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Oscar de la Renta Has Died – Designer Fashion and Accessories At Estate Sales

Oscar de la Renta dress on eBaySad news this morning from the world of fashion. The man that dressed socialites and celebrities and every first lady from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama and just two weeks ago George Clooney’s bride Amal Alamuddin died last evening. His fashions and style were classic and prized by all who wore them.

His passing reminded us of the designer finds that can be found at estate sales across the country every week. Last Friday on What’s Selling At Estate Sales here on Estate Sales News one of the items shown was a Louis Vitton clutch. The same estate sale also featured other designers including Fendi, Ferragamo, and David Yurman.

At an estate sale this weekend, October 24th by Best Yet LLC in Marlboro, New Jersey, designer hand bags from Fendi, Cole Haan, Celine, and Furla are some of the names you will find at this sale.

Searching EstateSales.Net,, and on a weekly basis may surprise you with the designer fashions and accessories for sale.

If the estate sale company lists designer fashions and doesn’t disclose them, call them and ask who and what size.

Shopping at estate sales can save you money and dress you exquisitely. Please let them know Estate Sales News recommended your search. We appreciate it. Share us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest with your friends. Our support comes from you.

*The Oscar de la Renta dress shown is from ConsignmentNow.

“Real Houswives of New York”, LuAnn de Lesseps To Have Estate Sale

Real Housewives of New YorkAccording to in an article from October 17th, 2014 the start of “Real Housewives of New York”  Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is having an estate sale while preparing to move to a smaller home. The article states that this was reported by Broadway World.

She will be selling the contents of her home in Bridgehampton, New York and is moving to Sag Harbor. The sale is being conducted by  According to reports everything from tables to art and assortment of items will be for sale.

According to the article Bravo (the station which features the program) will be covering this sale and utilizing the estate sale so fans will be able to see it in future episodes of the “Real Housewives of New York”.

The star reportedly has said that she has to sell many of her belongings because of the size of her new residence and wanted it known as an estate sale – not a garage sale.

The Bridgehampton home will be torn down so the entire interior of the property will be up for sale including cabinets, sinks, antique beams and more.

There will be many expensive items including designer, signed pieces of art, Limoges china, Lloyd Loom wicker dining chairs and other items.

The estate sale is currently set for next weekend starting October 24th. Here is the link to the sale.

Estate Sale Friday – What’s Selling At Estate Sales Today?

Here is a look at some of the items at estate sales this weekend across the country.  You can find theses items and more at EstateSales.Net, EstateSales.Org, & Please tell them you heard about them from Estate Sales News. Oh and please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If it’s Friday, It’s estate sales. Shop and save $$$.

































Throwback Thursday – Remember Charlie Brown & Snoopy – Needlepoint Pillows


Remember Charles Schultz Charlie Brown, Snoopy & pals?  Here are three needlepoint pillows made by your editor’s Mom for her granddaughter in 1979. Priceless mementos of people and time past. Estate Sales News throws it back to you. Send us your throwback photos for next week. Email



Columbus Day – Tole Painting – It’s Not New

photo-47Tole Painting has been around since the 18th century. It started in New England as a form of painted decoration. It was also popular among German Immigrants in the Amish countryside. French tole paint, also started in the 18th century is usually done with black on on a solid back background and still very prized.

5 Years ago or so it was very popular along with chabby chic.

Today it depends on the part of the country and what the painting is. Some is very colorful (the magazine rack was painted by your editor’s mother in the 1950’s) some is done with just gold or white on a solid background and some was done in black (popular) with French tole painting.

Tole painting was originally done mainly on tin and some wooden items.  As time passed many different metals as well as wood were used. Everything from coffee pots, magazine racks, as well as hope chests, planters, and a variety of items are tole painted.

Look for different and great pieces of tole at estate sales, from lamps to trays, coffee pots to waste baskets.

sdp-logo-wht-textToday tole painting is worldwide thanks to the Society of Decorative Painters



Here are some samples of tole painting from Pinterest,,  Ruby Lane, and






ori_338-34256-355331-Pair-of-Vintage-Tole-Peinte-Columnar-Table-Lamps-picture4ab 03-1883



Estate Sales Friday – How Many Sales Are In Your Area?

earthOctober and estate sales are up and going. Estate Sales News is looking at the numbers and they may surprise you. These numbers represent the totals listed not all of which are this weekend, however, the figures are still outstanding.

In the metro Baltimore/Washington DC area there 281 sales listed.

In the Chicago metro area 251 sales.

In the Detroit metro 204 sale.

In northern New Jersey 204 sales are listed.

In the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington 122 sales showing.

Phoenix 88 sales.

Los Angeles 131 sales are listed.

These are just a few of the areas in the country with estate sales.

To view sales in your area checkout EstateSales.Net., and

If you attend estate sales please tell them you read We appreciate it and we write for you!

Throwback Thursday – Estate Sales News Visits 1930’s Las Vegas

Slide1At an upcoming estate sale in Lincolnshire, IL in November Above & Beyond Estate Sales will have this 1931 Jennings Century Mint Vendor – triple jackpot sloth machine with original fortune telling reel strips for sale. The photo next to is Las Vegas 1930’s.

1931 Jennings Century Slot machineboulder clubWe thank to show you the Boulder Club from the 1930s. Be sure to check out their website.

Gesso and Ormolu Decoration – Estate Sale & Auction Finds to look for

When shopping at estate sales or auctions you often come across items that attract you, but you have no idea what they are.

Let’s take a look at two forms of decoration.

Gesso is a white paint mixture made up of chalk, gypsum, a binder and some pigment.

It has been used for over a century and originally was called Italian gesso. The original binder material was glue made from rabbit skin. The color of the gesso was usually white or off white. It could be applied and manipulated much the same as cake frosting and then would harden.

Gesso is often gilded or painted. As it ages, it becomes fragile. You will find some articles with gesso that may have cracks. If a piece of gesso comes off (depending on how it breaks) you may be able to glue it back on or find a restorer. Today you can even find jars of gesso being sold for repair or added decoration.

Here is an excellent example of a mirror with gilt gesso that will be in an upcoming auction.

mirror with gesso decorationOrmolu is a French word for ground or pounded gold.

Originally the process known as mercury gilding or fire gilding involved a solution of nitrate mercury that could be applied to bronze, copper, or brass.

No true ormolu has been produced in France since 1830 because of a law that was to stop the danger of using mercury. Prior to this law the average gilder did not live beyond the age of 40. Other methods came into use including electroplating. A later substitute called Pomponne came into use with a mixture of copper and zinc and sometimes tin.

Craftsman apply ormolu for decorative mountings. It can be found on furniture, porcelain, lighting, and clocks.

Here is an example of a double inkwell in with ormolu frame and ornamentation from an estate sale.

double inkwell in ormolu frame

Shopping at estate sales and auctions presents many opportunities to find old world style craftsmanship. Keep your eyes open.

What’s selling at estate sales tomorrow?

Estate Sale signIt’s Estate Sales Friday and that means that there are 1000’s of estate sales out there.

To attend an interesting sale which required research and knowledge by the estate sale company and auction company working side by side you can go to 10525 Frost Rd., Portland, MI 48875. The estate sale is run by Wonder Women Estate Sales and the Saturday auction by Epic Auctions and Estate Sales. Here is a link to the sale and auction.

To view other estate sales and auctions we include the following links. Please tell them you heard about it from


To our friends observing Yom Kippur starting this evening we wish you a good fast.

We will return on Monday to discuss estate sale listing websites for estate sales and what you should ask and expect from them and why it is important to sellers, estate sale companies, and buyers. Monday on

Happy shopping and remember shop an estate sale, save $$$$ and go green.

Estate Sale Find For Throw Back Thursday – Did You Use One Of These?

Did you use one and do you know what it is? “Hint” It use to pop your buttons!Vintage Wringer Washer