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Keeping Your Audience “Glued” To Your Estate Sale Description

EstateSalesNews.com is excited about 2016 and the world of estate sales.

During the holiday season we had the opportunity to read several articles about the estate sale industry, liquidation companies, and how they appear. We start the new year off with some tips for estate sale companies and how they write about their estate sales.

For an estate sale company it is important to demonstrate your expertise in describing your sale and what will be sold. Keep it simple and interesting. Ask yourself what you would want to know about the sale. Converse with your audience in writing. Having a buyer reading your description about your estate sale is a key to selling success. Start selling the contents even before the sale starts through your description.

Being able to communicate effectively in writing demonstrates to your readers not only your knowledge and expertise about what your are selling, but it shows them you’re fervid about your profession and the sales you conduct.

Effective communication does not come naturally to everyone, however, there are many sources on the internet to assist you including YouTube videos, articles from writing coaches, educational associations, and marketing companies.

Writing an interesting, informative description without being too wordy will help your liquidation company and estate sale to glisten as you compete for buyers attention.

Our first 2016 remembering the good old days is our illustration from DoYouRemember.com. Keep them “glued” to your upcoming sales.

When Posting Estate Sale Photos, Descriptions Should Match

digital cameraEstate Sales News searches the internet daily for interesting, unique, or news worthy estate sales.

The frustrating part of the search is when keywords are used in the description and  upon review of the sale photos there isn’t any photo posted which matches the keyword.

Getting the attention of buyers is very important, however, if they perform a search function only to discover there isn’t a photo of what was in the keyword description that can be the end of their interest. They never even make it to the front door of the sale.

Many of the estate sale listing sites have increased the number of photos a company can now post, however, if you are advertising antique jewelry for instance and yet out of 30-100 photos not one includes any photos of the jewelry, that discourages the searcher from persuing the sale. This is true of any of the items listed out in detail in the description.  If you are going to focus on it in the description as a keyword make sure you have a photo that demonstrates what is in the sale.

Competition for buyers at estate sales is more demanding today then prior to the use of the internet for advertising, however, listing out items to bring the sale up in the search function mode without photos of the items listed  just ads to the frustration and can lead to disappointing sale results. Not every item can be photographed, however, using the item description for search purposes without a photo can be discouraging.

Sales with large volumes of merchandise cannot photograph everything so it is often better to mention with a caveat that there are items included in the keyword description that are not pictured. At least the potential buyers will not become frustrated. A perspective buyer who has successfully researched a liquidation almost always shows up at the estate sale. The buyer may decide not to buy, but if they don’t show up, it’s money lost from the seller and the estate sale company.