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Kick Off 2015 Estate Sale Companies And Be Seen And Heard

2015 begins with 7,000 plus estate sale companies, and there is a lot of competition to get the attention of perspective sellers and buyers. Financial success is determined by the number of sellers and buyers you reach.

Sellers are using search engines to find estate sale companies in their areas and buyers are using them to find estate sales. They are searching “estate sales” and what usually shows up in their search are the estate sale listing websites; EstateSales.Net., EstateSales.org, Estatesale.com, Estatesale.company, Tagsellit.com are among the most well known.

These companies utilize several ways to attract the attention of sellers and buyers, but one of the most important is search engine optimization (SEO). Wikipedia offers the simplest description of this “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.”

SEO considers what people search for when using Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc typing in what are called key words. Some examples would be estate sales, estate sale companies, estate sale commission, etc. Without getting to complicated a good example would be to type into a search engine what you are specifically looking for and observe what responses you receive on the first page. Many estate sale companies (as well as other types of companies) are unaware that the more often a company appears on page one of a search engine such as Google as the result of a search and the more frequently it is clicked on the more often it will appear on page one and it’s position on the page can move from the bottom upward toward the top. Google remembers and tracks everything. That is a good reason to have some type of analytics for your website (a topic for another day).

It is important when having a website created that whoever is developing the website seeks out what terms (key words) are being typed into the search engine. Either you or them should check out your competition by searching. These words should be incorporated into your website both on the visible page and in an area that is known as meta tags or head space and these are put within the code of your website not visible to the public. These are crawled (reviewed) by search engines. Keeping you on page one and as close to the top as possible is important. There are many companies both here in the United States and abroad that offer SEO so you don’t have to be a computer geek to do this. It may be some of the best money you will spend and you can also let your sellers know that you are keeping technology proficient for their benefit.

One consideration is the pay per click or ad space that is usually at the top of the search engine page after typing in and receiving the results of your search. This can be costly, so if you or someone you pay can optimize your site it can save you many dollars. The paid advertisers will always have the space or spaces at the top of the page.

Kick off 2015 by getting your website noticed and your estate sales seen. A great New Year resolution.

Estate Sale Company Websites – What Is Needed And Why

Estate Sales NewsThere are 1000’s of estate sale company websites on the internet today. Knowing what to look for should help you in your choice for an estate liquidator.

Having a website is very important. It keeps the estate sale liquidators name in front of the public looking for an estate sale or event company and also buyers looking for estate sales in their communities.

Websites for estate sale companies can be very simple or very complex, but what is important is what their content is, whether they have search engine optimization, and if they are kept current.

There are some liquidators that have only 3 pages or so to their website, however, the pages of their website state what services they offer, how they go about it, their experience, and often times testimonials from recent previous clients. Some estate sale websites also offer a blog for their followers to read.

One thing to try and avoid is having a wordy website. Keeping it informative and the content relevant without trying to use the entire dictionary is usually the best. The purpose is to keep a sellers’ or buyers’ attention and give them the basics to decide whether to pursue your company further.

Some estate liquidators have what we call upscale websites. They can contain multiple pages and photos and in some cases to may white spaces with many words, but not necessarily pertinent information.

A few of the problems that occur with estate sale company websites is lack of functionality. Unless a website specifically states it is under construction or reconstruction it is very important that any features or icons on a website work. If a website shows a T,P, or F icon (Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook) when you click on it should link with the social media shown. A website should contain information and wording that causes search engines to notice it and bring it onto the front page of the search engine. Google for example uses what is called bots and if the correct meta tags are in place and the wording on the page corresponds that should attract the bots. This is an extremely simplistic way of explaining a more complicated process known as SEO (search engine optimization). Very important for attracting perspective estate sellers and buyers. If your website is not optimized you may not have much internet presence except on listing sites along with your competition.

Another problem is the lack of updating that is done by some estate liquidators. Once they have a website created, they do not continue updating it. Seeing the same information that may have been written months before doesn’t promote the companys’ attentiveness and may cause a seller to wonder what kind of attention they will give your sale.

A good website is a marketing tool and showcases an estate liquidators’ ability to not only market their company, but also their estate sales.

Websites should stand out on the first page of a search engine. Just as listing websites are on page one, your company should be also. You want to be in front of your competition, not along side them. It is the best way to attract sellers and buyers. Using all forms of advertising including listing sites is very important, but showcasing your estate sale company is important too.

Pay attention to the details of your website. If you aren’t happy with it find a company that will get you the internet presence you need and that sellers and buyers are looking for.

Good websites are a financial investment in a successful future.