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1000 Fishing rods, 50+ tackle boxes, 100’s of fishing lures – Estate Sale in Saint Charles, IL

fishing rodsfishing luresSeptember 6 & 7 in Saint Charles, IL Estate Sales Are Us is conducting an off site estate sale. Primarily made up of the contents of a couple who passed away recently in their mid 90’s the gentleman had 1000 fishing rods, reels, lures, tackles boxes and anything you could think of for the fisherman.

Estate Sales News spoke interviewed Vicky Starich owner of Estate Sales Are Us and her father who assists her Monty Lutz. Vicky said “we started out conducting auctions for 4 years and then decided to transition to the estate sale business. We kept our 2,000 sq. ft building from the auction and that’s where this sale will take place. The home where this fishing collection was kept was not in condition to host an estate sale that could display this huge collection. We moved the contents of the home along with another small estate to our building”.  Mr Lutz told Estate Sales News “I have spent 4 plus weeks going through almost 100 tackle boxes, detangling, cleaning, organizing, researching and pricing the almost 400 bass type fishing lures not including the fly casting ones. The man had 30 ice fishing poles and close to 400 reels. He had 40 landing nets”.

Some of the lures include Heddon, Shakespeare, and South Bend. The estate includes 8 split bamboo fly rods. There is also a tramp art cross. Included in this sale from another estate are 8 Schwinn bicycles.

Here is the link to the sale on EstateSales.Net

Assorted fishing equipmentSplit Bamboo fly rodsTramp Art CrossSchwinn Bicycles


Record Collecting – MSN Money says a highly lucrative collectible – video of world’s largest collection

This video by ROCKETBOOM, a film by Sean Dunne is about what claims to be the worlds largest record collection of Paul Mawhinney of Pittsburg PA who owned Record Rama. This video was originally filmed in 2008, but continues to be shown including on PBS.

Estate Sales News keeps up with trends in the estate sale market place and on the August 19th issue of MSN Money they featured the 10 highly lucrative collectibles, one being collecting rare records. Here’s a link to the article.

Whether you collect 33, 45 or 78’s vinyl is a highly sought and prized collectible. From the jacket cover to the artist records are still prized and big sellers at an estate sale. Ask an estate liquidator advertising a large collection of records and they will usually be receiving large volumes of calls or emails wanting specifics about what is in the collection and condition.

There are at least a dozen sales listed on EstateSales.Net that feature record collections in the sale within the next 6 weeks.


Government Liquidation – a green initiative

Estate Sales News doesn’t usually cover governmental issues, however, on the news today was an item about the government’s liquidation process. According to the website over 240,000,000 items have been sold. Keep in mind these are all items used by the government or military. With the war in Afghanistan winding down it is anticipated that thousands of additional items will be coming up for sale. Everything from airplane parts to truck tires. Here is the link.

Keeping green has become a mantra for many and is another reason estate sales are so popular.

Estate Sales News will be on the road again next month. Our first stop in September will be California and the metro Los Angeles area.



EstateSales.Net furnish a dorm room contest has a winner!

Furnish a dorm room

Furnish a dorm room


Just a quick note to our readers that a winner has been selected by for the furnish a dorm room with $1000.00 and Dan McQuade’s assistance. We will provide more information when available. Estate Sales News congratulates the winner.

Here is the Info for the contest and the feedback provided from followers


Estate sale set-up or staging – check out perspective estate sale companies

StagingMonday’s Estate Sales News front page is about set-up or staging.

It is a form of marketing and very important for motivating perspective buyers to set-up or stage the estate sale in a way that makes buyers want to go beyond the front door. Just as department stores have display window designers and the entrance into the store is staged with products of interest, color, or whatever it is they are selling, the same applies to the estate sale.

It is the last marketing tool of the estate sale company available to them to attract you to buy something. If you want to have an estate sale, why not visit some of the sales in your area to look at how the estate liquidation company conducting the sale has set them up.

When dealers enter a sale, they have a different perspective and purpose, but the buyer who walks in without a specific purchase in mind needs to be enticed.

Many times estate sale companies will showcase their small and valuable items for security and curiosity near the entrance. Other estate sale companies will use a room away from the entrance to keep the people flow as efficient as possible. Either is correct, but knowing how to create height, depth, color, and interest is important.

Flat surfaces without any elevation especially near windows can have people looking past the items for sale out into the scene outside. They may miss something of interest and the estate sale company may miss a sale. Of course, you can’t stack items consistently on top of one another, but creating a small area of height to catch the buyer’s eye is important, just as creating colors that flow together and compliment each other.

set-upIt’s not just about table covers and plate racks anymore. It’s about designing for the sale and with competition stiff among estate sales companies with so many sales in many market areas, staging is now more important than ever. Selling the sale and keeping the people coming is important for the financial success of sellers and estate sales companies.

Check out Pinterest board

Pinterest logoIt’s Saturday and with that estate sales are in full swing. Estate Sales News is continuing to add boards and pins to it’s Pinterest page from estate sales we cover or formerly participated it. Check it out, repin and create your dream board.


Estate sale companies – do you charge tax during a tax free week?

Estate Sales News wants to know what happens in your state during the sales tax free week most states have before school starts. If you are an estate sale company do you have to collect sales tax even during tax free week. Please email and let us know what state your in and what you have to do.

Hurry Only 4 days left – The Furnish A Dorm Room Contest from

estatesalesnetOnly 4 days left to enter the $1,000 contest for furnish a dorm room contest being conducted by The contest ends August 19th. Dan McQuade co-founder of will bly to the lucky winner August 29th to help find what you need for your dorm room at estate sales with $1,000 to spend. 



Here is the link to the contest EstateSales.NET furnish a dorm room

Furnish a dorm room

Furnish a dorm room

400 Clocks, banks, slot machines, collectible – Collections from A-Z

Estate Sales News spoke with Barb Leibovitz of Naperville Traders. She and her husband Steve are conducting an estate sale August 16, 17, and 18 in La Grange Highlands, IL that involves 400 clocks (many are novelty), collections of piggy and still banks, railroad memorabilia, figural lamps and much more. When I spoke to her at 7:30pm last evening they were still working at this massive collectors sale.

There are so many novelty clocks at this sale the video we have included is just an FYI for those that are not familiar with them. 

This estate sale also features slot machines. This is truly a packed house. To view this sale Click Here for the link to the sale on

porcelain figural clocknovelty clocknovelty clocksslot machineslot machinegreen novelty clockclockmantle clocksnovelty clocks

1000’s of Vintage clothing items 1950’s & 1960′ women & men

wedding gownvintage clothesEstate Sales News spoke to Richard Stempien of Certco Estate Sales of Traverse City MI today about the estate sale of 1000’s of vintage clothing items from the 50’s and 60’s he and his wife Pat are running starting tomorrow August 9,10,11, & 12 in Traverse City, MI.

Richard said “the owner of all of the items in this sale started buying 13 years ago and was an internet seller. She decided to retire and travel so we are liquidating her vintage stock of 1100 dresses, 70+ wedding dresses, 500 purses, 300+ pairs of shoes, 100 hats along with a closet filled with men’s Hawaiian shirts, and a rack filled with men’s hunting apparel”. He told Estate Sales News that the majority of clothing is from the 1950’s and 1960’s. He went on to say ” one room is filled with just children’s items from the 50’s and 60’s. There is a closet filled with lingerie, boxes of sewing materials and so much that many items are still in boxes awaiting display space”.

Richard and Pat started their business 30 +e years ago and having been serving the people of Michigan since 1980. CLICK HERE FOR A LINK to this unbelievable vintage clothing sale on

vintage dressvintage bridal gownsvintage gownvintage clothesvintage shoes & purses