been a continuing problem. As the result the sales proceeds weren’t not as high as they might have been in an area where unemployment is not a factor. That old real estate saying “location, location” even applies to estate sales.

The weather can also be a problem. If spring is suppose to be here and it’s snowing out, sales can be off. This also applies to heavy rain and windy conditions. Right now in April websites like have thousands of sales posted for every weekend because the weather is reasonable, barring a few exceptions. January and February can be difficult in the Midwest and Northeast, but many times after being snow bound or frozen in time (so to speak) can bring the buyers flooding out to sales for relief.

The professional estate liquidation company you choose is also important. Please check out our pages on what to be listening and looking for from an estate sale company.

Well it’s Friday and there are so many sales, if you are in need of an estate sale company go check out a few sales in your area. Watch the company in action. Or, if you are on the hunt be it for furnishings, jewelry, artwork or even a car this is a great weekend to go shopping, go green and save over retail.