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Estate Sale Of Martin Mackey Educator, Artist, Collector

The estate sale of Martin Mackey, educator, artist and collector is being conducted by Again L.A. Estate Sales starting Saturday August 5th. This estate sale will be held for four days concluding on Tuesday, August 8th in Los Angeles, California. As reported yesterday east coast, west coast estate sales.

This estate sale has taken weeks to prepare (as many collector/hoarder sales do). To view information and all the photos for this sale click on the link here.

Estate Sales Make Holiday Events Unique On A Budget

An article by guest author Dan Jordan, Again L.A. Estate Sales

Having been an estate liquidator for more years than I can remember- I have learned a great deal from our always amazing buyers! Estate sales are a great resource for the holidays in so many ways… from the ever present collections of holiday and tree trimming ornaments and decor to the not always thought of entertaining supplies. Now is the time to start buying!

A formal dining room is a fixture in most traditional estates…we have all seen the ubiquitous china hutch and matching server and dining room table that seats 6-8 people. These sets are great for those who are furnishing their homes and want quality hardwood furnishings to a add a vintage flair and complete the formal dining room in their homes. But what about the contents of those drawers and hutches? Those items are what can take your holiday event from great to spectacular…and save you money aw well!

Older estates date from a time when entertaining at home was the norm – not just a special celebration a few times a year! In these estates you will find a treasure trove of fine cotton damask and lace tablecloths and serving linens at a fraction of the cost of new! Granted, they may be a bit yellowed from being stored for decades – but quick soaking and hot water wash with bleach and a good detergent will return them to the dazzling white of new! (you can do an old school rinse starching then steam press or spray starch if you prefer.)

Dan Jordan Again L.A. Estate Sales Discusses Estate Sales Market

Dan Jordan of Again L.A. Estate Sales discusses the estate sales market in Los Angeles and the estate sale industry. It provides an insightful look at the liquidation business in one of our largest cities, and what has happened over time. He also talks about what he sees looking to the future of the estate sale business.

Again L.A. Estate Sales has an estate sale of a Tony nominated composer, Gary Geld who was a minimalist and owned great Mid-Century pieces that starts today in Studio City, CA. Here is a link to that sale and some of the outstanding items for sale.

They also have a fun eclectic sale in the Victoria Park section of Los Angeles this weekend with a rare 1979 Excalibur Roadster for sale. One of only 27 made. To view here is the link.

Our thanks to Dan for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his perspective with us during this very busy week for Again L.A. Estate Sales.











California Collector Hoarder Sale, Dolls, Trains, Quilting, Antiques

This Thursday, April 7th at 10am in Chatsworth, California, Again L.A. Estate Sales will be conducting an extraordinaire estate sale for husband and wife lifetime collectors. The sale will take four days. We are featuring some of the photos here. To view this estate sale Click Here For The Link.

Dan Jordan co-owner with Danna McCallum said it took 14 days to prepare for this sale along with 5 staff.

Preparing an estate sale like this with massive collections requires long hours of research, sorting, staging, and pricing by all professional liquidation companies.














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Estate Sale Friday For Labor Day Weekend – A Happy Buyer

Estate Sales News wishes you all a happy Labor Day weekend. Whether you’re heading to an estate sale, friends, or family please drive with care and arrive safely.

We want to share a photo of a happy buyer exiting an estate sale in Los Angeles from Again L.A. Estate Sales. You can find them on EstateSales.Net, EstateSales.org and Facebook. We visited with them last year at one of their fabulous sales in Los Angeles, CA.

Estate Sales News will be enjoying the Labor Day weekend and we’ll be back on Tuesday, September 2nd.

If it’s Friday, it’s estate sales.

Happy Buyer