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Celebrating Labor Day

For most Americans this is a weekend to celebrate the fruits of our labors and take some time off. Let us not forget those who cannot take time off. Our military, hospital, firemen, police, and emergency response personnel and those in the transportation industry. EstateSalesNews.com is also enjoying this labor free weekend. You can find hundreds of articles in archives just type what you are looking for in the search box. If you are in the path of Hermine stay safe and we will be back Tuesday.


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Labor Day Weekend A Time To Rest, Recharge And Restart

Labor Day weekend for most, signals the end of the summer season. In the northeast it also signals the beginning of school in most communities. Other areas of the country have already started back. Please drive carefully to estate sales on Thursdays and Fridays. Take care not to get so involved in the estate sale hunt and endanger our children.

There are many estate sale companies that will be hosting estate sales over the long weekend, however, many liquidators are going to take this last stretch of time to give themselves and their staff some rest before the hectic fall season of estate sales begin.

This is a great time to look for bargains on patio furniture and garden accessories, summer clothing, and other summer related items.

Estate Sales News will also be enjoying a long weekend starting Friday, Sept. 4th and we will return to the Front Page on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.

Whatever your plans are, Estate Sales News archives are available to you free, 24/7. Whether you want to learn about estate sales, estate sale contracts, what to expect as a buyer or seller, staging, advertising, social media, how to choose an estate sale company, what’s selling, you’ll find it here on the #1 source for estate sale news and information.

*We have contacted approximately a dozen companies and estate liquidator learning and membership sites with a set of questions to enable you to understand what they need if you have a serious issue and what membership with them does for the liquidator and for your. Be sure to watch for our series of articles starting on Tuesday, September 8th.

Have a safe and great weekend.

Estate Sales News.

Labor Day Is Coming And So Is Another Estate Sale Season

With Labor Day only two weeks away, colleges are in session, many parts of the nation have their elementary and middle and high schools going and by September 3rd almost all students will be back in their classes.

Estate sales flourish in the autumn, especially after Labor Day and it is a great time to start shopping for those autumn and winter necessities. Dining room sets for Thanksgiving, table and home decorations for Halloween and the holidays, linens, china, stemware, and ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Estate liquidators look forward to the autumn with the return of the buying public from their summer vacations and the cooling temperatures.

Get your lists made, measurements taken, color choices decided on and your vehicle ready for a exciting and fun season of estate sale shopping.

Estate sales, saving you $$$ and helping to keep our planet green.

Estate Sales News is also refreshing our website for autumn too.