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Estate Sale Companies – High End, Middle Of The Road, A-Z 1 day to 3

chandelierDSCN0606As the estate sale industry continues to enlarge by leaps and bounds estate liquidators are choosing to what types of sales they want to handle. This applies from the east coast to the west coast and from the north to the south.

Some estate liquidators prefer to handle only high value estates (designer furniture, gold and silver jewelry, listed art and glass etc.). It means they handle fewer sales, but they expect greater financial returns for the seller and their commissions. Many other estate sale companies work with the average house contents (furniture, kitchenware, lawn and garden, clothing etc.) They may hold more sales, but they too provide a much needed service. Then there are companies that will work from a 1 day sale (usually a partial contents) to a 3 or 4 day sale including a hoarders house.

Whatever company you choose, ask how they obtained their experience and knowledge.

Remember that retail prices do not apply to estate sales. It’s like buying a car, once it leaves the lot the price declines. Unless it is a one of a kind, extremely unique or a rare antique, it will not bring the price you purchased it for.

How your items are priced will determine how successful your sale is (that is not to suggest anything be given away in price), but it is important to price right. That also does not mean that eBay is the only source for prices. There is a host of available data on the internet to assist with pricing not the least of which are professionally trained certified personal property appraisers.

If you have just a general contents home or property find the estate sale company that will be competent, knowledgeable, and excited to bring you financial success.

Remember it isn’t what a company sells, it is how well they succeed at what they are selling.

Professional Ideas For Estate Sale Companies – Impress Your Public

hand outEstate Sales News recently visited a sale in Maryland. We were impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the company running the sale.

Starting with the numbers handed out. They were on preprinted  cards. The card also included their website, reminded them to sign up for emails from them and on this card included the address of the property.  As you entered the property they were collected and no one could mistake which numbers were the official ones for the sale.

They also passed out a printed 8×11 black and white sheet of paper with each room of the house listed including the basement and garage and what major items you could expect to find i.e. dining room – china, dining set, figurines (elephants, frogs).

This guide certainly simplified where to go for the items of interest.

Before the door opened for business the gentleman running the sale came out and spoke with the crowd of people waiting to get into the sale. He asked trivia questions, talked about the sale and made the opening quite pleasant with most everyone waiting (over 100) in a happy and friendly mood.

Setting the stage for an estate sale is almost as important as staging the interior.

Being a professional from start to finish impresses sellers and buyers.


Estate Sale Companies Working With Realtors

NegotiationIn times past when you wanted to sell your home you hired a real estate agent, dusted and vacuumed your property and you were ready.

In most places that is no longer the case. Realtors are looking to minimalize personal objects (family photos) etc. as well as decluter and stage the property. More and more estate sale companies are assisting with this. Many have their own experts in staging. They can help pack up some items to leave a visually more appealing minimal effect.

Staging an estate sale for success has led to a side business for many estate sale companies helping real estate companies ready properties for sale. It has also become a good lead for estate liquidators to acquire estates that have full contents and in order to prepare the property for sale have to be sold out and then painted etc. before hitting the real estate market.

Some estate sale companies have a real estate agent as part of their staff or in some instances the owner of the estate sale company is a Realtor.

Either way getting in touch with your local real estate company or someone you know who is a Realtor to inquire about an estate sale company is a good way to find a referral.

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Why Hire A Professional Estate Liquidator? Help Prevent Theft

esate sale moneyWKRG from Mobile, AL and reporter Blake Brown recently covered an estate sale robbery conducted during the estate sale.

Professional estate sale liquidators are keenly aware of the problems that can occur at estate sales and the most important one is theft. Knowing what and who to watch for, suspicious behavior, keeping money safe as it accumulates during the sale, all of this is part of the job of the professional estate sale liquidator.

Although there are many books and videos available about how to conduct your own estate sale, for so many reasons, not the least of which is theft protection is a great reason to hire a professional estate sale company with experience and references.

It isn’t just about locked show and display cases. In today’s world understanding peoples behavior is also important. Knowing how to keep the money collected secure and protected is paramount.

It would be prudent to ask during a phone interview or face to face interview if the company has ever encountered a theft issue and how they handle it.

Click Here for link to video and article by Blake Brown from WKRG


Estate Sale Websites – What You Need To Succeed

typewriter logoEstate Sales News reviews websites for estate sale companies from all over the country. There are some excellent ones and some that are quite poor. For a an estate sale seller the website of the estate liquidator you hire is very important.

An uncluttered website is paramount. Information should be easy to see and read. The front page of the website should be attractive without being distracting from the information featured. It should also let sellers and buyers know what type of sales you conduct. If you deal strictly in high end liquidations let that be the focus of the graphics or photos used. If you work with a variety of sales in different price ranges be sure that is visible. Not everyone reads word for word on a website.

Try to keep your wording focused and to the point. Too many words can have clients and customers give up because of the time required to read. Remember that what is said on your front page is often what the search engines continually review. Google looks for keywords. Be sure your website keeps that theme.

If you have links appearing on your front page make sure they really link to something.

A website speaks about an estate sale company before any phone calls are placed. Remember to look for the basics. You can refer back to our archives for estate sale basics.

Some very successful estate liquidation companies have informative websites without a lot of frills. Whatever they have on their main page should either motivate you to read on or cause you to look elsewhere.

The estate liquidator website will be visited by sellers, buyers, search engines, and used as a prime source of advertising. Pay close attention to the websites you review to make wise decisions. As always it’s your financial bottom line that will be involved as a seller.


Estate Sale Reviews – Not All Websites Are Equal

Estate Sales News has been receiving a flood of requests for joining websites for business listings and reviews and also receiving numerous unsolicited emails from companies that claim not all our information is listed. If this is happening to Estate Sales News it is also happening to estate sale companies.

Here are a few suggestions. Google and Yahoo are free for you to post a review on. They may require you to have a gmail or ymail address, but no fee is required. Yelp and Yext require fees from companies. We hear daily from them wanting us to “verify” and of course pay.

A good or bad review should be able to be placed without a fee and should be available to an estate sale company to respond to. Not all poor reviews are justified. Sometimes it can be a disgruntled customer who was unsatisfied with something as simple as a price or discount. Sellers and buyers should be able to post reviews along with the ability for an estate sale company to respond.

Reviews greatly influence what happens at many sales. When posting a review try to keep focused on what was good or not and avoid the pitfall of a rant. The same applies to responses from estate sale companies. If you are a seller it is still highly suggested that you talk to a previous client of the company by telephone. Ask them what they thought of the service, staff, advertising etc. Hearing directly is still the best testimonial of all.

If you come across estate sale company websites that do not change their testimonials ask yourself why. Do they not spend time working on their site or have someone do it for them. Up to date reviews are important because they reflect current productivity and satisfaction. If no reviews are listed ask the company for telephone numbers and where you can read reviews.

Knowledge is empowerment and your financial success is involved.

Estate Sale Friday – What, Where, How, When

Estate Sale signToday is the beginning of most estate sales across the country. Some started yesterday and some will start tomorrow.

When preparing to go shopping be prepared. Print out the sales you want to attend or have them on your smart phone. Have a GPS or maps done to send you on your way. Know whether the estate sale companies you visit take cash, credit or checks.

If you are an estate sale company by now advertising is done (print, social media, and internet) everything in the property has been staged and priced. Your staff is ready, permits are on hand if necessary, bags, boxes, and paper for wrapping are in place and you are counting down to the opening of the door. Your entrance system is also in place (number system, list, etc. or nothing just as you come).

Hopefully if you have sellers or heirs they are prepared to let the estate sale professionals they hired do their job.

If you haven’t already decided what or where to go check out EstateSales.NET,, or the newer site

Whatever you decide, have fun, use estate sale etiquette and shop and save.  your online source for all things about estate sales.


Estate Sale To Feature Coronation Crowns – West Hills CA

Estate Sales News visited a news worthy estate sale in West Hills, CA being conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales this week April 4-6, 2014. Included in this packed sale featuring many different collections are two coronation crowns from Princess Victoria Patricia, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Also included in this sale are collections of Indian jewelry and native American items, art, brilliant cut glass, sterling silver tea service and collection of sterling spoons, orientalia, huge Christopher Radko ornament collection (from when Mr. Radko owned the company), antiques, and many other collections.

Here is a video taken at the home while the staging of the sale was still in progress.

Our appreciation to the Munyons for allowing us to video this upcoming sale.

Click here for a link to the sale on EstateSales.NET

Innovative Advertising For Estate Sale Companies

Estate Sales News had an opportunity last week to speak with Jackie Wise, co-owner of Crown City City Estate Sales that works in Los Angeles and southern CA. Your editor first met and interviewed Jackie at an estate sale in Reseda, CA in June 2013 where she was selling off the contents in a home of a man who had owned a lighting store on La Brea.  The video of the sale can be viewed in Estate Sales News archives for June 2013.

Jackie’s front page of her website is innovative, informative and friendly to perspective sellers. Along with company information and services, she has updated written testimonials including a photo of a handwritten one and a new twist that only some companies have used – a video interview with a past seller. It literally speaks to someone looking for information and an opinion about the job done by Crown City Estate Sales.

With Jackie’s permission we are featuring below as an example the current video on her front page from one of her sellers.

Many estate sale companies across the country are utilizing innovative ways to get their message out perspective clients in their communities. If you are an estate sale company and are using new and innovative ideas please let Estate Sales News know. We would like to hear from you and perhaps arrange to visit and interview you. You can contact us at