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Estate Sales News – Don’t miss our front page next week.

Estate Sales News returned from our visit with EstateSales.Net after conducting interviews with two of their staff and a not to be missed video interview with Micky McQuade co-founder.

In general discussion with EstateSales.Net we learned about what they hear and read most about from sellers, buyers and estate sale liquidators.  Seller concerns about estate sale companies, worries about the professional liquidation process, buyers wanting more information than was posted by the liquidator, the sale of prohibited items from US Fish and Game, estate sale companies concerned about how to work with difficult situations that can arise, etc.

We learned about the extraordinary amount of time and work that goes into the operation of a customer service oriented company. From very early in the morning when one of the McQuades or their staff look at the monitor of one of many computers, they are reading and sorting thru emails sent to EstateSales.Net to be responded to.



EstateSales.Net – Interview with Katie Britt, Operations Manager

estatesalesnetEstate Sales News spent a day with EstateSales.Net at their headquarters in Jackson, MO. We interviewed several people and today we are publishing our interview with Katie Britt, their Operations Manager, who oversees customer support at EstateSales.Net. Here is that interview – ESN is Estate Sales News.

ESN – Who calls more at EstateSales.Net? Estate sale companies or visitors to your site?

Katie – It’s about 60/40 – more companies. They usually call about how to use the site or what packages we offer as well as any technical issues they many encounter. The other 40% are probably private sellers and subscribers and users of the site who just want to obtain information.

ESN – How many customer service people do you have answering calls and emails?

Katie – We have a staff of seven some of whom are full time and some are part-time, but we generally try to have two people on a shift from 8am – 10pm central standard time.

ESN – What tips can you provide so that companies get the most out of listing on EstateSales.Net?

Katie – To be very thorough with the sale description as well as pictures. It is very important to provide clear pictures that showcase the items that you have for sale as well as a very good detailed description, not just listing furniture or a bedroom set, but what kind of furniture is it. Is it a complete set, is it antique, vintage, or new, does it have a name, what color is it. Provide very specific details so that people searching on the site for particular items or using our Treasure Tracker will find those items.

Pictures is a big, big one to get uploaded to their sale.

ESN – When someone calls the toll free 888 number do they reach you or who do they reach?

Katie – Typically they will reach one of the seven staff members out there. Probably BJ, Matt or Brittany. It’s not until it gets so busy up front that the calls rollover to either myself or Micky and then Dot or Dan.

Estate Sales News spent the day with EstateSales.Net – reporting from St. Louis, MO

estatesalesnetEstate Sales News had a wonderful, informative, exciting day yesterday and early this morning with EstateSales.Net at their headquarters in Jackson, MO. My thanks to Dan, Micky, Dot, and Courtney McQuade for sharing so much information about EstateSales.Net, the future and the 2014 Estate Sales Conference that will be forthcoming over the next week. They provided me with hospitality exactly like the excellent customer service they provide their customers and demonstrated why they are the industry leader in the estate sales listing business. I met many of their staff who were also informative and cordial.

Yesterday was a long day with interviews and much conversation that I will be sharing with you along with a very important video next week.

We  are traveling back so today’s article  is short because we are writing from within the airport in St. Louis to let you know to stay tuned with Estate Sales News for the coverage from this very exciting, information packed trip. Our flight doesn’t arrive back until late so tomorrow’s front page will be delayed somewhat. gives a big shout out with much appreciation to all of the EstateSales.Net folks for the access granted.


Estate Sales News is heading to the offices of EstateSales.Net

Estate Sales News will be visiting the offices of EstateSales.Net in Jackson, MO today. We will be meeting and interviewing staff and co-founders Dan and Micky McQuade. We will report back to you after our visit.

We also wanted to share with you the other short clip of the prop warehouse at Universal Studios that we took. The only problem is it is a working area so there is conversation from people working as well as having to navigate around people in and touring the warehouse. A fascinating place never the less.

Buying at estate sales – Universal Studios Prop Warehouse Hollywood, CA

Estate Sales News was in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area Thursday and Friday. We went to an estate sale on Thursday in Cerritos, CA (featured here on Friday by The Better Solution Estate Sales) and Friday we went on a private tour of the prop warehouse at Universal Studios.

We had planned on seeing two other estate sales, but circumstances beyond are control prevented that so we went to Universal, a place we had visited four years ago. We apologize for the video being somewhat jumpy, but this was during a work day and trucks were being loaded and props being pulled from the shelves.

The fourth floor of the building houses over 1,000,000 costumes (however, we were not allowed to photograph). The other three floors houses the largest accumulations of props of every kind and description in the western US and possibly the entire US. They use the props at Universal and also rent out to Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, HBO and anyone else that is in the business. Many (not by any means all) are purchased at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, consignment shops and many are fabricated at the studio.

Our guide mentioned that when the studio accumulates too many of the same genre they will hold a “sale” to liquidate the over supply.

We will be flying again tomorrow morning to Missouri.

 Leave It To BeaverNeonblue & white chinaphoto(6)

Estate Sales News is flying to Los Angeles CA today.

Last minute, but we are flying early today to follow up on a couple of estate sale leads we have learned about.

Next week we are off to Missouri. This is a busy month so we hope you will use our archives as resources and keep following us as we travel in search of estate sales news.

To those celebrating the Jewish High Holy Days we wish you L ‘ Shanah Tova.


Estate Sales News celebrates the Lava Lamp 50 years old yesterday

Tuesday marked the 50th anniversary of the Lava Lamp. These lamps which are sought after at estate sales have a history. We hope you enjoy the video provided by Triwood 1973.

They were invented by an Englishman Edward Craven-Walker who according to an article on NEWSMAX “was inspired by an odd-looking liquid-filled egg timer in a Pub in southwest Britain”.

This was the beginning of the era of psychedelics and the “Love Generation”. They came into popularity along with the Beatles and the funky looks that followed. If you’re looking for a Lava Lamp we suggest the search feature on We are sharing the article showing a vast variety of Lava Lamps on our Facebook page  and Twitter.

Vintage Magic & Movie Posters – recent & current finds at estate sales

Estate Sales News has noticed the number of estate liquidations recently involving vintage movie or vintage magic posters. We found this video clip on a dealer of vintage movie posters in Texas and thought it would be of interest.

Vintage poster art is a growing collectible and highly sought after all across the country and foreign collectors as well.

Last month in northern New Jersey April’s Estate Sales conducted a sale with a collection of vintage movie posters.

Currently listed on with Town and Country Estate Sales in Houston, TX starting Thurs., Sept. 5th in Houston they are conducting an estate sale with many vintage magic posters advertised from the 1920’s in FINE A condition. Here is a link to that sale

Happy Labor Day from Estate Sales News


Estate Sales News salutes the owners and staff of estate sales for Labor Day

waving-flagLabor Day was nationally recognized for the first time in 1894. The original purpose was to appreciate the social and economic contributions of workers. However, with the decline of unions, the holiday has become more about the end of summer and grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.

Estate Sales News would like to take this Friday to congratulate all those owners of estate sale companies and their staffs. This hearty group of individuals helped many fellow Americans through the difficult years we have had since 2006 by providing a necessary service for families, heirs, and Realtors and also providing affordable household items, cars, clothing, and a whole host of items.

Though they may not be seen on the national news, these are the folks who work hard and provide much needed services in 50 states. With sore backs and sometimes verbal abuse from a few buyers and even sellers they persevere.

Estate Sales News congratulates this diverse group of Americans and wishes all of you a happy and safe Labor Day.

We will be celebrating a day off of our labors. Our front page starts a new Tuesday, September, 3rd. You can research our archives 24/7.