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Estate Sale Photos – What’s Good And What Is Not!

digital cameraAs estate sales are now reaching a fever pitch for the spring and there are thousands of sales to look at, photographs become even more important.

With the major estate sale listing websites showcasing sales and delivering emails to your inbox with links to sales and photos, photography becomes very important to grab attention.

Digger sales (where there is just an over abundance of items and not enough display area) showing some of the massive amount that you might be digging through to find that treasure or item you desire can be of interest, it is also important to show in more formally staged photos some items of value and interest that have already been discovered by the liquidator. The use of back drops (black, white, or gray cloths depending on the item’s color) good lighting without glare, and close ups are crucial to encouraging people to come to the sale and be willing to search through boxes, bags, etc. It is also important that if you are attending a digger sale bring a flash light, magnifying glass, rubber or latex gloves, and be prepared for dust and even a little “dirtiness”. In other words, wear clothing that you won’t mind soiling.

When hiring an estate sale company ask to see photographs of some of their previous sales. Most companies now bring along a tablet or iPad so it shouldn’t be a problem to view. You may want to look through the various photos of several estate sale companies as a seller to see which ones promoted their estate sales well and which didn’t and as a buyer, to decide if it is really worth your time.

Using video for a sale is also a good way to attract potential sellers and buyers, but again look at the quality. Learning to take video takes a little time (we experienced that too).

Whatever is the case, be sure you take the time to look at the photos put up by estate liquidators. A photo can be worth a thousand words.

Photos Of Estate Sales – Showcase Items, The Clutter Look Discourages

1-t_005Estate Sales News looks at many estate sale listing websites every day and at 100’s of photos looking for news worthy estate sales.

Having been an estate liquidator for 25 plus years we are use to looking at the obscene clutter and hoarding that could take place in a residence, however, buyers don’t want to see this and neither do we. Nothing is more discouraging than seeing boxes and bags and “stuff” in general in piles or heaps. It doesn’t look professional or present items that may have value or be of interest.

When taking photos (even in a hoarder property) clear enough room to create a small stage to photograph some of the more interesting items. Make sure that the photos are in focus, without glare from a flash, lights or sunshine. If possible keep some dark cloth and some white or off white cloth with you to create a nondescript back drop. That old saying a photo is worth a thousand words is true and can be the most effective way to create interest in a sale.

If you are taking photos of interesting items to post on listing sites, make sure you know what they are before you post. Professionalism is paramount in the estate liquidation business today more than ever before. With so many estate sale companies now in business you never know when a perspective seller is looking at an estate sale to decide whether your company should be under consideration.

Good photos will help your estate sale success and that affects the financial bottom line for both parties.