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Surveillance Cameras For Estate Sales – An Expert’s Perspective

Estate Sales News has been traveling the country visiting estate sales. Theft prevention at estate sales has become paramount and many of the estate sales we have visited are now using surveillance cameras.

This in article is an in depth look at video surveillance systems for estate sales was written by an expert in the field, P.D. Kaltenbach, Senior Television Broadcast Engineer.

These are several things that need to be considered when reviewing the purchase of a camera monitoring system, especially as they relate to estate sales:

  • Camera count vs. system cost.
  • Pre-configured systems vs. the DIY approach.
  • Wired or wireless cameras, it’s all about ease of set-up.
  • Camera and Display resolution – If you can’t see the details what is the point?

Let’s take a look at he issues in order of importance.

Item A.) The first thing to consider is how many cameras you will need.  If you haven’t worked with these systems before take a little time to look around the next time you are at home or at an estate sale. Ask yourself how many places would you have to stand while looking straight ahead in order to see the things you consider important. That’s a good first cut at establishing camera counts, and while it sounds simplistic you will be surprised at how quickly the numbers rise. As a rough estimate of system cost you can expect to pay $160 to $250 times the number of cameras in a system depending upon technical features that are provided.

There is an alternate approach that allows you to ease into the project in a less costly yet well informed manner; start with a few cameras but make sure the overall system allows room for expansion simply by adding more cameras. Not all systems will have this capability, so look closely before purchase.

Item B.) Looking around the web you will find a number of cameras and software applications that fall into the Do-It-Yourself category. While they make for a great way to watch the front door or the dog sleeping they really are not a good choice when you need more that a few cameras. Prominent among the downsides is that they are not cost competitive as the number of cameras rise while at the same time the system you end up with lacks the features of a real surveillance system. Even more important is that you yourself have to work out system configuration and integration. Do you really want to sit down working out IP addresses in order to get the cameras working or do you want to concentrate on your real business?

Estate Sale Liability Insurance – Why It’s Important

liability insurance for home20 years ago most estate sale companies asked the seller or whoever was representing the sale of the home contents if they had a homeowners policy. If they did that was enough in most places and the estate liquidation process began.

Today, that is not the case. In today’s litigious world estate sale companies as well as the representative of the home contents need liability insurance. The property needs a policy (usually homeowners) and the estate liquidator also need liability insurance. Slips, trips, falls, no matter what signs are posted put estate sale companies and homeowners at risk.

At the Estate Sale Conference in Memphis there was discussion on this very important topic along with a vendor that offered liability insurance. There are several companies that sell this liability coverage for estate liquidators. It is highly recommended that you ask an estate sale company before you make your interview appointment if they have their own liability insurance. If they don’t you may want to consider other companies. If someone decides to sue they usually sue all parties; homeowner and estate sale company.

It costs an estate liquidator extra expense, however, liability insurance can provide peace of mind for all parties and save homeowners and estate sale companies thousands of dollars.

Tip- If you are representing an estate you should have a homeowners policy and an estate sale company is well within their prerogative to turn down a liquidation sale that does not have liability coverage on the property.


Olympic Games Start Friday – Shop Estate Sales For Gym Equipment

With the start of 2014 and all the ads appearing on television for the different diet programs, the start of the Olympic Games in Sochi brought to focus the ability to create your own home gym and save shopping at estate sales.

home gym 






workout equipment







Whether you are preparing for a marathon, just want to drop a few pounds or stay fit and healthy shopping for gym equipment at an estate sale that is in good condition can provide you with real savings. Several sales in the next two  weeks have workout equipment for sale. The two photos above are at two of these estate sales. Check out EstateSales.Net, and

Estate Sales And Theft Prevention

Estate Sales News Thursday discussion.

When Estate Sales Face Bad Weather What Are Your Options?

Estate Sales News is part of many groups discussing estate sales and this year the winter weather is a huge discussion by all parties.

Many estate sale companies that are based out of areas where the weather is questionable have started utilizing buildings for combining estates. It enables them to control the dates, parking conditions, and other factors affecting the sales.

This winter is causing problems, but a professional liquidator will work around conditions. Whether that is changing the date, time, or venue they will do what it takes to provide the seller with the best possible result.

When you are interviewing estate sale companies ask them about how they handle weather related conditions. The current winter storm “Janus” in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast is a perfect example affecting Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York (Long Island especially), Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Meanwhile the Midwest is having issues and the west, especially southern California is experiencing other problems.

Now is the time to watch how your local estate sale companies deal with these weather and other related issues.

Social Media & Estate Sales by Leah Gibbons – Guest Author

Social Media and Estate Sales: Tweeting for Business

TwitterEstate Sales News is pleased to have social media expert Leah Gibbons writing for us today.

It’s no secret that social media is beneficial to the business world, and estate sales is no different! In this guest series by Westchester County NY social media marketing agency Gibbons Digital, we’ll get a close-up of the inner workings of different social media platforms and how each one can help an estate sales business grow and thrive.

Our first stop? Twitter, the home of micro-bits of information in the form of short sentences. The main idea behind Twitter is to answer the question, “What are you doing?” in less than 140 characters in ways that will keep your followers engaged and interested in what you have to say. Known by many as the “world’s biggest chat room,” Twitter allows you to connect with people by sharing blog posts, links, fun facts, new information and more. If you’re brand new to Twitter, we recommend taking a look at their “Twitter 101” before embarking on your tweeting journey.

So just how does Twitter mesh with the estate sales business, anyways? Here are our top ten tips, tricks, and takeaways:

1.   Find your voice. Take time to really think about the type of “voice” you want your social networks to have, and make sure your Twitter matches. Do you want to be witty and sarcastic or completely professional? Always remember that social media is a direct representation of your brand, so keep it consistent.

2.   Plan it. Decide what kind of content you’re going to share on Twitter, and mix it up! Listings, blogs, news, fun facts…the list goes on. Although real estate professionals may be among your audience, it’s likely that most of your followers will not have a background in real estate. Make sure your tweets are easy to understand. Always ask yourself, “If I were my follower, would I want to respond to this?” before tweeting. And remember, promotional tweets are only OK about 20% of the time. Any more than that and you risk the chance of losing followers.

3. Tweet, tweet! Before building your followers, send out a couple tweets with interesting content. What do you want people to know about you and your business? Do you have a really great blog? Share the link. Do you have a “Quick Tip” for choosing the perfect real estate agent, or even a motivational quote that gets you going? Spread the word. Having content already available will give your followers a “sneak peek” of what you’ll be talking about.

4. Start following. Search for Twitter users you want to create connections with, whether they may be potential clients, partners, local businesses, industry news sources or even just friends! A good way to start is by searching for your town to see who your neighbors are and what they’re chatting about. Check out their followers to see who’s following them, and use the “Who to Follow” tool to help you out. People you follow will often follow you back, and be sure to give them a “thank you” for following you!

5. Interact. Like all other social media, Twitter is a 2-way street. Don’t just talk at your followers, ask them questions! In turn, see what other people are tweeting about and respond to them to keep the conversation going.

6. Engage. Along with conversations, retweet content from other people. Use hashtags of key words and trending topics in your tweets to make it easier for people to find you. The more active you are, the better!

7. Go live. One great way to use Twitter? Live tweeting. Let’s say your agency is hosting an open house. Along with using Twitter to spread the word beforehand, send out tweets (along with pictures) of the actual open house! The whole idea behind social media is to be social. Giving people this unique “inside look” showcases the human side of your brand. This goes for any special events your agency participates in.

8. Hone in on your tweets. Did you know you can perform highly specific searches on Twitter? By performing an “advanced search,” you can hone in on your target audience with ease. Let’s say you want to connect with people searching for homes near you. Perform an advanced search using specific keywords/phrases such as “real estate” and set your geographic boundaries. This makes is much easier to find new connections in your area of choice.

9. Measure and monitor. It’s important to keep track of your efforts to determine what tactics work best for you. Take advantage of Twitter’s recently-released Analytics tool ( to track which type of content produces the most engagement, how many mentions you receive, how many people reply to your tweets, where your followers are from, etc. Make it a priority to check this on a regular basis.

10. Use applications. There are numerous applications designed to make your Twitter life easier. We recommend either HootSuite ( or Tweetdeck (, which allows you to customize your feed to see only key phrases, schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts at once, organize tweets and more.

Twitter is a phenomenal tool in the estate sales industry offering countless benefits for those who follow these best practices. Does your estate sales business use Twitter? Do you have your own “best practices?” Let us know!

About Gibbons Digital

Gibbons Digital Consultants is a social media marketing agency located in Bronxville, NY, providing superior social media consulting and implementation services to small and medium-sized businesses. Gibbons Digital also helps clients obtain more customers and sales through effective search engine marketing. Visit their website at or call (914) 646-4376.

About Vintage Costume Jewelry – video

A day ago I met a woman who deals in vintage and costume jewelry and we started to discuss these sought after pieces. For almost 25 years as a professional liquidator with my own estate sale company I dealt with vintage and costume jewelry. I hope you find this video about vintage costume jewelry designers informative. Many estate sales have vintage costume jewelry for sale and this video should assist you whether you are buying or going to be selling vintage jewelry. The author of this video is unknown, but Estate Sales News thanks you.

Anyone who has been into Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor or any large department store has probably noticed that costume jewelry seems to be taking a step back in time in many instances. Of course, you still have costume jewelry designers such as Weis, Givenchy, Trifari, Hobe, Chanel, Dior, Ciner, Miriam Haskell and many others.

We’ll be discussing more as time goes by on vintage and fine jewelry. We are adding a new category for this reason

Great Shopping At A Bronx New York Estate Sale – Video

Paul Dunn held an estate sale last in November 2013 in the Bronx, New York. Here is his video with our thanks that demonstrates the varied great finds at estate sales. Are you shopping at one today? It’s not too late to do your Christmas shopping.

Estate Sale Companies are your looking for staff? Contact Estate Sale News

Estate Sales News is heading to Los Angeles today to cover the Dr. Arnold Klein sale.  As we packed we recalled that Will Munyon informed us that including he and his wife his the Hancock Park sale would be staffed by 30 people. It will also have security on the premises.

Knowledgeable, honest, competent staff are important for every estate sale.

Estate Sales News would like to hear from Estate Sale Companies that are looking for staff to work for them. We will be happy to put together a page of estate liquidators and phone numbers and post it here on the Front Page in approximately 3 weeks. Please email us at to let us know if you are looking for staff, your phone number and your city and state.

We will be in Los Angeles tomorrow and Wednesday at the Hancock Park sale. The Hollywood Reporter  will also be at the sale sometime on Wednesday. Updates on Facebook and tweets to come from LA.


Estate Architectural Salvage Sale – Los Angeles, CA- 4 Old Panel Vanss

Estate Sales by Sam and Pam will be conducting this architectural estate salvage sale in Los Angeles, CA Friday, Nov. 15- Sunday, Nov. 17.

Sam and Pam started by trying to help with a silent auction with their children in first grade. That was 20 years ago. They learned about the estate sale business through a friend who was in estate liquidations and with their love of helping people at their wits ends with parents downsizing or passing away their business began. They obtain their sales through referrals.

This building was originally a carpet store on the ground floor with three apartments on the second floor that were abandoned 40 years ago. The carpet store started in business in 1921. The owner grew up and lived in the upstairs apartments and kept acquiring furniture, fixtures, dishes and more until he abandoned the building for lack of room in the early 1970’s. A true hoarder. The owner of the store passed leaving a building filled with carpeting and rugs along with 4 Chevy panel vans dating from 1955 – 1966 in need of much restoration and the new owner is going to rehab the building creating retail space again with apartments on the second floor.

If you are creative or like to repurpose this sale is for you. Everything must be sold, a lot of dust and dirt so Sam and Pam advise you to wear gloves, also a very reasonably priced sale. Claw foot bath tubs, old lighting fixtures, cupboards, dishes to murphy beds, early 1900’s furniture to 1970. A architectural diggers delight.  Here is a link to this sale on EstateSales.Net