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Checked in at 2013 Estate Sales Conference St. Louis

EstateSales.Net is ready for the start of tomorrow’s conference and is well organized. Looked over the agenda and there is a broad spectrum of topics to be covered.

Estate Sales News from 37,000 feet heading to St. Louis

I’m on my way to St. Louis to report on the 2013 Estate Sales Conference starting tomorrow. So many topics will be covered in 2 days. Attendees. From 30 States. Watch for my blog more.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start.


Sold for a few dollars Chinese bowl auctions for $2.2 million

Every once in a while a good find is had at a sale, but having a knowledgeable estate sales company can sometimes prevent such great finds from being sold for just a few dollars. This rare Chinese bowl was purchased for $3.00 in 2007 and just sold at Sotheby’s for $2.2 million. The sellers remained anonymous. Here is the Huff Post link and video.


Part 3 of Interview with EstateSales.Net’s Dan McQuade

Discussing the the estate sales conference:

ESN – Can you tell me about some of the topics and speakers at the conference?

Dan – Well our keynote speaker is Tony Ruesing an NSA certified speaking professional and his address will be all about customer service. This is what the conference is all about.

The other topics we have been working really hard on that we get questions about all the time is the ATF and Fish and Wildlife. You don’t want to have ATF roll up to a sale and shut them down for something they shouldn’t be doing so we thought they should hear it from the horses mouth. This way they know what is and isn’t ok to do and now since we started organizing the conference there are all the proposed changes to the gun laws.

ESN – What will define success for you and Micky at this conference?

Dan – The biggest thing will be if people ask if we’re going to do it again.

Security 101 for estate sales

security lockOne of the most important concerns for clients having an estate sale or personal property liquidation sale is security.

When you interview an estate sales company be sure to ask what kind of security measures they take. Depending on what you have for sale, the amount of merchandise for sale and the area your sale is in will directly effect what an estate liquidator will deem necessary to secure your sale.

You should ask if they have showcases and can they be locked if necessary, do they have anyone poised at the door for after check out, do they have floor staff stationed in certain areas as well as floating staff to oversee what is happening with buyers.

Do they provide written receipts for buyers in case a door check is necessary when a buyer is leaving the premises.

Just a few things to consider. There is more we will discuss in the future. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are conducting interviews with estate sales companies.

Interview with Dan McQuade EstateSales.Net – part 2

During our interview Dan McQuade informed me that with the growth of Vintage Software, LLC in the last two to three years they have added people and they now have 17 employees plus Dan, Dot, Micky and Courtney McQuade.

We now started to discuss the upcoming 2013 Estate Sale Conference in St. Louis, MO March 26 and 27.

ESN – How did the estate sales conference concept originate?

Dan- We were sitting around brain storming as we frequently do  to help companies on the site. We feel that if we can help companies listed on our site it will always come back to us and the pay back is great because a company wants to stay with someone that is looking out for them and that’s what we do. We have companies calling every day with questions about what they can do for this or that and even subscribers that call and say they didn’t appreciate something a company did.

Thinking of selling a car at an estate sale?

Car for saleSelling a car at an estate sale is usually fast and efficient, however, a few things to know and consider. Make sure the estate liquidator you are using has access to the car title or can reach you to bring the title quickly to the sale when the car sells. Most liquidators will ask for cash or in some instances accept a charge card. There are some companies that will also accept bank checks. It’s a good question to ask when you are interviewing perspective estate sales companies.

It is recommended that you have the car interior vacuumed an wiped down and the car exterior washed just prior to the sale to obtain the best possible price. Make sure all lights on the car are working and if there are any problems with the auto advise your liquidator when you sign up for your sale. That way it can be noted “as is” if necessary.

Who’s running your estate sale?

Many estate sales companies across the United States conduct more than one estate sale per weekend. There is nothing wrong with this practice. The owner of the estate sales company should have staff working that are experienced, knowledgeable and trust worthy.

When you are considering hiring an estate liquidator you should ask if they would be working another sale on the same weekend as your sale. If they are ask them who will  represent them at your sale. Will it be the owner (probably the person you’re interviewing although not necessarily) or someone that works for them. You might want to ask to meet the person that will be running the actual sale.

This can provide peace of mind for a client who has concerns and hopefully prevent questionable issues during or at the end of the sale.


Choosing an estate sales company – check out their website

Every estate sales company has their own way of doing things. One thing to watch when deciding on a liquidation company is their website. If you find a liquidator that you are interested in and they don’t have their own web presence ask them why? Not all estate sales companies use a dedicated site, they may simply list themselves on one of several estate sales listing services.

About the website consider is it easily found? Do they update their site weekly, monthly or not at all? After visiting a site were you more informed about how they operate, their history and what services they offer? Was the website professional looking?

Sometimes depending on what area of the country you are in a website may not be the best use of advertising, however, it has become extremely popular with estate sales companies that are very active and where the majority of the population utilize the Internet.



Two weeks until the Estate Sales Conference in St. Louis

ConferenceLogo_horizontalTwo weeks from today I will be in St. Louis, Mo. attending the 2013 Estate Sale Conference being conducted by EstateSales.Net owned and operated by Dan and Micky McQuade. The conference is being held for estate liquidators and is 2 full days of lectures and covers many important topics for personal property liquidators.

I’m looking forward to the variety of speakers and their discussions and I will be conducting a telephone interview with Dan McQuade the end of this week in preparation for attending this conference.

 This is an exciting opportunity to meet with other personal property liquidators from all over the country, get their perspective on the business and their current markets. I’ll be blogging from St. Louis.