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Columbus Day – Tole Painting – It’s Not New

photo-47Tole Painting has been around since the 18th century. It started in New England as a form of painted decoration. It was also popular among German Immigrants in the Amish countryside. French tole paint, also started in the 18th century is usually done with black on on a solid back background and still very prized.

5 Years ago or so it was very popular along with chabby chic.

Today it depends on the part of the country and what the painting is. Some is very colorful (the magazine rack was painted by your editor’s mother in the 1950’s) some is done with just gold or white on a solid background and some was done in black (popular) with French tole painting.

Tole painting was originally done mainly on tin and some wooden items.  As time passed many different metals as well as wood were used. Everything from coffee pots, magazine racks, as well as hope chests, planters, and a variety of items are tole painted.

Look for different and great pieces of tole at estate sales, from lamps to trays, coffee pots to waste baskets.

sdp-logo-wht-textToday tole painting is worldwide thanks to the Society of Decorative Painters



Here are some samples of tole painting from Pinterest,,  Ruby Lane, and






ori_338-34256-355331-Pair-of-Vintage-Tole-Peinte-Columnar-Table-Lamps-picture4ab 03-1883



Who Is Shopping At Estate Sales?

shopping basketIt’s the Monday before the start of the Labor Day weekend and a good moment to talk about those buyers coming to estate sales.

If you have been looking on any social media websites or auction or sale sites there are a variety of shoppers.

The buyer who is looking for a particular item(s) to furnish their home or apartment (funiture, dishes, stemware, flatware, linens., etc.). Collectors are ever present at estate sales. Those that come looking for items for resale, and what a variety of markets there are. eBay, and Auctionzip  ar just a sampling of the multitude of auctions sites for some. New websites like Lofty for items valued at over $500.00 (see their March 14th, 2014 article here on, Etsy a market place for not only crafters, but for those that sell vintage (Etsy considers anything 20 years or older to be vintage). Others are antique dealers and show dealers that sell in antique malls and participate in a variety of antique shows. There are also those that have second hand shops and consignment shops as well. There are those that shop estate sales for gold or silver to sell for smelting (jewelry, flatware, holloware) etc.

You can look at to see many individuals who collect and like to share their collections through photos and also those that sell on Etsy.

The extreme growth that the estate sale industry has experienced in the last five years has opened the flood gates to a whole new audience and businesses.

As in any market place prices fluctuate with the economy, style demands, and location of the estate sale, but the following of buyers continues to grow.

Estate Sales News Has A New Pinterest Board Just For Mother’s Day

photo-26Estate Sales News has created a new Pinterest Board for Mother’s Day 2014 using estate sales treasures and finds available for sale at estate liquidations across the country.

Plpinterestease click here to visit our Pinterest page and view the Mother’s Day Board.

Across the USA you will find china, jewelry, art, furs, vintage clothing, cars, everything imaginable.

Don’t forget, you can make this Mother’s Day special by taking her shopping for something unique and desirable. Check out EstateSales.Net,, for estate liquidations taking place starting Thursday and make this weekend extraordinary with an estate sale treasure.

Estate Sales News is here to provide information and help for sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. We are pleased that EstateSales.Net has included as a resource for estate sale companies.



Advertising Estate Sales On Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

facebook-logotwitter logoPinterest logoSocial Media has become a big part of advertising estate sales. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, have become sources for buyers to go to. Whether they are looking for an estate liquidation or tag sale, buyers like to network with estate sales companies, other estate sale buyers, how an estate liquidator handles sales, what merchandise is being sold, how a company prices, what kind of payment a personal property liquidation company accepts etc.

A Facebook page for an estate sale company can provide information about an estate sale to hundreds or thousands of people that are using Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page

Twitter will allow the estate sales company to tweet (short sentences if you aren’t a Twitter person) from anywhere with a laptop or smart phone with anyone that is a Tweeter. Live tweets from the estate sale as they are conducted. Follow on Twitter.

Pinterest will let companies create pinboards for buyers that are members with images and videos of objects and hobby interests. You’ll find Estate Sales News there.

For estate sales companies that use these social media it is cost effective because a buyer can be a member of anyone of them for free.

Today having an internet presence that includes social media is beneficial to your financial bottom line as an estate sale client.

Keep up with the latest news in the world of estate sales.


Check Out Pinterest For Interesting Ideas From Estate Sales

Pinterest logoEstate Sales News has several boards on Pinterest for you to peruse.

More and more estate sale companies are using Pinterest to create interest in past, current, and future estate sales. Being able to create a “board” for your liquidation sale enables buyers to view not only what you have for sale, but items you have sold in the past. This is good advertising to show to perspective sellers.

Estate Sales News has boards from estate sales, for holidays, collectibles, the upcoming 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis, TN and we will be adding more boards in the future. We welcome your interest. It is just one of the many social media outlets we use to reach you our audience.

Keeping you informed we will be taking some time off to celebrate Christmas with our family starting Dec. 25th. We will return to new Estate Sales News articles starting on January 2nd. As always our archives are available 7 days a week 24 hrs. a day. Just use our search area.

We will on occasion be tweeting and using Facebook during that time period and if you have news for us, a news worthy sale we should know about, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Connect With Success

Google badgetwitter logoPinterest logofacebook-logo





Estate Sales News utilizes all of these various social media networks, however, we want to bring to your attention that with the weather conditions currently effecting most of the country these can also help you get the word out about your estate sale this weekend.

We have been looking a many estate sales that are being postponed for either a day or until another weekend. Keeping your staff and buyers safe is very important.

If you use newspaper advertising it is nearly impossible to get the word out this morning unless you did it yesterday, but social media is immediate.

For those that are not familiar with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) it allows you to offer your clients frequently updated blog or article information. Estate Sales News offers this for anyone at no cost. If you are an estate sale company we will also provide you with a typewriter logo for your audience to click on. Several estate liquidators currently subscribe to our RSS feed.

It is estate sale Friday, however, unless you are in an area where weather is not a hazard check with the estate sale company and more importantly check on the local road conditions and stay safe.

Estate Sales On Black Friday And Thanksgiving Weekend – Advertising Is Key

ShoppingEstate Sales News is publishing today, Sunday, because with Thanksgiving Thursday this week it is very important if you are running an estate sale on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and the weekend that you have good marketing in place to compete with the big stores, Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, JC Penny, etc. It would appear that there will be 1000 plus estate sales starting on Friday, November 29th.

The big retailers have been sending out flyers in the mail and advertising on television and radio for weeks. Most estate sale companies cannot compete with that, however, there are ways to attract buyers.

If you are on Pinterest, have you created a board about your sale this week? Featured some items that will be better buys than what the retailers will offer. Have you been posting and updating your Facebook business page (and if you don’t have one you should). Today social media is the place where estate sale liquidators can get ahead of their competition. Sending out tweets on Twitter on a regular basis about some of the good buys and great items you have that would make wonderful gifts. This is a great time to encourage people attending your sales to follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook as well.

It’s also a great time to be advertising that if you are not required to collect sales tax that buying gifts at your sale is “tax free”.

If you happen to do videos and have YouTube on your website a short video might also be a good way to get the word out.

Any way you look at it although you have competition on Thanksgiving weekend, by using your marketing skills and knowledge you can make it a win win for you and your seller.

Using Social Media Advertising for Estate Sales

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest is a growing means of reaching potential buyers and sellers in the estate liquidation business. The great news for buyers, sellers and estate sale companies is they are all free in basic form. Only if they want to pay to endorse will it cost them anything more than time. When looking for estate liquidators check out if they are utilizing social media. When you interview them if you don’t see anything you may want to ask why.

facebook-logoFacebook allows you to post your upcoming estate sales and discuss what is in them. It offers an opportunity to post a picture or two of the sale items or the estate company logo. It can be sent to a limited number of people or the public at large. Most estate sale companies have a Facebook logo to click thru on the front page of their website. You’ll find one on our front page too.

twitter logoTwitter gives you 140 characters to connect with friends, other businesses or followers and immediately let them know news. It is a very useful tool during an estate sale if you have a following allowing buyers to know about items of interest or second or third day discounts. You will usually find a blue bird on the front page of the website like the one on the top right of ours.

Pinterest logoPinterest allows you to make boards (internet based on their site) to show off individual sales and items for sale. It is also a good place to let perspective sellers see what you have sold or worked with the in the past. Look for the big red P.

 You’ll also find estate sale listing sites using social media as well. EstateSales.Net, and

Buying at estate sales – Universal Studios Prop Warehouse Hollywood, CA

Estate Sales News was in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area Thursday and Friday. We went to an estate sale on Thursday in Cerritos, CA (featured here on Friday by The Better Solution Estate Sales) and Friday we went on a private tour of the prop warehouse at Universal Studios.

We had planned on seeing two other estate sales, but circumstances beyond are control prevented that so we went to Universal, a place we had visited four years ago. We apologize for the video being somewhat jumpy, but this was during a work day and trucks were being loaded and props being pulled from the shelves.

The fourth floor of the building houses over 1,000,000 costumes (however, we were not allowed to photograph). The other three floors houses the largest accumulations of props of every kind and description in the western US and possibly the entire US. They use the props at Universal and also rent out to Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, HBO and anyone else that is in the business. Many (not by any means all) are purchased at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, consignment shops and many are fabricated at the studio.

Our guide mentioned that when the studio accumulates too many of the same genre they will hold a “sale” to liquidate the over supply.

We will be flying again tomorrow morning to Missouri.

 Leave It To BeaverNeonblue & white chinaphoto(6)

Check out Pinterest board

Pinterest logoIt’s Saturday and with that estate sales are in full swing. Estate Sales News is continuing to add boards and pins to it’s Pinterest page from estate sales we cover or formerly participated it. Check it out, repin and create your dream board.