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Looking For An Estate Sale Company?

MP900430877The estate sale business has grown and like trees has sprouted many limbs and branches. Here is a look of what has blossomed from this rapidly growing industry and it’s effects.

Estate sale listing sites was probably the first limb to sprout. What started out as one company, EstateSales.Net, now numbers several including  EstateSales.org, Estatesale.com, EstateSales US.com, Tagsellit.com and Estatesale.company. There are some listing websites that cover garage and yard sales based on the concept of the estate sale listing sites, but they are covering very different types of sales and events. The estate sale listing websites garner buyers for the estate sale liquidators that pay to advertise on them as well as offer these companies an opportunity for national exposure and you can compare the profusion of estate sale liquidators listed on these sites. They are a one stop shop for finding who is in the estate liquidation and in many cases auction business (smaller auction companies and on-line auction companies) and they provide an opportunity to compare them en masse. As an example EstateSales.Net has over 5,000 companies listed. Just take a look at such areas as Chicago, Los Angeles, northern New Jersey, Orlando, Detroit, and Dallas to name a few.

Other companies that have emerged from this industry growth is estate liquidation associations. We have the largest one advertising here on Estate Sales News, the American Society of Estate Liquidators. They offer training and certification for those interested in pursuing careers in estate liquidations.

You will also find companies that provide training for working with seniors and people downsizing. Certified Relocation Specialists  (CRTS) is also advertising on Estate Sales News, however, other companies include Caring Transitions which has also become an estate sale company national franchiser and online auction source is among the growing number targeting the senior market. There is also the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Estate sales have now even earned a place on Wikipedia, DIY, and How Stuff Works.

Even EstateSalesNews.com was started from the growing business of estate liquidation.

In today’s growing estate sale business utilizing all the resources at your disposal is very important.

Standing out from the crowd is important. Successful estate sale companies have their own identity.

A successful company should have their own website which links to their own Facebook and Twitter page and we highly suggest they have their own Pinterest Page for showcasing their merchandise for sales and videos,  a YouTube channel and google+ and we believe a blog page is also important to attract buyers, sellers, and very importantly Google.

When you are looking for an estate liquidator along with experience in estate liquidation, knowledge of various types of merchandise, and an outstanding reputation for honesty and reliability look for those that also have excellent marketing skills to stand out above the growing numbers. Their ability to use their marketing expertise for your sale is very important for your financial bottom line.

Estate Sale Companies – High End, Middle Of The Road, A-Z 1 day to 3

chandelierDSCN0606As the estate sale industry continues to enlarge by leaps and bounds estate liquidators are choosing to what types of sales they want to handle. This applies from the east coast to the west coast and from the north to the south.

Some estate liquidators prefer to handle only high value estates (designer furniture, gold and silver jewelry, listed art and glass etc.). It means they handle fewer sales, but they expect greater financial returns for the seller and their commissions. Many other estate sale companies work with the average house contents (furniture, kitchenware, lawn and garden, clothing etc.) They may hold more sales, but they too provide a much needed service. Then there are companies that will work from a 1 day sale (usually a partial contents) to a 3 or 4 day sale including a hoarders house.

Whatever company you choose, ask how they obtained their experience and knowledge.

Remember that retail prices do not apply to estate sales. It’s like buying a car, once it leaves the lot the price declines. Unless it is a one of a kind, extremely unique or a rare antique, it will not bring the price you purchased it for.

How your items are priced will determine how successful your sale is (that is not to suggest anything be given away in price), but it is important to price right. That also does not mean that eBay is the only source for prices. There is a host of available data on the internet to assist with pricing not the least of which are professionally trained certified personal property appraisers.

If you have just a general contents home or property find the estate sale company that will be competent, knowledgeable, and excited to bring you financial success.

Remember it isn’t what a company sells, it is how well they succeed at what they are selling.

Estate Sale Reviews – Not All Websites Are Equal

Estate Sales News has been receiving a flood of requests for joining websites for business listings and reviews and also receiving numerous unsolicited emails from companies that claim not all our information is listed. If this is happening to Estate Sales News it is also happening to estate sale companies.

Here are a few suggestions. Google and Yahoo are free for you to post a review on. They may require you to have a gmail or ymail address, but no fee is required. Yelp and Yext require fees from companies. We hear daily from them wanting us to “verify” and of course pay.

A good or bad review should be able to be placed without a fee and should be available to an estate sale company to respond to. Not all poor reviews are justified. Sometimes it can be a disgruntled customer who was unsatisfied with something as simple as a price or discount. Sellers and buyers should be able to post reviews along with the ability for an estate sale company to respond.

Reviews greatly influence what happens at many sales. When posting a review try to keep focused on what was good or not and avoid the pitfall of a rant. The same applies to responses from estate sale companies. If you are a seller it is still highly suggested that you talk to a previous client of the company by telephone. Ask them what they thought of the service, staff, advertising etc. Hearing directly is still the best testimonial of all.

If you come across estate sale company websites that do not change their testimonials ask yourself why. Do they not spend time working on their site or have someone do it for them. Up to date reviews are important because they reflect current productivity and satisfaction. If no reviews are listed ask the company for telephone numbers and where you can read reviews.

Knowledge is empowerment and your financial success is involved.

When Reality Hits, Estate Sale Companies Can Help


Estate Sales News thanks Julie Hall, The American Society of Estate Liquidators for this article.



She hadn’t been to her dad’s house since he passed. She dreaded walking into the empty house, knowing it contained a flood of memories and a ton of personal property. As she put her hey in the door to the house she grew up in, the lump in her throat grew. When the door opened and she stepped into the house, emotion gave way to panic: “What are we going to do with all this stuff?”

This typical daughter’s response is the “deer in the headlights” look, and you see it hundreds of times as you help people settle their parents’ affairs. The sadness of losing the last surviving parent quickly turns to dread, frustration, even anger, as a lifetime of accumulation hits like a brick. Some families struggle for months to try and figure out where to begin and how to sell their parents’ residential contents. By following a few simple steps, you can clear your mind and get prepared for the right kind of help: Estate Sale Companies.

Why use an Estate Sale Company?

  • Family may find it emotionally painful to sort through all the items.
  • It is very time-consuming and they may not have time flexibility to devote to pulling out everything that has not been disturbed in years, proper sorting, organizing, setting up, displaying, coordinating, moving, arranging, researching, marketing, hosting — all which can be physically and emotionally demanding.
  • An estate sale professional possesses specialized knowledge in the industry that will maximize proceeds, understand the local market, and assess what it will sell for in that region.
  • It is a specialized niche that requires tremendous skill to conduct a successful, lucrative sale. Some clients prefer that a professional handle the estate for them, alleviating the pressure and massive undertaking from the family and/or executor.
  • Geographically remote heirs need to rely on local resources, lest they keep taking time off work and fly back and forth, causing personal and professional strife.
  • If the real estate has sold quickly, often people will seek out estate sale companies to liquidate the home contents in a timely manner. If they did it themselves, they could take weeks or months to get ready for the sale.
  • To avoid any hard feelings within the family, an estate sale company can minimize tension because it’s in the hands of a professional, objective third party.