What is an estate sale?

What is an estate sale?

It used to be the wording used for the liquidation of a deceased persons personal property was sold. Today it has become a generic term in most states for the liquidation of personal property whether the owners are alive or deceased. Read More »

Bonded and Insured: What it does

Bonded and Insured: What it does

When an estate sales company advertises it is bonded and insured in means they have purchased Liability Insurance and a Surety Bond. Not all companies do this. It is not a requirement in every state and is often the choice of the individual company. Read More »

What is USPAP?

What is USPAP?

USPAP is an acronym for Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice; the mandatory guidelines that govern the performance of all licensed and certified appraisers. The goal of USPAP is to promote and maintain a high level of public trust in appraisal practice by establishing requirements for appraisers. Read More »

Estate Sales Costs

Estate Sales Costs

Every estate sales company operates differently. Here is an overview of what you might encounter depending on the company. Read More »

Estate Sales News Is Back Tomorrow – Are You?


Happy 4th Of July – Celebrating Independence Day


Estate Sales News wishes you and yours a happy and safe 4th of July.


The Day Before the 4th Of July



Vacation Time – What About Estate Sales

Today is Tuesday, July 1, 2014. EstateSalesNews.com will be taking some time off.  We would like to discuss what happens during this time of vacation for estate sales and liquidators.

As so many head to the mountains or the sea shore estate sale companies continue to press on. With many obstacles to face including a lesser audience these entrepreneurs continue with their staff to stage, price, and conduct estate sales. They do, however, in most areas take this upcoming Independence weekend off.

That doesn’t mean that many aren’t answering your calls and questions, staging and pricing upcoming sales and getting ready for the heat of summer (particularly in un-airconditioned properties). If you have hired a liquidator to handle a sale please be sure the electric is on, fans are available if possible, and that a refrigerator is cold (for water and assorted cold drinks that the estate liquidator will provide for its’ crew).

As a seller remember that at this time of year depending on where you are located and the weather can determine how successful you are. Also the economic climate of your area will influence your financial return. We want to take this opportunity to say to those sellers or estate sale companies out there if you have questions or concerns email us at contact@estatesalesnews.com. It may take a day or two, but we will respond.

The estate liquidation isn’t easy, so patience is needed from sellers, estate sale companies, and buyers especially in the summer time.

We’ll post any need to know news as necessary.

Have a great 4th of July. Celebrate our freedom and those that have made it possible.


Celebrating July 4th On Estate Sale Monday – Freedom To Create

waving-flagAs we prepare to celebrate our nations’ independence let’s take a look at what has happened during the last decade.

The number of unemployed individuals increased dramatically, however, in many states this created a new and ever increasing number of entrepreneurs that are estate liquidators, online auction companies, and consignment shops to name a few.

Our ability in the United States to take a concept (especially out of necessity) and create a business is unique in all the world.

During this time period as the number of estate sale companies grew it created the need for estate sale listing sites – EstateSales.Net, EstateSale.com, EstateSales.org and Tagsellit.com to name the more well known sites to provide a national place for the 5000 plus estate sale companies that have been created. Think of the number of people who are now working for themselves and have hired staff. With this booming growth many other sideline businesses that were once few and far between or nonexistent have also blossomed including consignment shops, online auction sites, website designers, SEO companies, towns and municipalities that generate revenue from permits, sign makers, life transition specialists (CRTS being one) to an association dedicated to the education and improvement of the estate liquidation industry (American Society of Estate Liquidators), and the list continues mainly from the creation of estate sale companies.

20 plus years ago estate liquidation was done mostly by auction in many areas of the United States, however, estate sale companies now compete with the auction industry and in many instances they now complement each other.

The United States allows those living here to create, generate and pursue careers and professions, following a dream.

As we approach our Independence day let us take a moment to appreciate our founders and the great opportunities that have been provided in the last 238 years since our Declaration was written and read.


Estate Sales Friday – Last One Before July 4th.

This is the last weekend before the 4th of July.

One more opportunity to shop and save before summer gets into full swing.

Find something great at an estate sale.

Take a photo and email us contact@estatesalesnews. We’ll be watching.

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Working With An Estate Sale With Mold, Smoke, Pet Odor Or Dust

household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..It is rare as an estate liquidator not to encounter a property that may have a mold, smoke, pet odor or severe dust problem occasionally.

Many estate sale companies will not conduct a sale in such an environment, but just as many companies accept these “challenges”.

Mold is a very serious issue. Just as a mold addendum is required on the sale of a home, dealing with mold is major problem. If it is a very small amount the estate sale company will have to decide if it can be dealt with by bleach or some other cleaner, however, if it is a large area, remediation may be needed and should be the cost of the seller(s). The health of the estate sale company staff as well as buyers is a prime concern along with the sellers’ health.

The smell of smoke and discoloration caused by smokers is another concern. Glass, china, wood, iron, and other non porous surfaces can be cleaned, but eliminating the odor in upholstered furniture can be next to impossible. Cleaning draperies and curtains can be expensive so the cost has to be weighed as to what the items would sell for. In many instances it is better to let them be sold “as is” at a reduced price.

Pet odors and stains are also difficult. Most require professional cleaning and sometimes cannot be removed or eliminated. One recommendation is do not try to disguise the smell. Honesty with pet odors is important.

Many properties that have had elderly owners or people with handicaps have an excessive amount of dust because the owners were unable to keep up with it.  These will require a thorough cleaning and the cleaners should wear masks.

The professional estate sale company will make judgements on these issues and proceed not only in their best interest, but in the best interest of all parties involved.


Woodworker’s Paradise Estate Sale Complete With High Quality Lumber

Estate Sales News was reviewing estate sales in Florida and found this extraordinary estate sale in Gainesville, Florida starting June 26-28 conducted by Estate Sales Service Professionals.

We spoke with Amy Williams about this unique sale. There is a complete woodworker’s workshop, tools, and of great importance high quality lumber including black walnut, white butternut oak, cherry and other lumber.

She told us that there were many quality antique furniture pieces as well. There is also a sterling Gorham platter weighing 544 grams, coins and paper money U.S. and foreign dating from the early 1800’s, old rifles, musical instruments, and host of other unique items. We have put together a slide show for you to view and consider putting this sale on your must attend list.

Here is the link to Estate Sales Service Professionals website.



Where You Advertise Estate Sales Is Very Important -Here’s Why

Estate Sales NewsThere are many websites on the internet specifically for advertising estate sales on. As you will read below when you start putting them on Craigs List and yard and garage sale sites, it can create a real problem with some buyers and bring you unwanted publicity. Before placing your ads ask yourself what is that doing to your estate sale and professionalism.

Every company wants to bring in the most buyers possible, but be careful what you ask for. A Google Alert from a site called Bubblews said ” Estate Sale Was A Bust”. The buyer found an estate sale listing on Craigs List. According to the buyer the ad said 50 years of stuff among them crafts and glassware. She went on to say that when she got to the sale at 10AM she didn’t see any of the crafts or glassware and nothing antique, maybe collectible. She continued on that she really liked some of the china, however, the company would not separate the large collection. She also said that some of the dishes were “way too expensive for a garage sale” costing the full retail price and some there were “Walmart” quality pictures they wanted $35 for.

If you advertise an estate sale on sites like these remember who your buyers may be. This woman called it an estate sale, then a garage sale and compared it to Walmart.

Advertising your estate sales on the right websites is important. Bargain hunters are looking for bargains. An estate sale is not a garage or yard sale.

Avoiding repercussions like this can help you and the estate sale industry. Choose your advertising sites and media wisely and keep it professional for your sellers and your estate sale company.


The Effect Of Summer And July 4th On Estate Sales

7943d42e3cb105c24554c3be9bce316fMay started the summer season with graduations, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. That slowed the estate sale business down depending on the proximity to the shore areas and the mountains. The business picked up again in June.

Now, the major summer holiday weekend of July 4th approaches in a the month that so many take vacations.

Most estate sale companies are not conducting estate sales over the July 4th weekend. Estate Sales News has not reviewed the 5000 plus estate sale companies out there, but the cities and states we have looked at appear to be taking a break for that weekend. It’s not easy to compete with hot dogs, hamburgers, the beach, mountains, or lakes. It has also been a very busy spring so this provides an opportunity for the company owners and staffs to recharge too.

If you are having a liquidation sale this summer here are a few simple suggestions.

If you have any items that can be used for camping, hiking, fishing, or the beach be sure to point them out to your estate sale company and ask them to make specific mention of them. People are always on the hunt for quality outdoor furniture and even portable fire pits.

Have a picnic hamper, beach towels, folding beach chairs, beach umbrellas? Other good items worth mentioning and photographing.

How about good quality plastic dinnerware. A must have for summer vacationers and a good deal at an estate sale. A word of mention here, something being a good deal doesn’t mean it’s cheap, it reflects that the price is lower than it would be retail new.

Estate Sale Companies, remember to advertise your summer needs and if by chance the seller has fall or winter items, wrapping paper etc. remind the public to buy now when the prices may be lower than in the season.

There are many ways to work around the 4th of July and the summer. Success comes from experience, knowledge, and marketing skills.