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Halloween is 1 Week From Today – Estate Sales Can Be Great Sources For Costumes

zombie wedding dressEstate Sales can be more than just a place to collect Halloween decorations and collectibles. They can also be a great place to find everything from hats, shoes, clothes, and accessories to turn into costumes.

Funky to scary with some imagination you can turn anything into a costume. My daughter Tracey Cooper, bought a long white dress and with some paint and tears it now looks like a zombie wedding dress. She did the same thing with a dress white shirt for a man, pants,  and took an old tie and turned that into freaky looking been in the ground accessory. The pictures here are what she created with imagination at a low cost.

zombie shirtzombie pantsmans zombie outfit

Collecting Vintage and Antique Teddy Bears – Videos

Estate Sales News hopes that you will enjoy these short videos on antique and vintage teddy bears. Teddy bears bring joy not only to girls and boys, but adults as well.

Estate Sales are good sources for antique and vintage teddy bears. has two additional features -YouTube & Google+

As of today Estate Sales News has added YouTube and Google+.

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We will be back in the air in the coming weeks covering news worthy estate sales.

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Estate Sales When Times Get Tough – Government Sequestration, Shut Down

esate sales Estate Sales have weathered a lot in the last several years during a time of recession followed by sequestration and now federal government shut down. Through it all most professional estate liquidators have come through and buyers have saved thousands of dollars. Buyers, sellers, and estate sale companies are all effected.

When buyers are not cash fluent purchasing at estate sales becomes a viable alternative for things needed. It can even prove to be a mental or emotional boost for just a small impulse purchase.

At many estate sales you can find everything from sheets, towels, blankets, clothing and shoes to cleaning supplies (partial or in full) appliances (small and large i.e. blenders, mixers, washers, dryers) to sewing kits, patterns, materials, hobby supplies, office supplies, something as simple as pads of paper and pens.

When money is tight an estate sale can be the perfect place for shopping. Sometimes you will even find canned goods (expiration dates still good) and dry food stuffs (pastas, rice, etc.).

Estate Sales can be a one stop shop in good and not so good times. Just remember to use estate sale etiquette with the liquidator and chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised and save many $$$$.

Many areas have estate sales starting tomorrow through the weekend. Check out EstateSales.Net,, or for sales in your area.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It’ Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Estate Sales News Remembers

Breast Cancer AwarenessStarting today each Estate Sales News article will end with a pink ribbon to remind us that it is breast cancer awareness month. Most people know someone who has had the disease and in some cases died from it. Please support all the upcoming events in your area this month. Let’s keep help keep all of us on this beautiful planet.

1930’s Vintage Shoes – Shop Estate Sales to Find Great Footwear

Whenever Estate Sales News is getting ready to travel shoes are always important. Looking thru my vintage shoes as well as newer ones we thought about Glamourdaze and their great short film featuring shoes from the mid 1930’s. What’s interesting is to compare to what you are seeing today in the shoe stores. Very similar styles. The best is when you can find vintage shoes and with a little TLC put them back on the street on your feet. Check out search or Treasure Tracker on EstateSales.Net or search or to find sales with vintage shoes near you.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Using Social Media Advertising for Estate Sales

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest is a growing means of reaching potential buyers and sellers in the estate liquidation business. The great news for buyers, sellers and estate sale companies is they are all free in basic form. Only if they want to pay to endorse will it cost them anything more than time. When looking for estate liquidators check out if they are utilizing social media. When you interview them if you don’t see anything you may want to ask why.

facebook-logoFacebook allows you to post your upcoming estate sales and discuss what is in them. It offers an opportunity to post a picture or two of the sale items or the estate company logo. It can be sent to a limited number of people or the public at large. Most estate sale companies have a Facebook logo to click thru on the front page of their website. You’ll find one on our front page too.

twitter logoTwitter gives you 140 characters to connect with friends, other businesses or followers and immediately let them know news. It is a very useful tool during an estate sale if you have a following allowing buyers to know about items of interest or second or third day discounts. You will usually find a blue bird on the front page of the website like the one on the top right of ours.

Pinterest logoPinterest allows you to make boards (internet based on their site) to show off individual sales and items for sale. It is also a good place to let perspective sellers see what you have sold or worked with the in the past. Look for the big red P.

 You’ll also find estate sale listing sites using social media as well. EstateSales.Net, and

Mid-Century Modern Furniture – A Current Trend at Estate Sales

Mid-Century Modern furniture is design that was greatly influenced by Frank Llyod Wright’s architectural style along with the Arts and Crafts movement. It could be interpreted as interior and product design from the mid 1930s’ – 1960’s.

Estate Sales are quick to point out today if they have Mid-Century furnishings in their sales.

The video featured here from AptosEstates provides good examples of the furnishings of this sought after style.

Here is a Search Link from EstateSales.Net to look for this design

Utilizing the above search link you should find pages of sales listing furnishings of Mid-Century design. Look through the sales to find photos of items you are interested in that are estate sales close or of interest to you.

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Video Interview With Micky McQuade – EstateSales.Net Exciting News


Here is a link to EstateSales.Net Blog and more news about what’s coming from Micky McQuade

Exciting News Coming From EstateSales.Net – Interview With Chief Programmer Steve Haar

Offices of EstateSales.netEstate Sales News sat down with the Chief Programmer for EstateSales.Net, Steve Haar in Jackson, MO.

A must interview for estate sale companies and subscribers to EstateSales.Net.

ESN – How many programmers are on staff Steve at EstateSales.Net?

Steve – There are 6 programmers, 7 if you count Micky, however, the business has grown so much lately that he’s moved away from day to day programming and is handling other issues of the business. I over see 5 other programmers. We work Monday – Friday.

ESN – How do you get the ideas for implementing new features on your website?

Steve – A lot come from our users. Our phone number is all over our site. One thing that sets us apart is you can call in and talk to a live person 7 days a week. We receive suggestions including calling and speaking to our customer support staff or emailing us on our contact page. These suggestions can come from calls or emails from estate sale companies or subscribers who receive email notifications about sales. A lot of times when they call in they give our customer support staff suggestions and when the staff hears the same idea more than once or twice they’ll let us know about it. We also have a feed back page on the website and what is entered there is automatically put into our electronic system for keeping track of different feature requests.

When we get done with our features we’ll look back through our feature tracking system and see what are the most popular requests. We may not get to everyone right away, but we keep a list through time of suggestions and rarely is one discarded completely.

ESN – How long does it take to make a new feature for the website?

Steve – It depends a lot on what the feature is. There are some features that are cool and do a lot of new things and need just a little bit of programming work and some features that might not look that involved but because of the technical issues, the feature requires a large effort.

Technology is getting better so we are able to do a lot more newer and powerful things that we couldn’t do before, but because there are so many new devices out it may take longer now to do than a few years ago. Just a few years ago our users were at home using a laptop or desktop . Now we’ve got iPhones , tablets, Android IOS and all sorts of different devices so a feature now needs more time so we can handle all the different devices that are coming to us.

ESN – When working on a new idea, does one programmer take it from start to finish or is it more a team effort?

Steve – It’s a team effort. Even if 1 programmer is doing a lot of the work, the whole team is involved in the process. We get together and talk about it and design it up as a team and if it isn’t the whole team it is at least 2 or 3 of us.

ESN – Do your programmers have specialties in their field?

Steve –  Our programmers do have specialties, i.e. user experience and data base design programming. With that said even with their specializations, everyone helps out where needed. They multi-task.

ESN – Speaking of devices do you have an iPhone App coming?