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Personal Property Appraisers – several different associations

research booksThere are several appraisal societies and each one has certain criteria that members must meet. Some estate sales companies offer appraisal services, however, that does not make them appraisers. They may be experienced and knowledgeable, but belonging to one of these associations includes a code of ethics as well as specific appraisal education.

Here is a list of  many, but not all Appraisal Societies and their websites:

International Society of Appraisers – isa-appraisers.org

American Society of Estate Liquidators – aseonline.org

Certified Appraisers Guild of America – certifiedappraisersguild.org

American Society of Appraisers – appraisers.org

Appraisers Association of America – appraisersassociation.org

If you believe you may have a need for a certified appraiser check out any of these associations and find an appraiser in your area.